The Race for Treasurer – Curtis Loftis

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Curtis Loftis, 2010 Republican Candidate for SC State Treasurer

Gary interviews Curtis Loftis, Republican Candidate for Treasurer at the Silver Elephant.  Thanks to Curtis for taking a few minutes to talk with us about his campaign.

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  • Harold

    This is interesting. A good video. And I like that the guy talked such that the issues are understandable.

  • Lindsey

    Great to see someone speak the truth… probably has no chance in the GOP club of RINO’s

  • Lenny

    I am with Loftis!

  • Matt

    Loftis sounds good, but I’m more interested in all the “sticker girls” congregated behind him. They’re the best part of Republican politics in South Carolina.

    • Gary Coats

      trust me, it was very tempting to do an article related to the “republican girls” in honor of Will Folks (FITS News) in his absence.

  • P&C

    “What we apparently have here is a failure to communicate… The Revenue Department blames the treasurer’s office for not setting up the account. The treasurer’s office counters that the account indeed was there. Regardless, one or the other (or both) should have spotted the problem and seen that it was corrected.

    Unless blame is accurately assessed, this expensive mistake is far more likely to be repeated. A thorough review of how the state keeps track of how much money it has — and how this fiscal fiasco occurred — is clearly in order.

    Our state government’s budget is roughly $5 billion — $2 billion less than it was two years ago.

    In a fiscal squeeze this tight, we simply can’t afford to “misplace” $60 million here and another $60 million there.

    Editorial Board
    April, 2010
    Charleston Post and Courier

  • js

    Good series, keep up the good work!

  • John

    Loftis is on fire. Better than 50/50 that he takes Chellis.