Is it Gutter Politics or Extreme Irony in the SC 4th?

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By Carl Clegg

I received an email yesterday from Brian Frank, a Christina Jeffrey supporter. In the email he called Candidate Jim Lee a Nazi and posted an out of context video of Jim answering a question as proof. Like me, Jim has sworn to uphold the Constitution and served his country honorably in the Air Force for many years and I take personal offense to this kind of pathetic, last ditch effort by one of Jeffrey’s minions.

Gutter Politics will not be tolerated! The irony here is that Jeffrey was once the victim of gutter politics when she was wrongfully and publicly accused of anti-Semitism.

I am now calling on Christina Jeffrey to publicly denounce this vicious rhetoric and the public embarrassment that is Brian Frank.

Carl Clegg is Republican Activist from Greenville, SC

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  • McKay

    Hmmm… Nazi? I’m guessing that Mr. Frank was trying to make a point and used that word for schock value. He seems to be good at getting his videos out there! I decided to watch all of the Jim Lee videos and the Brian Frank stuff. I see Mr. Frank’s point. I will be voting for Christina Jeffrey. While I believe that the word Nazi was a bit strong, I think that if someone takes an oath to uphold the Constitution, they are the decider as to what is and what is not Constitutional, not their surperiors. Ever heard of the Oathkeepers?

  • Southeast Research Group

    LOL……..Some Gutter! It looks like your Gutter failed after the first piss ant rain and wash you away into a Neo-con cesspool like Lee…….

  • Turd Ferguson

    Both candidates are irrelevant to the big picture. This race is between Inglis and Gowdy. All other candidates, including Lee and Jeffrey (and especially Thomas), are an afterthought.

  • Brian Frank

    The email in question is this:
    Jim Lee, candidate for 4th district Congress would follow orders before Constitution
    Jim Lee, candidate for 4th district Congress would follow orders before Constitution, just like they did in NAZI Germany! Jim Lee is running against Constitutionalist tea partier Christina Jeffrey!

    YouTube Video 1 – Follow Orders over Constitution??
    SC “republican,” Jim Lee, running for Congress wants more gays in the military!

    I did NOT call Jim Lee a NAZI in my email. I will give you tw examples of why just following orders is a bad thing. One, if the Nazi soldiers all decided not to follow orders, we would have 6 million more Jews. Two, you have officers that give unlawful orders like LT Calley in 1969 in Vietnam. Calley was charged on September 5, 1969, with six specifications of premeditated murder for the deaths of 104 Vietnamese civilians near the village of My Lai, at a hamlet called Son My, more commonly called My Lai in the U.S. press. As many as 500 villagers, mostly women, children, infants and the elderly, had been systematically killed by American soldiers during a bloody rampage on March 16, 1968. If convicted, Calley could have faced the death penalty.

    Calley’s trial started on November 17, 1970. It was the military prosecution contention that Calley, in defiance of the U.S. Military Rules of Engagement, ordered his men to deliberately murder unarmed Vietnamese civilians despite the fact that his men were not under enemy fire at all.
    Learn more about Lt Calley here:

    • Gary Coats

      FYI, I altered the format of the links to clean up the article some what. Basically instead of seeing the long blasted URL, you see a nice link.

  • SCHotline Staff

    What would Christina Jeffrey apologize for… Please. Mr. Lee seems to have some anger related issues in the 1st video, whats up with that.

  • Carl Clegg


    In the political world words matter. Comparing someone to a Nazi is the same thing as calling them such.

    Perhaps you should learn a lesson from this whole experience that it sucks when someone takes your words out of the context in which you put them. You just did that to Jim Lee and you think I just did that to you.

    Your “gotcha” video specifically shows Jim saying that he would obey the Constitution over military orders, contrary to what your email says.

    I’ve been on the ground in Iraq when shots were fired and I understand Jim’s context. Mental clarity is sometimes obscured by a hail of bullets. Obviously, in you citation above, the heat of battle context was not evident as it was in the conversation you had with Jim Lee.

    The repercussions of your lapse in judgment are evident in the small minded comments left by viewers of your video on You Tube.

