South Carolina – Not in Ron Paul’s Plans?

March 30, 2011 by  
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Congressman Ron Paul speaks to members of the Spartanburg Executive Committee

It is well believed that Ron Paul is prepping up for another run for President. News flash right?

But according to recent fundraising emails from the campaign, it does not appear that South Carolina plays into his plans very much. He has stated plans in Iowa, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Florida, New York (TV appearances) and Nevada.

I mean, why would he waste his resources on South Carolina republicans. Generally speaking, most republicans (not all) elected in this state are more concerned with social conservative issues and have no issues with government power grabs. Although many claim to be fiscal conservatives and less government, actions by the state legislature trend other wise.

Not only that, you can see how well he was received during the last election cycle. They were more amused by Giuliani questioning Paul for his non-interventionist policies than rational reasoning, a GOP leader attempted to ban him from attending local events and he garnered only 5% of the vote in the primary.

South Carolina has chosen the eventual republican nominee for president since 1980, so it seems foolish to bypass it. Either way, this strategy move is interesting.

What do you think about Paul’s potential campaign strategy?

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  • Brian Frank

    Run Ron Run, and then Win Ron Win!

  • Christopher S. Lawton


  • Chris in Greenville

    I live in the upstate of SC and I would love for Ron to come here. I see numerous Paul bumper stickers and I think that he will find that he will be recieved more broadly this time around. COME TO SC DR PAUL!

  • Bruce Littlejohn Boulevard

    After the way he was disregarded and mistreated by some of “us” last time around, justice should have us beg like little vagrants on bended knee for his appearance. However, being the gentle man that he is, the Good Doctor Paul would never ask us to grovel, he is probably waiting on a sincere (emphasis on sincere) invitation from us.

  • Gadson

    My sign went in my window already… you know with a unconstitutional war with Lybia and all. It is very appropriate.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry with the delay on those comments getting approved. I installed a new commenting system and still working out some of the kinks.

  • Chris