Audra Shay Resigns as YRNF Chairman

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Audra Shay, YRNF Chairman

Audra Shay

After a turbulent fight last year to somehow win the Chairman’s post of the Young Republicans National Federation, Audra Shay turned in her resignation today.

For those of you who don’t remember, Shay was caught up in the middle of a racial controversy over some comments made last summer by a friend on Facebook.

The friend referred to “Obama as a terrorist” and that we “need to take the country back from these mad coons” in which Shay responded with “You tell em Eric! lol”

Shay sited that the stress of a national organization with no salary and no support organization as a part of her reason for leaving.

“Recently the stress of running a national organization has begun to take a major toll on my personal, and professional, my health mentally and physically.  The responsibilities or running this organization without a salary or full time staff has become overwhelming.”

You can read her full resignation announcement at The Atlantic.

From sources we have spoken with across the nation, there is still a large division in the YRNF after the elections last summer that have yet to be ironed out.  So much so that several members of the National Committee were not notified of her decision before the cat was let out of the bag.

I hope that the new leadership can mend that gap and continue to make progress with the gains Shay claims in her resignation letter.

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