Soil Loser Runs Again!

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Christina Jeffrey

Christina Jeffrey

Perennial candidate, Christina Jeffrey, is running for another elected seat.

Apparently, she has not learned that Spartanburg county republican voters don’t care for her too much.  And if they don’t like her, I don’t see how she can convince the additional democrats to support her.

Jeffrey lost a state house primary in 2008 (won by Derham Cole Jr.) and finished last in the 4th Congressional primary in June 2010 (won by Trey Gowdy), garnering only 5% of the vote.

This is also the same Christina Jeffrey who lied about who she voted for in the 2008 presidential primary while running for Congress.  That’s her.  And luckily for her, South Carolina’s sore loser laws do not apply in this case.

More about soil – err – sore loser laws a little later.

Jeffrey is seeking a seat on the Soil and Water Conservation board in Spartanburg County.

According to Jeffrey’s communication seeking supporters, she claims she was asked to consider running by Spartanburg GOP Chairmwoman, LaDonna Ryggs.  And then following a staple of her congressional campaign, begins with the fear mongering concerning the United Nations.

“Even though this board has not been very active, we don’t want it to start pushing any U.N. inspired projects – best to have good conservatives in place”

Although the U.N. poses a large risk to the American public, I really hope this race does not turn into a U.N. squabble.

SC Sore Loser Laws
Basically, this law prevents a person from running for the same seat in the general election that they lost in the most recent primary.  It does not apply to non-partisan elections, therefore Jeffrey can run for this seat in the same election cycle.

Side Note
I am also posting this on the Political Vise Blog.  You can check out articles by former Lt. Governor candidate Bill Connor and others while you’re there and get all of the latest SC news by visiting as well.

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  • E. Ray Moore

    This on-going attack against Christina Jeffrey is inordinate and over the top. She lost her bid for Congress, do you remember? I am sure you have convinced yourself that she voted for Rudy too, which is not true, but that is now a moot issue. Even so, this is not called for. Why are you doing this? These on-going attacks are the product of a sick mind, not becoming of a man of compassion or a Christian man either. You discredit yourself by continuing this approach. Please post this on your site.
    (E. Ray Moore)

    • Gary Coats

      Ray, I do remember she lost the bid for Congress. It is mentioned in the article. If she says she voted for Huckabee, then so be it. My issue is the outright lie told to the people of the district. I am also reminded of the comments made by you (at 1:13 of the video) that she had nothing to do with the Rudy campaign, they wouldn’t let her near the campaign when we have evidence that she did (Rocky Mountain News Article and photographs).

      Unfortunately, the article title may be considered an attack, but the jist of the article shares that she is running for another office, again.

  • E. Ray Moore

    Thanks for posting my comments. It is a small atonement for your on-going attacks. I expect you will not relent, but I thot I’d give it a try. (Ray Moore)

  • Bill

    It seems as if this is merely an unresolved grudge, which you have devoted your life to airing out in public. However, it begs the question, what is this really about? At this point, Christina Jeffrey is out of politics, and possibly for good. You seem to be simply piling on. Why create a situation where you express an undue interest about someone until you are actually investigated for stalking? Writing about someone when they are in the public eye is one thing, but at this point you seem obsessed. By the way, you are aware that she withdrew in favor of Chip Watson, right?

    • Gary Coats


      You would see that I posted this on July 15th when in fact that she did file. I didn’t know posting an article about an individual running for office is stalking.

      As for her dropping out, I was not aware of that. Of course, according to you, if I post that, then I would be continuing an obsession and stalking. So, Bill, it seems I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

  • Integrity Matters

    Legitimate bloggers, like legitimate journalists do not want to be known as mere political hacks. Like you, I have a blog, but I want people to take me seriously so, if I thought someone like Dr. Jeffrey had lied about her support of a candidate, I would ask the candidate himself and others who were working for his campaign at the time. I don’t know why you would speculate when you could have found out the truth for yourself. Carelessness with reputations is a serious matter and when bloggers do not check their facts and instead play fast and loose with the truth, especially while claiming to be exposing the truth, no one wins, least of all the blogger. You might get paid, but your errors will remain a part of the blogosphere for a long time as a symbol of the decadence of our culture, the decline of manners, and the end of gentlemanliness. You owe all of us an apology. I apologize to anyone other than Mr. Coats, who might read this, for not giving my name, but the vindictiveness and viciousness with which he has pursued his prey makes anonymity a most sensible route.

    • Gary Coats

      Wow, her family is perturbed by the truth.

      All we did was question who she really supported when she was on the record stating different things at different times. It wouldn’t have been an issue had she not said in the debate she voted for Hunter when she in fact voted for Huckabee, provided by her statements.

  • upstateflamer

    When did Gary claim to be a Christian? He is obviously opposed to this woman and has started this blog for the mere purpose of demeaning her. What’s wrong with attacking an old woman? Equal rights! He should be able to attack gays, christians, budhists, democrats, republicans and who ever he wants. Although it would be funny if he was sued. Just because Gary is a low life doesn’t mean he can’t have his own free speech. A job is a job. And I am sure he is paid handsomely for one well done.
    My advice though is stop being so lazy. Find a real issue on her and let the Rudy thing go. Everyone changed their mind a hundred times about the sorry ass republican candidates that ran for president. Maybe she voted for Obama.

    • Gary Coats

      When U and Integrity can show where I was paid by anybody, let me know. You won’t find it in anybody’s records because the only payment received was from Google.

      What I find interesting is you people forget the whole reason this ever came to light. She claimed to have voted for Hunter in a debate in March 2010!!! In the end, she had to come clean and say she voted for Huckabee.

      The fact is, the people didn’t like either of our candidates and now Jeffrey is out of the Soil & Water Race supposedly.

      Why are you still worried about this?

      • upstateflamer

        The question is and I think it was asked above…why are yYOU worried about Jeffrey? And if you aren’t being paid then why are you doing this?

        • Gary Coats

          Not worried, just reporting that a life long office seeker is seeking another office.

          • upstateflamer

            You seem worried. Was Hunter even on the ballot to be voted for? I did not listen to the debates. This seems like such a stupid issue to even check up on. Jeffrey knows politics and it would be a benefit if she could hold office. You will probably out live her so keep on doing the good fight and be sure to write a hateful obituary when she dies about how she totally got busted at rally holding a sign for the rallyman. It is a good fight right? You are doing a service by doing this free aren’t you? She is terrible isn’t she.

  • Integrity Matters

    I went back and listened to the debate. Dr. Jeffrey said she supported Hunter – when asked later, she said she started out a Hunter supporter; her daughter sang at his big kick-off event in Spartanburg.

    But your denseness, Gary, about the value of a person’s reputation is really sad. Shakespeare said it best:

    Good name in man and woman, dear my lord,
    Is the immediate jewel of their souls.
    Who steals my purse steals trash; ’tis something, nothing;
    ‘Twas mine, ’tis his, and has been slave to thousands;
    But he that filches from me my good name
    Robs me of that which not enriches him,
    And makes me poor indeed.”

    Your intense desire to destroy Christina Jeffrey’s
    reputation makes you worse than a thief, Gary, and
    a truly despicable human being. Shame on you!

    Like most liars, you call everyone else a liar. Why
    should anyone believe that you are not paid by the
    anti-reform wing of the GOP to destroy its opposition?
    “There are no records” is the defense of a white-
    collar crook.” Surely, you can do better than this?