    Fine, you want my column taken down off of The Conservativist? I’ll be glad to just as soon as you pull your misleading video off of You Tube and apologize to Jim Lee.

    • Steve-a-roo

      So Carl you believe you can tell the world what words mean in “the political world.” Where did you pick up this mistaken belief? It would be a lot more believable if you didn’t immediately follow up on such nonsense with a word-parsing English-contortionist attempt to twist someone else’s words. Give me a break. Clown.

  • matthew

    I see that the “Jack Booted Thug”, Franks, is up to his normal antics and distortions again. He is one of the few propaganists that could take Ronald Regean’s words and twist them to make it look like RR was a supporter of communism. I will give him credit there he is good at propaganda.

    Mr Franks, I know you were in the Democrat party for a while, please go back we can do without your distortions and lies.


  • Matt

    I think people with common sense can understand what Jim Lee is saying in the first video. And Carl explains it well in his comments here.

    I don’t know the sender of the videos, but in general I can say that stuff like this results from over-enthusiastic Ron Paul libertarians wanting to parade around as conservative Republicans. I’ve had discussions with some of these folks who wish our soldiers would have disobeyed commands on the battlefield in Iraq and not fought because Congress did not declare war. I assume that’s what Jim Lee is saying is outlandish and not even a legitimate argument among normal thinking Americans.

    The ironic thing is that–in the conversations I’ve had with Christina Jeffrey circa 2007/08–she was as much a “tough on terror” neoconservative Republican as anyone (hence her primary reason for supporting Rudy). Odd that she’d be attracting Ron Paul folks now…

    As for the gays in the military thing, all I see in that second video is that Col. Hunt supports ending DADT. What the heck does that have to do with Jim Lee?

    • Gary Coats

      Brian Frank is claiming guilt by association.

  • Matthew

    Mr Franks, is former Democrat hack and a 911 Truther. He is a good example of who Glenn Beck argues with in his book, “Agruing with Idiots”.

  • get a grip

    Lee and Jeffreys are like two retards fighting. Nobody knows why, nobody cares, it doesn’t matter, but it’s still funny to watch dumb and dumber smack each other around.

    • Gary Coats

      How is Lee fighting Jeffrey? Lee has yet to go on the record or take any pot shots at Jeffrey.

      • antiROAN

        He doesn’t have to fight Jeffrey. You are doing it for him. Along with Roan, Kerry Woods and Dan Cassidy. I will say Cassidy is the worst back stabber in the history of back stabbers. He lived with her for 4 months, rent free and with a job that she provided for him. Lee supporters are dirtier than Brian Frank could ever hope to achieve to be.
        You cry foul but it is mild in comparsion

  • Anisha

    Well, here is another example of closed minded/small minded ‘conservatives’ from the Republican party who will ‘purposely’ misunderstand what Bfrank is saying who is attempting to bring to your awareness, that is, if you choose to give up the mind control that doesn’t belong to you, that it is our Constitution and nothing but our Constitution that is our authority whether you are a politician or a soldier or a citizen.

    Mr.Frank is trying to point out how important it is to allow oneself be guided by our Supreme Law – the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, NOT the whims of fallible men. Can you not understand this????

    If you cannot, this is what is meant by ‘functionally illiterate’.

    Your choice. There is ample ground for each to continue to bury your heads!

    • Gary Coats

      Anisha, yet Mr. Frank continues to believe the drivel coming out of the Jeffrey campaign and the many lies and variations of who she supported for President. As Jim Lee stated many times, he has never said he would follow orders over the Constitution. Look at the interviews we did on both candidates. Jeffrey’s lacks substance. She didn’t elaborate on any of the questions. And for the record, when I interviewed both candidates, I was working with another candidate.

      Jim Lee Interview
      Christina Jeffrey Interview

      • Kelly

        What candidate were you working with before Jim Lee?

        • Gary Coats

          I volunteered to work with Andrew Smart very early in the process.

