Soil Loser Runs Again!

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Christina Jeffrey

Christina Jeffrey

Perennial candidate, Christina Jeffrey, is running for another elected seat.

Apparently, she has not learned that Spartanburg county republican voters don’t care for her too much.  And if they don’t like her, I don’t see how she can convince the additional democrats to support her.

Jeffrey lost a state house primary in 2008 (won by Derham Cole Jr.) and finished last in the 4th Congressional primary in June 2010 (won by Trey Gowdy), garnering only 5% of the vote.

This is also the same Christina Jeffrey who lied about who she voted for in the 2008 presidential primary while running for Congress.  That’s her.  And luckily for her, South Carolina’s sore loser laws do not apply in this case.

More about soil – err – sore loser laws a little later.

Jeffrey is seeking a seat on the Soil and Water Conservation board in Spartanburg County.

According to Jeffrey’s communication seeking supporters, she claims she was asked to consider running by Spartanburg GOP Chairmwoman, LaDonna Ryggs.  And then following a staple of her congressional campaign, begins with the fear mongering concerning the United Nations.

“Even though this board has not been very active, we don’t want it to start pushing any U.N. inspired projects – best to have good conservatives in place”

Although the U.N. poses a large risk to the American public, I really hope this race does not turn into a U.N. squabble.

SC Sore Loser Laws
Basically, this law prevents a person from running for the same seat in the general election that they lost in the most recent primary.  It does not apply to non-partisan elections, therefore Jeffrey can run for this seat in the same election cycle.

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RIP George Steinbrenner

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George Steinbrenner Field

This morning, July 13th 2010, one of the greatest and confrontational owners of all time passed away.  George Steinbrenner passed away over night after suffering from a Heart Attack at his home in Tampa, FL.

Steinbrenner purchased the Yankees in 1973 and immediately led the team to multiple championships in 1976, 1977, and 1978.  Many players during the early years disliked Steinbrenner’s policies and tactics in the early years, earning his nickname “The Boss.”

Steinbrenner was suspended in 1974 after making illegal contributions to Richard Nixon’s presidential campaign and was pardoned by Ronald Regan in 1989.

Steinbrenner was outright banned by the MLB in 1990 after it was discovered he was paying for dirt on Dave Winfield during a legal case.

Steinbrenner reinvented himself after all the confrontations and his reinstatement  in 1993.  He then built the dynasty, winning the World Series in 1996, 1998, 1999 and in 2000.

Many remember Steinbrenner now as a caring individual for a lot of the work he has done since 1993.  In particular, one of my late grandfathers had told us about his multiple “run-ins” with Mr. Steinbrenner while working at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.  He always talked about him being very friendly and compassionate.

Steinbrenner leaves behind his family (wife, children, grandchildren), a $2B sporting empire, and a baseball nation in shock.

Apple Opens Haywood Mall Location Saturday!

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Apple Comes to Greenville

The wait is over and my bank account officially broke.  Well, maybe not broke, but I have definitely considering picking up a part time job at Haywood Mall to fund my habits.

Apple will open its second SC retail store this weekend, Saturday July 10th, 2010 at Haywood Mall in Greenville.

To bad I just made my recent purchase at BB Mobile, but will definitely visit when the opportunity presents itself.


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Sorry I have been away for the past few weeks.  My business has really picked up and keeping me busy.

I hope to have my quick interview on Gowdy’s win up in the next week with a few comments and the pictures.

In the mean time, make sure you check out the newly revised    It is coming along and gaining ground.  Hope to have some more of the new features loaded soon too!