Prohibition Gains Ground in SC

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Growing Prohibition in SC

Prohibition is Gaining Ground in SC

According to the Herald Journal, the SC State House agreed to a measure today to extend the ban on the sales of alcohol on Thanksgiving and Christmas. This bill, H. 3385 should now move to the full committee before going to the full house.

Rep. Moss claims the bill should be viewed as a public safety measure and the bill would cut down on the binge drinking that leads to domestic violence.


Rep. Moss, you should go ahead a propose an outright prohibition on alcohol if that is your true reasoning for banning alcohol sales on the holidays.

What is going to stop the individuals from building up their Holiday stash on the day before? What is going to stop the residents of Cherokee County (Moss is from Cherokee) from driving 10 miles across the state line to make their purchases. Any of the border counties for that matter?

This is another example of South Carolina Republicans trying to legislate morality and their personal preferences on the people in the name of safety. Lets address the real issues like equal funding for our students, reducing the size and scope of the state government, implementing pro business policies that encourages development instead of discouraging it and designing practical budgets the state can live on with out depending on the federal government.

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  • PawleyGirl

    I for one, am so sick of these people attempting to say I have no family values and they need to ‘help me’. I am a conservative and this is not what I feel we should be focusing on. Leave me and my family alone !!! Common Sense please. You are exactly right, how is this stopping someone from going across the state line or stocking up on Christmas Ev? Further more, the small business owners would be told they cannot conduct business and make money in the failing economy, which government is continuing to ignore. How about conducting business on other religious holidays other than Christians. And domestic violence??? You need to look at your laws on putting these people away because not having being able to purchase ‘alcohol’ on religious holidays will not stop the violence 363 remaining days . GEEZ!!