  • Bruce Littlejohn Boulevard

    It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority ~ Benjamin Franklin

    I think we should certainly be striving for sunshine and transparency in all our political doings – Don’t YOU think it behooves us to question authority? Do you not seek the truth? It appears that you are offended by those seeking the truth brashly…Surely not? Are we not done yet with all the trappings of “Republican sticky-sweet social correctness”? I’m done with it. Look where that kind of crap got us.

    Sometimes it’s not the answer you need to pay attention to but the TONE of the answer. I was on the fence about Lee v Jeffrey (the other three don’t even register on my radar for various reasons) until I heard Jim’s tone in the Frank “Unconstitutional Orders” video. Lee’s answer left a lot to be desired and his tone was uncomfortably bristly. “The customer is always right” may seem a tad too much in the political arena but Lee really shot himself in his foot by not trying to meet Frank 1/2 way and find common ground. For me, I’d need the context of the conversation explained in entirety and then answered in full by Lee to further understand his views on the Constitution. I’ve yet to see or hear of a follow-up from Lee on this subject.

    I don’t have to ask where Christina stands on the Constitution. Christina was kind and supportive the very first time I met her, she was welcoming and helpful. So I researched her. In short, a strong reliance on our history is needed at this time in our country. You know the quote “those that do not learn history are doomed to repeat it?” ….Well, Christina is an historian for heaven’s sake…who better to see unhealthy patterns emerging? I’d rather have an historian working for me than any of the over-petted, foundation-less heroes we elsewise have to choose from in this race.

    I just don’t think there’s anything Lee could do to unfix my mind at this point after seeing his response in the video. If he can’t handle himself any better than that on such as critical issue, I won’t vote for him.

    • Gary Coats

      So how can you support Christina who lies to the public about who she supported. Her campaign sweared up and down she never worked for Giuliani until we unveiled photographs doing just that?

      You can make a big deal about the tone all you want. The fact is Jim Lee has never said that he would follow orders over the constitution. You must consider the source of the video and how the source has handled situations in the past. The sources intent the entire time was to twist the words of Lee at any cost.

      • Kelly

        The problem is people will make a big deal over his tone. You make a big deal out of this Rudy thing but Jeffrey was working for a consulting group that supported Rudy. In essence doing the job she was hired to do. I hope when she is elected she will continue to do the job she is hired to do. For instance I hope she will oppose overturning DADT no matter what her inner feelings are. In the picture you found she has his campaign sign upside down. Not waving it around for the camera. What pictures have you uncovered of the Duncan Hines event? Did you see her clapping for her daughter as she sang the national anthem. Perhaps she was also holding a Duncun sign or wearing one of his stickers. All of Jim Lee’s campaign workers are former Christina Jeffrey supporters. What does that say about them? Are they unethical? Are they liars? Also I am sorry Gary but I think this hit piece at Christina has turned into a campaign contribution for her.

        Maybe you will have better luck next time when you break the news about her being a bad catholic for using birth control.

        • Matt

          Kelly, many of us know differently.

          What would you say to those of us in the Spartanburg party that Christina Jeffrey personally talked to about how she came to decide on supporting Rudy Giuliani for president? Did we imagine this?

          • Kelly

            That she was doing her job. Just like I hope she will in Congress.

          • Matt

            Some of us who have worked in politics professionally know the difference between a staffer “doing their job” and speaking on the record and a personal, private conversation with another human being.

            Like I said, you believe what you choose, Kelly. The rest of us will believe what we know.

        • Gary Coats

          Kelly, in this, you reveal another lie. Jeffrey claims along with many others that she never was paid to do work for a political campaign. Now she is found to be getting paid to work for a campaign that she claimed she never worked for in the first place. There are plenty of records showing she worked for Duncan Hunter. I don’t need to find that. When the campaign vehemently denied she worked for the Giuliani campaign when in fact she did is another story.

          I think Dark Horse Strategy left her race because they were not being paid and they could never agree on any terms of payment.

          As for the hit piece, if it is a contribution, so be it. But I also know the people she is running around with. I had the privilege of working with them while trying to get Ron Paul elected for President. Some of the tactics they use are down right nasty and most of the time they are only able to convince the master conspiracy theorists. They turn more people against them than they do for them.

