Who is Leighton Lord?

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Lord is seeking the Republican nomination for SC Attorney General in next Tuesday’s primary runoff against Alan Wilson, son of Joe Wilson. Lord played a pivotal role in bringing Boeing to SC, which he caught some flak for earlier in the campaign as well.

Lord has had a very successful career as an attorney and was elected to be Nexsen Pruet’s chairman of the board in November 2005 (source Nexsen Pruet.com).

But late last week, we received an anonymous tip that we should look into Leighton Lord’s past financial contributions to political candidates.

Lo and behold, the candidate seeking the GOP nomination for Attorney General had made a few contributions to candidates on the other side of the isle, in particular Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Vincent Sheheen. The other donation in question was made to Dwayne Green, who was running against former Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Sen. Robert Ford.

Leighton Lord III Donation To:
Vincent Sheheen (State Senate – D), 3/30/2009, $250

Leighton Lord III Donation To:
Dwayne Green (State Senate – D), 2/26/2008, $200

Since Lord is the managing partner and chairman of the board of Nexsen Pruet, we figured he may have some role in how they donate monies to candidates in the elections. So below you will find those contributions too.

Nexsen Pruet Donation To:
SC Democatic Party, 5/19/2008, $2500

Nexsen Pruet Donation To:
Gilda Cobb-Hunter, 6/7/2008, $250

Nexsen Pruet Donation To:
Darrell Jackson Sr, 6/11/2008, $1000

Nexsen Pruet Donation To:
James E Smith, 12/15/2008, $1000

Nexsen Pruet Donation To:
Senate Democratic Caucus, 2/29/2008, $1000

Nexsen Pruet Donation To:
Senate Democratic Caucus, 8/12/2009, $1000

To be extremely fair, the company has made several larger contributions to republicans during those cycles as did Lord make similar contributions to republican candidates.

This raises some further concern, considering the beating Bob Inglis has given Trey Gowdy for his financial contributions to former Senator Fritz Hollings.

Inglis has been able to successfully question Gowdy’s conservativism and has drawed enough questions into that race.

So, Mr. Lord, how do you explain your donations to democratic candidates?

We have requested comment from the campaign which has not been returned as of publishing.

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  • whatever

    Vincent Sheheen and Lord were in the same class of Liberty Fellowship. No story here.

  • carolinagirl3310

    Anyone who really thought it through would probably link Nexsen Pruet’s Dem donations to Bob Coble or Marguerite Willis, not Leighton Lord…

  • Red Bank Represent

    What you fail to mention is that 1- Leighton’s donation was to Sheheen’s State Senate Campaign, and 2- when asked by Sheheen if the money could be transferred to Sheheen’s Gov. account, Lord said no.

    There are more than 300 employees at Nexsen Pruet in SC and NC. The PAC donations are not decided by the managing partner.

    Typical Wilson gutter politics.

  • no surprise here

    I am not surprised that Leighton has personally donated to democrats, he has no conservative credentials and we really do not know much about him.

    What we know:
    1. He has never prosecuted a case
    2. Bolchoz in a press release yesterday stated that Leighton spent an hour on the phone begging for his endorsement, all the while trashing Alan Wilson
    3. He has personally given money to the DEMOCRATIC gubernatorial candidate in the past. Whats to stop him again?
    4. Leighton is not qualified for this position and he is clearly using this as a stepping stone into higher office
    5. Leighton has stretched his resume and even lied about what he has “Accomplished” in his career. He has never fought terrorism or gangs, only prosecutors do that
    6. He is banking off of his father-in-laws money bags to get into the AG’s office

    Dont put SC at risk by voting for a novice RINO!

  • Melissa

    who cares…Sheheen is going to be a major threat in November. This is just a really lame attempt to link him to something “controversial” because that’s all anyone can find on him.

    As to donating to the other party, questioning that just divides things further. Our political system is such a mess, I see alot of “us against them” with regards to the parties. That type of thinking helps no one.

  • BJB in SC

    Not an issue? If he is running for constitutional office as a Republican, and he personally donates to democrats in only the last year or two, it proves he’s too stupid for office. What a moron.

    He has quickly proven to have the natiest campaign this year. Acting like a damn Yankee (from liberal Delaware), overly groomed for the camera, and never involvolved in SC politics until he wants something for himself, I’m glad he was exposed.

  • Integrity Matters

    Oh good grief – if you are going to run a political blog, there should be some analysis worth reading.

    Gary, how old are you? What political experience to you bring to this job? In short, what do you think qualifies you to do what you are trying to do here?