GOP Presidential Debate

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Will be held at the Peace Center in Greenville beginning at 9pm.  Tickets are available through the SCGOP at or call (803)988-8440 (tickets are not available through the Peace Center Box Office).  This debate will be broadcast live on the Fox News Channel.

Courtesy Greenville GOP

Prohibition Gains Ground in SC

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Growing Prohibition in SC

Prohibition is Gaining Ground in SC

According to the Herald Journal, the SC State House agreed to a measure today to extend the ban on the sales of alcohol on Thanksgiving and Christmas. This bill, H. 3385 should now move to the full committee before going to the full house.

Rep. Moss claims the bill should be viewed as a public safety measure and the bill would cut down on the binge drinking that leads to domestic violence.


Rep. Moss, you should go ahead a propose an outright prohibition on alcohol if that is your true reasoning for banning alcohol sales on the holidays.

What is going to stop the individuals from building up their Holiday stash on the day before? What is going to stop the residents of Cherokee County (Moss is from Cherokee) from driving 10 miles across the state line to make their purchases. Any of the border counties for that matter?

This is another example of South Carolina Republicans trying to legislate morality and their personal preferences on the people in the name of safety. Lets address the real issues like equal funding for our students, reducing the size and scope of the state government, implementing pro business policies that encourages development instead of discouraging it and designing practical budgets the state can live on with out depending on the federal government.

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2011-04-14 H.3385 Text

SC Congressional Redistricting Hearing

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SC Congressional Districts

South Carolina Congressional Districts - 2000 Revision

This is the second hearing in Greenville, the first by the House. Here’s the information from the Greenville County GOP.

EVENT ALERT – Redistricting Public Hearing for Congressional and State House Districts

WEDNESDAY April 13th 2011 @ 5:30pm

The SC State House Judiciary Redistricting Subcommittee is holding a series of public hearings around the state to receive public comment and answer questions regarding the re-drawing of SC’s Congressional Districts and State House Districts.  The one public hearing scheduled for the Upstate will be held Wednesday April 13th @ 5:30pm at Greenville County Square in the Council Chambers located at 301 University Ridge, Greenville, SC.

This meeting is of great importance because there are several scenarios being considered.  One scenario could result in Greenville & Spartanburg counties being split into different Congressional Districts.  Another scenario would result in dividing Greenville County in half putting each half of the county into different Congressional Districts! Your State House representation could possibly change as well.

For more information about these hearings, go to this link:


Dan Herren
State Executive Commiteeman
Greenville County Republican Party

Strange Spartanburg GOP Alliance

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Unfortunately, I was not able to attend this year’s precinct re-organization meetings. Which is quite unfortunate. It was a process I invested a lot of time in during 2009 to accomplish a few goals for the conservative movement. We were very successful in Spartanburg and I learned a lot through the entire process. Here are a few of my thoughts and sources thoughts on the current re-org situation in Spartanburg.

Paul Jansen – Spartanburg GOP Chairman?

As many of you know, I worked hard with a group of conservatives last time around to ensure we removed the embarrassment of a county chair from his post. We’ll refer to him as TFC for the rest of this article. TFC was the one who wanted to ban a presidential candidate from attending county party events, comment on a candidates trophy wife (here’s FITS trophy wife story) and running primary campaigns out of the county party offices.

Anyways, as I have suspected, TFC has been planning his comeback. But TFC has found a new mouth piece that has appeared to be a puppet for him (TFC). One that I am quite surprised to have seen him cast his lot with.

His name is Paul Jansen. A hard right libertarian and an avid Ron Paul supporter.

Over the past year, Jansen has been getting closer and closer to TFC. He (Jansen) has partnered multiple times with the newly created Piedmont Republican Club to host various events. I and others have warned Jansen about his proximity to TFC and to be very careful. Primarily, we did not need to create any methods to provide TFC with an easy path of entry back into the county party after the amount of effort it took to remove TFC.

Jansen hasn’t revealed any intentions of the nature of his relationship with TFC. It is very probable Jansen thinks he’s building up a rapport with TFC (similar to what I did) to work his way deeper into the GOP. Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, TFC’s closest ties are towards the traditional base who lean center-right.

If Jansen were fortunate enough to garner the votes at the convention, my sources and I believe he would be made the laughing stock to the benefit of TFC by the TFC through many backdoor channels. You have to remember, TFC constantly reaches out to media outlets, seeking as much attention as possible.

Understand that I have nothing against Jansen. It is my concern that the intent of TFC is to further his attempts to embarrass the conservative block of the GOP. And if that means throwing Jansen under the bus to accomplish this, he will.

What are your thoughts about this potential alliance?