          Unfortunately for her, most of the traffic visiting this post is from out of state and they don’t have a vote in the race anyways. 9 times out 10, most of the people attracted by her cohorts are poor donors as well.

          • Bruce Littlejohn Boulevard

            Did Jim Lee vote for Chuck Baldwin or write-in Ron Paul? Just curious. Did he support McCain?

          • Gary Coats

            If you follow the link back to the Word debate, Jim Lee stated he voted for Mike Huckabee.

          • the pot really is black

            And he thinks the UN is a good idea. Stop being lazy and go after Jeffrey on real issues.

          • Kelly

            Seriously Gary if this is the worst thing you can dig up, and really there has got to be some type of REAL issue. I am more scared of all the other players in the picture getting paid for the Government. Your boy Jim Lee is less known than Obama was. Who is he? What does he do, who pays him? and why the hell should he be our congressman?

            Why are so many Lee supporters so scared of Christina? I am trying and trying to figure it out. It is down right despicable the way Dark Horse treats her. She had a text message from Kerry Wood that said you worked for him. Is that why you are doing this? And what about Dan Cassiday who was given a place to live in her HOUSE! Now he has a blog about what a loony she is? I thought Jim Lee was a Christian man but he sure doesen’t attract Christians to his side.

      • Bruce Littlejohn Boulevard

        Gary I do choose to make a “big deal” about tone. As do any other normal functioning adults who understand the difference between “words” and “actions”. Lee’s actions spoke volumes to me in TONE. We probably would not even be discussing this now if Lee would have not been so hot-headed and CLEAR in his response. I’m not trying to rip the guy to shreds or anything. I’m trying to get across how his tone affected my decision making.

    • Bourque Rau

      ah and there’s another old quote “those who can’t DO … TEACH” a career of being a historian academic vs. a career of military service and a problem solver for businesses, including process and budgets” ? There is a “We the People” candidate running for SC04, a regular guy just like us, who navigates the real world of paychecks, budgets, a common struggle to be successful on a level corporate playing field, not the “la la” land of academia … Jim Lee.

      • Kelly

        Those that need a government check, go for a bigger one in Congress. Who pays Jim Lee’s bills? Does he not do consulting work for the government? I bet you he gets bought faster than a snow cone on a hot day in Dollywood.

        • Bourque Rau

          the way the Christina-bots go around finding the last post from anyone other than another Christina-bot, no matter how current, no matter what the topic is, and obsessively reply to it reminds me of dogs who are compelled to sniff around and pee wherever another dog may have wandered.

          • Kelly

            so why is it you want the last word? This is still a featured article. If it was no longer relevant I am sure Mr. Coats would take it down.

          • Bourque Rau

            OH this is too coo!
            It’s like having a toy puppet!
            Gary, can we have a puppet graphic on the next SC04 story please?

  • matthew

    The source of the videos has also filed a false police report in the past as well, and has stated on several occasions that specific people shold lose “by any means neccesary”. He has also been a member of the Spartanburg Democrat Meetup group. Support who ever you like, just make sure it is from information you have gleaned on your own and I wouldn’t trust anything this guy(Franks)says or posts.

  • Lisa

    I can only say that I know Jim Lee and his lovely family – He is the real deal. I support Jim Lee because he is honorable, ethical, very smart – he understands business & budgets and government. Most important perhaps is his absolute and complete PATRIOTISM. The mud slinging needs to stop, you all should be ashamed. I do not know Christina Jeffrey, but what I did experience personally was a note handed to me during a Tea Party in Greenville called “Tempest at a Tea Party”. I found the literature to be bizarre and immature. Grandma running for Congress – maybe should think of the example to the grandkids, what kind of citizens will they be with such an example?
    I am proud to be an American, but a little embarrased right at the moment being a Republican in SC – our state deserves better Christina Jeffrey Campaign. Now, please stop embarrasing us and put yourselves in a time out. God Bless America and God Bless SC,
    Lisa, Simpsonville