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Back in the summer of 2008, I began looking intently to June 8th 2010. I was tired of Inglis’ politics and wanted change.

I began doing the research to see what it would take to mount a serious campaign against Inglis. This is no secret to the congressman, I had been one of his most vocal critics since 2007.  Needless to say, during this research, I soon realized I didn’t have the resources at my disposal.

I was approached by members of Jeffrey’s (not Christina or family) camp in November 2008 and was asked to consider not running and backing her. I responded with a quick no.  It was nothing personal against Jeffrey, I had many conversations with her and felt like she was a great person, but my gut said no.

During early months of 2009, I was able to interview most of the candidates and developed my personal opinions on who I liked in the race.

I decided that Andrew Smart was the way to go in April. He was young, intelligent, energetic and I liked his positions on the issues. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out quite like I had hoped.

So here’s my personal thoughts on each of the candidates.

Bob Inglis

The incumbent. My disagreement over policy has long been an issue. Unfortunatley, I began to discover that leadership was not a strong quality of Mr. Inglis either.

I say this because he spent tax payer money to research immigration, and develop his 5 points on immigration that he still talks about, but has never stepped up to he plate to introduce a bill. During many of his Let’s Talk forums, he gave the impression he supported amnesty, but was spared voting on it when it died in the Senate.

He claimed he was going to introduce an alternative health care bill, but never did.  But he did introduce a “Repeal It” bill.

Inglis’ votes to limit the freedoms of individuals (He voted to extend the Patriot Act and warrantless wire tapping), unfunded mandates like the Real ID that was embedded into the Tsunami Aid Bill, TARP, and his energy policies which have created many questions in itself.

Again, it is nothing personal against Inglis, it is about his positions.  I hope he and his team understand this.

Trey Gowdy

I was honestly surprised to see Gowdy jump in this race, probably just as much as Inglis was.  Most of our sources and rumors indicated that Gowdy would be making a run for Attorney General.  Gowdy would have made an excellent AG and I probably would have supported him 100%.

Gowdy was one of the candidates we were never able to settle down on an interview.  And it wasn’t his fault.  I had consulted with the campaign and discussed opportunities, but I was never able to work it into my work schedule.  My apologies to Gowdy up front and my readers.

All along, one of my concerns, drawbacks on Gowdy was his support of McCain in the 2008 primaries.  I understand and respect Gowdy’s reasoning, but it was of concern.  Gowdy is a prosecutor and I’m not sure how effective that will translate into working for votes in Congress.

Christina Jeffrey

Christina Jeffrey talks all the right points to attract a Tea Party activist or even a Ron Paul supporter.  What bugged me through the election cycle is her mannerisms and the several lies she was caught in.  The biggest of which was who she supported for President in 2008.  In a debate, she said she voted for Duncan Hunter, and when questioned on it later, she stated she voted for Huckabee and even worked for Rudy Giuliani.  A wild stretch considering her “most conservative” candidate monicker.

Jeffrey claims she not the political establishment and she’s different because she’s a constitutional scholar.  She’s also been a community organizer by her own accounts, working on multiple campaigns with Get out the Vote efforts and working in the county party.  Lastly, according to her profile, she’s never been in a position of authority.  All of her experience is in the classroom teaching constitutional theory.  She has not managed budgets or personnel.  All of this sounds to much like our current president, Barack Obama, and most of us agree all of these supposed great attributes have failed horribly.

Dave Thomas

With all due respect to Sen. David Thomas, when he announced, I choked.  His claims to be the conservative choice and a jobs congressman were all laughable.  He then goes on to say that when elected, he will establish a commission with leaders across multiple states to determine a solution to the nations financial problems.  I’m really rolling on the floor now, Why?

In the spring of 2009, Thomas and 4 other leaders held a press conference in Spartanburg telling people they were going to roll up their sleeves and fight the stimulus.  Unfortunately, Thomas didn’t keep he sleeves up long, as he rolled over and voted to take all of it.  Sources tell us he was even instrumental in getting votes to take the money.

And in regards to fixing the nations problems, what has he done to reduce the size of SC’s $21 billion dollar budget and not raise fees and taxes on its citizens?

Jim Lee

When speaking with each of the candidate, Lee came across as the most candid.  He also spent the most time with us, 3 hours in our interview, and he didn’t beat around the bush when answering questions.  Jim has been very humble and appreciative of the support he has received and he doesn’t belittle his opponents or critics.

Jim is a supporter of the enumerated powers act and also provides a solution for the social security crisis.   Jim supports the enforcing of our existing immigration laws to solve the illegal immigration crisis  and believes the private sector can solve the health care crisis, developing a patient centered patient led system.

Jim has the experience of managing projects and budgets and has a history of working with teams to find the best solution.  He can be influential too, which is also a great quality.

Jim is the only veteran, so he understands the needs of our servicemen, and he has the real world experience some of the others do not.

