SC GOP Gubernatorial Runoff

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Who do you support to be South Carolina’s republican nominee for governor?

The runoff is between State Rep. Nikki Haley and Congressman Gresham Barrett and the vote is next Tuesday, June 22nd.  Here’s our two cents, take it for what it is worth.

Nikki Haley

Haley won the initial primary collecting almost 49% of the vote, even after multiple allegations (2) that she had extra-marital affairs.  She received the endorsement of Sara Palin and is the beauty of the SC Tea Party.

I personally have liked Haley for several years.  Especially on her transparency and reform initiatives.  Of course, even some of that has come into question recently.  In particular, The State newspaper is calling her out over contradicting stimulus votes.

My biggest fear with Haley?  I’m afraid she’ll run into the same issues as Mark Sanford had.  That is, not being able to work with the legislature to get the key reform initiatives passed.

Gresham Barrett

Our biggest complaint with Barrett is that he first voted against TARP, then voted for it.  That, and in my opinion, he campaigns to heavily on his Christian credentials.

Most recently, he was questioned by a political activist concerning a “miss-statement” in one of his campaign ads claiming he was retired. The activist confronts Barrett and he agrees that there was a mistake, but the activist was trying to tie this mistake to our friends in Connecticut.  In particular, the activist is referring to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal who had been lying about his service record, claiming to have been in Vietnam.

My biggest fear with Barrett is he’ll flip flop on key issues.

Who Wins?

So who will win this race and who are you supporting?  Here’s your chance to make the best case for your candidate.

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  • Moultrie Plowden

    With 49% 0f the primary vote, endorsements from Palin, Jenny Sanford, and McMaster she will get 75% of the female vote in the general election.

  • Matt

    Well I’m for Nikki Haley too. Not only is she a fiscal conservative on taxes and spending and a social conservative on traditional values, but she is also a principled reformer. Put simply, you need to be strong in all three of those areas to be a conservative in the context of South Carolina politics.

    Nikki Haley came as practically close as one can to winning the nomination outright in the primary. Roughly half of the GOP primary electorate spoke and agreed with her brand of leadership to lead our party in November. Now, Gresham Barrett has every right to wage this runoff campaign, but I do find it ironic that some of his core supporters I know are the ones who often use some variation of the phrase that Republicans need to stop “eating our own”. Well that’s what Barrett has essentially been doing to our de-facto nominee for the past two weeks. Luckily it hasn’t gained traction.

    Nikki Haley is clearly the governor that the people want, and not just conservatives. She’ll attract a lot of independents in the fall with her reform message and the nature of her historic candidacy. But for me she’s the most conservative and reform-minded candidate which is why I’m voting for her.