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This House race is one of the more important races on my radar, as it is my personal district.  What I find interesting in this race is the renewed battle and controversy between Davenport and Parker.

Davenport held the seat for almost 22 years until Parker scored a victory in the 2008 GOP Primary.  It was a land slide but as the democratic challenger, Eric Hayler, stated after the primary election, this was a referendum on School District Consolidation and not on Davenport.

In 2006, Parker lost the primary by a mere 9 votes, so this has always been a tight battle.  In Boiling Springs, you either hate Parker or you love him.  I guess you could say the same about Davenport.

Steve Parker

Parker can be called to question on his stimulus support, as Gov. Mark Sanford called him and other legislatures out by name at the 2009 SCGOP convention.  He can also be held accountable for campaigning on no new taxes, no targeted taxes, then turning around and supporting a cigarette tax hike.  During his 2008 campaign, Parker told constituents he would not support “targeted” taxes because that would justify a tax on coke.

Lastly, Parker’s campaign is now being run by the infamous former Spartanburg GOP chairman, Rick Beltram.  You can read more about his misadventures here and here.

Ralph Davenport

Davenport is the interesting case.  He hasn’t campaigned much but most of his campaign signs read “Tea Party Approved”.  Most people in the area tend to like Davenport more so than Parker.

Davenport’s disadvantage, he is running as a Constitution Party candidate after years of serving in the GOP.  The question will be how many voters will go out and push the all “R” button or will they remember to vote for their old friend, Davenport on the Constitution ticket.

My biggest concern with Davenport is his enthusiasm and his past votes to use the government to ban items he knew nothing about.  Has he changed in the last few years and did the Constitution Party look into this?  Who knows.

Delores Frazer

Sources indicate that the Democratic candidate, Frazer, is polling in the high teens.  Politically we don’t know much about Frazer, besides the fact she was a field organizer for the Obama campaign, according to Project Vote Smart.

According to Vote Smart, she wants to maintain the status of several tax rates in the state, but increase it on those high earners and also increase the alcohol, cigarette, and corporate tax rates.  She doesn’t want state and local police to enforce federal immigration law.

For you gun enthusiasts, Frazer isn’t great either.  She doesn’t want concealed weapons permits and she wants everyone licensed to own a gun.

You can read more at Project Vote Smart.

Our Prediction

First of all, this is not an endorsement.  Although everything appears to favor Parker’s re-election, I think Davenport will sneak in with the victory at 41%.  Parker will finish 2nd at 39% and Frazer will bring in a little more than the strong D district percentage with 20%.

Your Opinion

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  • spartanburgforreal

    Your personal anger is showing.

  • Kurt

    It will probably come down to the democrats I think.

    On one hand you have the conservatives who really don’t know who the candidates are and will vote for the guy with the R next to his name regardless.

    Then you have the tea-party folks who will vote for whoever can position themself as the most conservative… in this case that’s Davenport.

    Then you have the much smaller group of Democrats/Liberals/non-conservative independents. Together those groups don’t have enough clout to put Frazer in. If they do cross to the other two… the lesser evil for those folks would be Parker I think.

    I think Parker gets enough of those votes that he wins… because he’s not quite as conservative (though I bet he hates hearing anyone say that).

  • Jeremy

    Got a postcard from the NRA today supporting Steve Parker and citing why they support him and that he has an ‘A’ rating and that his opponent (unnamed) has an ‘F’ rating. While I’m sure that they refer Delores Frazier, Parker’s main opponent in this race is Davenport. I’m pretty sure Ralph Davenport doesn’t have an ‘F’ NRA rating.

    I’m still not sure which of the two I’ll vote for, but this ticked me off enough that I’m more inclined to vote for Davenport at the point.

    I’m pretty sure Davenport has an ‘A’ but I’m having trouble finding out for certain. Can anyone help?

  • Gary Coats

    Wow. I really got this one wrong. Goes to show when your not out in the field for 4 months you miss out on a lot.

    Congrats to Mr. Parker.

    • spartanburgforreal

      Read comment #1.

      Emotional folks usually do not see a clear reality.

      • Gary Coats


        Glad to see your back and commenting, anonymously as usual!