My Vote

I voted absentee today, casting my vote for Jim Lee.  I encourage you to do the same, voting for a candidate who will listen to his constituents and will not talk down to you. Voting for a candidate who has ran a clean campaign on the smallest budget.  A campaign for “We the People”.  A candidate who is candid and will fight for you in D.C.

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  • Dante

    SHUT UP!!! You voted for Jim Lee?!?!?!?! I’m so surpised!!

    • http://www.theconservativist.com Gary Coats

      Dante, glad we were able to surprise somebody

  • http://www.theconservativist.com Gary Coats

    Comments that are vulgar in nature will not be allowed on this site. Just an FYI on the reason why Jakes’ comment was removed.

  • the pot really is black

    I like this article. Although it surprises me that you would compare Jeffrey to Obama while I have heard many others compare Lee to Obama. Lee comes out of nowhere without even any political history. Granted neither Jeffrey nor Lee has held political office (Lee was elected to school board and Jeffrey was appointed House historian).
    In an age of big business getting bailouts and jobs being sent overseas it worries me to have someone with Jim’s government contract experience. It makes me worry that perhaps he seeking an even bigger paycheck than the one he receives currently. Also how much will his personal business benefit from his election?

    These are questions that I have wondered about with that guy. You can google, bing or yahoo Christina Jeffrey and find a world of info. Jim Lee I can’t even find on facebook.

    • http://www.suburbanites.com/politics/scs-4th-district-congressional-race-offers-choice-good/ Suburbanites


      Jim’s LinkedIn profile. Enjoy!

      • the pot really is black

        Thank you Suburbanites! I see Jim Lee is an IT guy with minimal education. Nothing against online degrees but he doesn’t even say what it is in. Economics I hope since he wants to balance budgets.

        I did not think it was funny when his website was hacked but now that I know he is Jim the IT guy it is funny.

        This must be why Gary likes him so much. They can talk about their ipads and other gadgets.

  • http://www.rachelforjustice.com Christina Bot

    Give it up kid! Any fool can see you were the hit dude for the lee campaign against Jeffery……So how does it feel to be a Ingalis supporter in the end?

    4 th congressional district prediction!

    Gowdy 40% legal Establishment candiate

    Ingalis 33 % Goofy Confuse Candiate

    Jeffery 12% local tea party candiate

    Lee 10% Ingalis Ringer

    Thomas 5% Redneck candiate

    Low turnout, less than 46 thousand will vote

    • http://www.theconservativist.com Gary Coats

      Stick to NC politics. Your low rate lying candidate finished dead last, 5% of the vote. Also, over 80,000 voted. Enjoy

  • Joe

    Pot, you are an idiot and apparently an educrat as well. People do not have to dwell in education to be qualified to run for public office. If anything it helps to not have someone as out of touch with reality as Jeffrey is, running for office. What do you want to know that isn’t available about Jim Lee? And do you really think a website getting hacked reflects on his running for office? Obviously you have no idea how technology works, moron.

    • the pot really is black

      Joe, Why do you have to be so rude?
      No I don’t think his website is any reflection of his in office skills. I think it’s funny thought that a man that either owns or works for (I am unclear of his employment) and IT company has a hacked website. Would it be ironic perhaps? The assholes who used to run Jeffrey’s campaign had snide remark up for her first website. Did that reflect badly on her? I think that’s what they wanted but I didn’t take it that way. I also don’t think Jeffrey’s video of her holding a gun qualified her for Congress. It was an awesome video about gun rights but that’s it.
      What I WANTED to know about Lee is no longer relevant but that guy Scott touched on some of the questions. The biggest on being how does he benefit from government contracts? Is it through the company he works for? Or is it his company? I am sure he is not old enough to have seen active duty in Vietnam but did he see any active duty?
      Maybe I am an educrat, although I have never heard that term before. I am not that impressed with a rank Sargent who has no education. Coats says in his article that Lee has balanced budgets, managed teams and has an influential personality. Um, okay sounds like he is good at his current job and lucky for him he will get to go back to it.

      So which RINO, lawyer will yall be voting for? I think I will give that guy Mahler a look see.

  • Suburbanites

    Seems like the voters have spoken, though, and roughly 90% of them didn’t think much of this Blog’s favored candidate either. That’s a shame.

    I suppose like all good politicians, his strategy of not distancing himself from his former employer was good politics — he can go back to what he did before a short and perhaps overly-ambitious foray into politics.

  • matthew

    By your logic 60% voted against Gowdy, the new frontrunner. The fact that Lee came in third, whith only a grassroots campaign is a major accomplishment. Gowdy left nothing for any of the other candidates in Spartanburg. That is why he is the front runner for the race.

    I don’t see any reaon For Inglis to keep going he will only be embarrased because everyone else had voters who will not vote for Inglis.

