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Jeffrey Working for Rudy Giuliani

Folks, I do my best effort to provide accurate statements concerning the individuals I report about on my blog. I like to think that I am accurate 99% of the time and I update accordingly when I’m not.

With that said, since I broke the story concerning Jeffrey’s support of Giuliani several weeks ago, her supporters, family members and friends a like have graced this blog giving me hell.  Claiming I’m lying, someone has deceived me, etc.  They tell me I’m destroying a good candidate, trying to split the Tea Party up or this is just a flat out lie.

So if one news article wasn’t enough, you believe Mike Littwin from the Rocky Mountain Times made this up, then the picture above should answer all of your questions about the real Christina Jeffrey.

I was working on some other stories tonight and it dawned on me that if Mike Littwin interviewed her at the Spartanburg GOP convention, someone, somewhere had to have a picture of her.  Jeffrey never shies away from a camera (she will now), even when she is not invited (Upcountry Coalition Against Karen Floyd for example).

If there was one thing Rick Beltram was good at, he knew how to get media coverage of the Spartanburg GOP events.  The Herald Journal provides good coverage and a photographer typically follows Jason Spencer to scope out some interesting footage.  So I decided to browse the photo galleries of the Herald Journal, searching for Rudy Giuliani.

Enter Alex Hicks.  If you have ever had the opportunity to talk with him, he is an awesome individual and he taught me a lot about photography on our trip to DC for Obama’s inauguration, thanks Alex.  You still owe me a beer for saving your tail with your computer.

Hicks snapped the above photograph of Christina Jeffrey decked out in Rudy attire at the convention.  In attendance that day as well, Mike Littwin of the Rocky Mountain Times and Duncan Hunter.  If she was supporting Duncan Hunter as she claims to have in the March 5th WORD debate, why wasn’t she working for him then.

Jeffrey has Ray Moore swear up and down that she did not work on the Giuliani account but this picture speaks louder than any words.

I think it is becoming more clear that Jeffrey has some explaining to do to her closest supporters, Maria Brady at the Boiling Springs Tea Party, Brian Frank, Dean Allen and Ray Moore.  But more importantly, the people in this district.

It is time for Christina Jeffrey to step forward and address the lies she has spread concerning other campaigns and to tell the people the truth.

Picture:  Courtesy of Alex Hicks, Spartanburg Herald Journal

It didn’t take long for someone to take this picture and run with it, tying it to the campaigns use of E. Ray Moore statements that she never worked for him

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  • Paul T. Jansen

    It could have been Christina’s evil twin. 90% of the time, CJ is OK, engaging even, but 10% of the time the evil twin comes out. And that 10% is enough for me.

  • Matthew

    CJ, in my opinion, is nuts. I’ve seen her face to face several times, and although very smart, she is not what we need in Washington. In my opinion she will make SC more of a laughingstock than it already is.

    Say what you will about Inglis, but he’s damn effective. Not saying I’m voting for him, but he’s got my vote head-to-head over Jeffrey.

  • Maria Brady

    Gary: How many times do I have to tell you folks that Jeffrey was employed for Karen Floyd agency at this time and Floyd’s agency WAS SUPPORTING Giuliani? And, I always go up and speak with candidates, whether I am supporting them or not.
    How many times do I have to tell you that she did not have to be invited to the Karen Floyd press conference held by the Upcountry Coalition? the BSTParty was members of the Upcountry Coalition at that time, and again, Mike Brady insisted she go to that press conference to speak for the BSTP. We knew that the Upcountry Coalition was jumping the gun in accusing Floyd of things that she did not say. The BSTP was not in agreement, and we wanted to be sure someone was speaking for us and not just the coaltion that was jumping the gun and accusing Floyd of things she did not say.
    Maybe your readers should all check this out. copy and paste and learn the truth.

    It’s much more newsworthy of what is going on today in the Upcountry Coalition than stuff you are dragging up from years ago.

    • Gary Coats

      But the very statement you posted from the great E. Ray Moore said she was not directly involved with his campaign. This picture provides evidence to counter the official statements the Jeffrey campaign is using.

      I speak with all candidates too, but I don’t go walking around with their stickers plastered to my shirt and carrying their signs around if I don’t support them.

      The stuff I’m “dragging up” is relevant because on March 5th, she told the entire 4th Congressional District she voted for Duncan Hunter which was a flat out lie. What else is she going to lie about? You are in lockstep with her so much she could tell you she’s Christ and you would believe her. Jeffrey will say what she needs to say to get elected.

      Speaking of the Upcountry Coalition stuff, it is very interesting the Jeffrey had to be escorted by police from the Greenville Marriott twice.

      • Kelly

        WOAH!!! Why would a public candidate have to be escorted out by the police? Really??? Are you guys that intimidated by her? Was Jim Lee escorted out?

