Inglis Brags About ACU Rating But….

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Bob Inglis

Congressman Bob Inglis, circa 2008

Have you looked at it the ACU ratings historically.  Bob is raving about how conservative Bob 3.0 is, but Bob 3.0 has only been in existence since 2009.

Since Inglis returned to Congress in 2005, Bob 2.0, he has not been as conservative on the issues.  I’m happy to see you made the right votes to satisfy the National Right To Life Organization, but they are a single issue organization.  There are multiple issues concerning the conservative community.

What about the Real ID Bob?  What about mandating the use of CFL Bulbs in houses?  Extending FISA?

The people in the fourth are looking for a leader Congressman.  We’ve heard you preach your 5 immigration points?  Where’s the bill?  You publicized that you were going to write an alternative health care bill Congressman.  Where’s the bill?

According to the ACU, Inglis’ 2008 ACU rating was an 84.  Interestingly enough, the ACU altered the formula in 2009 to include Inglis’ first 6 years in office, giving him a 93 lifetime rating.

Here’s the historical ACU ratings, with comparisons to the other Republican’s in SC during Bob 2.0.  You can do your own research at the ACU.

2009 – 92 (Brown 96, Wilson 96, Barrett 96)
2008 – 84 (Brown 83, Wilson 92, Barrett 96)
2007 – 88 (Brown 96, Wilson 100, Barrett 100)
2006 – 84 (Brown 84, Wilson 91, Barrett 96)
2005 – 80 (Brown 96, Wilson 100, Barret 100)

1998- Not Available Online
1997 – Not Available Online
1996 – 100
1995 – 92
1994 – 100
1993 – 100

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  • Matt

    There may be some folks who want to reward Inglis with their vote for being so strongly pro-life. But the touting by Inglis of his pro-life record as a reason to vote for him would be worth a heck of a lot more if it wasn’t for the fact that all four of his opponents are just as pro-life as Inglis.

  • Andrew

    I have found Congressman Inglis to be fair, thoughtful, conservative and the type of representative I can be proud of.

    He’s been a great leader for this state, and he’s earned my vote.

    I hope he wins the nomination on June 8th and another two year term in November.

  • Billy Gonzales

    Why is everyone hating on Inglis this time? He’s endorsed by the NRA, he’s a strong family man, and that’s good enough for me. I’m concerned about Trey Gowdy because I’ve heard from more than 1 person that Gowdy had an affair with a coworker and threatened to sue anyone who said anything about it. Some enterprising reporter needs to investigate this rumor and find out if it’s true. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    • GodIsLifeSC

      I also heard that Trey Gowdy had an affair. As a conservative Christian voter, this is a very serious issue to me, and I wish I could find out if it’s true. I may vote against Trey just to avoid any possibility of this becoming a scandal later on.

    • Gary Coats

      Billy and God, I appreciate your comments. I to am a Christian, but I personally do not like digging into the personal lives of the candidates.

      As for the endorsement made by the NRA, the NRA typically will endorse the incumbents unless they are blaring anti second amendment candidates.

      Personally, I have no issues with Inglis, I have problems with his political stances including government intrusion into the personal lives Americans and unfunded mandates on the states.

  • the pot really is black

    The sad thing is that the 4th district will not have a conservative voice in the house. The only hope they had was crushed when Gary joined the Lee team in trying to tear down Christina Jeffrey. Perhaps if just as much energy had been spent on why neither Gowdy or Inglis was the right choice than one of the tea party candidates would have had a chance. Instead you helped make them both look absolutely silly.