  • matthew

    Christina Bot,

    Good thing you don’t do this for a living, you should trying to educate yourself before you open your mouth and prove who the “fool” is.

  • Scott

    Hey there happy smiley people! I can just feel the love on these posts! Looks like the Tea Party failed and a RINO will be working for the 4th district. Good job everyone you all made us look terrible. Fighting with each other instead of fighting to make sure Gowdy and Inglis were out of the running.
    Now that it is over Jim Lee can go make to getting paid by the government and I am sure Christina will go back to Tea Partying and trying to make the world a better place. Perhaps Jim Lee will join her. Perhaps Jeffrey’s former campaign workers who switched to Jim Lee’s campaign and started all the name calling can go back to being civil human beings. Perhaps the obession with Christina Jeffrey will end. But something tells me it won’t. I will be curious to see.

    And not that it matters anymore but it is very hard to find out anything about Jim Lee. So I will ask some questions Joe. What was his military rank? Was he active duty at any point? How many government contracts does he have? How long has he been a resident of the 4th district? Does he own a home here? Why does someone running for public office with a background in IT have a private facebook page anyway? That last one was more rhetorical but really Joe, you don’t have to answer these questions because it doesn’t matter anymore. But I can see Pot’s point, there are a lot of questions to be asked (and they have been asked by other commenters) that have never been answered.

    Oh and maybe both sides can return the signs they stole.

    • matthew

      Rank Sargent, I believe he was active duty back in the Vietnam era, but not sure about that.
      Resident of 4th district since 1996, yep he owns a home.
      Government contracts, would that be Federal, State or local governments, and if he is an independent contractor who is a private business doing work instead of a Government employee, how is this a problem exactly.

      BTW some of this info you could get from the WORD debate that all the candidates attended, some of the rest came from his website, and then there were the many debates that happened throughout the election cycle. many of which are posted on you tube and linked to the campaign websites.

      • http://www.suburbanites.com/politics/scs-4th-district-congressional-race-offers-choice-good/ Suburbanites

        Jim Lee on active duty in the Vietnam era? For someone under 50? That would have had him carrying a rifle when he was…10? Perhaps 12?

        His LinkedIn profile carries his employment information, so that may be the origin for speculation about government contracts. It’s not clear that Collabera has any at the moment, although it seems they are targeting TARP-funded banks (perhaps that is also the source of speculation). Call up and ask one of the many friendly Indians working there on H1 and L1 visas, perhaps they can be more helpful. Calculated political move, however, to not distance himself from his employer so he has a path to return if desired without much fuss.

        • matthew

          You asked how many Government contracts HE has not his company, could you make up your mind. But again, if he is a private business doing work instead of hiring Government employees, how is this a problem??, or do you have a problem with the capitalistic system in general.

          • the pot really is black

            If it is his company than the contracts are his. If he is just someone’s lackey and not a successful business man than why do you like him so much?

  • Sara

    I was involved with Jim Lee’s campaign. Putting up signs and that kind of stuff. In Fountian Inn, a couple of the signs were ran over with a car and others taken off the holders, layed on the ground, and replaced with Thomas signs. Other times, working meet and greets, Jeffrey’s people came and had they’re own little Meet and greet to crash Lee’s. This was really uncalled for.

  • http://www.ronpaulforums.com Brian Frank

    A vote for Lee was a vote for Inglis. Even today he said he went to lunch with Bob!

    • Sara

      Big deal. He also had lunch with Gowdy. They were trying to get his support, But as of now he isnt going to support any of them. No big deal dude. I bet the other canidates also had lunch with them too.

    • http://www.theconservativist.com Gary Coats

      And he also met with Trey later in the day. Get ur facts together Brian.

  • matthew

    Sara, don’t feed the trolls

  • Integrity Matters

    About Callabera – doesn’t it help U.S. companies outsource jobs to India?

    About government contracts, didn’t Jim Lee say on several occasions that he programed the state’s new election software?

    Just watching all this, it seems that the Lee campaign was designed to do just what it did, prevent a true reform candidate from winning election.

    Lee’s position on the United Nations gave him away as a conventional Republican who would, if elected, fit right in with the GOP in DC. But he was never supposed to win, just prevent Jeffrey from winning or even getting traction. Her grassroots campaign was infiltrated from the beginning by people who were actually supporting Andrew Smart and then Jim Lee. The dishonesty of these people should cause anyone observing their behavior to think twice before employing them to do any kind of honest political work. But that is probably not the kind of work these operatives are trolling fof.

    Jim Lee was a self-described naive beginner, but anyone in business knows certain fundamental rules of business ethics. A lawyer does not quit one side and go over to the other because he knows confidential information. Honest political consultants do not do this either. Lee may be naive about politics, but if he does not know that Dark Horse Strategies, the guys who showed up and illegally donated “in-kind” help to his, until then, slmost non-existent camapign, were ethically challenged,then he is too naive to be in a responsible position of public trust.