        • Gary Coats

          According to Jeffrey’s own daughter, she was escorted from the facility for trespassing and disturbing the peace.

        • http://NONE Golferdude

          I would be hard for them to escort out people who weren’t even in attendance!

          • Kelly

            Were you there? What really happened?

        • American First

          Jim Lee was not there, and neither was any other congressional candidate. The event was private and was sold out. She claims that she was invited by the Greenville County Republican Women, but nothing could be further from the truth. First of all the GCRW are not part of the Upcountry Coalition and furthermore this event was put together by one of the Coalition members. Even though there may have been a couple of seats that were empty, someone had paid for them and we could not give them away, for no one knew if the payees would come in late.

          She was warned not to come, but one of her supporters, Bill Rhodes, brought her in. She was escorted out by the police as she was forewarned. She just walked in and sat down in what was a reserved chair. She never paid nor did she make any effort to pay. A female police officer came in, tapped her on the shoulder and asked her to come outside. At first, Christina refused and changed seats. The officer continued to ask her to come out. Once she did she was asked to leave the premises. Then she brought in some of her cronies, which started making demands. They were told that this was a private event and that the organizer had paid a lot of money to put this together. Finally they were asked to leave by management and the police officer then told them that if they did not leave the premises they would be charged for tresspassing.

          Another supporter, Chris Lawton, who has not paid state income tax for years and has already been charged with owing over $30,000 in taxes came in last, but went to the bar. He was warned, but not asked to leave.

          We knew Christina would make a scene as she did before at the press conference between Harry Kibler and Karen Floyd back in February at Tommmy’s Ham House. She claimed she had a right to speak. She was booed by the audience. She came to defend Karen Floyd

          Jeffrey and Floyd are still great friends. Jeffrey must know that she cannot win, so she has resorted to destroy the Upcountry Coalition, albeit unsuccessfully. The GOP is doing its best to infiltrate and divide the Coalition. This will not happen!

  • Matt

    Some of us (like myself) attended Giuliani campaign events other than the event in the picture that Christina also attended as a supporter, not as a staffer. Some of us (like myself) actually knew Christina in 2007 and had personal conversations with her about who she was personally supporting, which was Rudy. Some of us (like myself) had Christina personally make the case to us about how Rudy was the best on taxes and terrorism and how he would appoint conservative justices, which would take care of the abortion problem. Some of us (like myself) have been talking behind the scenes at Spartanburg GOP gatherings about how dishonest Christina is being, and for what reason? O’Neal Mintz endorsed Giuliani, and so did Jeff Horton. Mintz is now a hero of the tea party locally. There were many solid conservatives who supported Rudy. The good ones just choose not to lie about it.

    • Bourque Rau

      Matt, totally think you’re on point. If, however, Christina Jeffrey, as we’re being told by her supporters, was sporting Rudy stickers and working on his campaign events just because she was being paid to do so, even if that were true and she did not agree with his positions, supported a different candidate, and held different convictions about what was good for the U.S. … well how do voters differentiate her actions of working on a campaign and furthering an agenda that runs against her convictions because she’s being paid money to do so from … say … Ben Nelson? Who changed his “convictions” depending on how much money was offered. So if that’s the argument being made … well I don’t see that as an improvement on the current story. We all know how Ben Nelson is viewed now.

  • Jimmy The Greek Communist

    “The UnTruth Will not set Gary Free from his neo-con retardation obession of Christina Jeffery”

    Gary! I still got a opening in our internet addiction threapy sessions for you! You do understand if a person keeps repeating the same obession over and over it is call insanity!

    • Gary Coats

      Commie, We should also equate your obsession with defending Christina, given the proof of the faultiness of the candidate and her perverse network of lies, constitutes your insanity as well. Why don’t you sign up for that therapy session and you let me know how well it works for you.

      While your at it, you should quit hiding behind your fake moniker. Given your life experiences and your age, you should be proud to share your name.

      And lastly, you should consider ensuring your back yard is cleaned up before fixing other districts problems. I think your congressman is a democrat, I believe it is Rep. David Price. Given your a commie though, you are probably perfectly happy with that, which paints an even grimmer picture for Jeffrey.

      Why is a communist supporting Jeffrey anyways?

  • Jimmy The Greek Communist

    Gary! As us former South Carolina boys use to say! You sure are thin skin dude! So tell me Gary about your vast knowledge and professional experience in politics and whatever you claim of fame you have besides knocking yourself out silly over Dr Jeffery? And what makes you think that my congressional district is not the Spartanburg-Greensville district? And good heavens! What does Congressman Price have to do with me! I know the dude and most likely can write a dossier on him that would blow your conservative mind set back to the medieval ages where you belong. Now that I have your attention and expose your pathic typical genric neo-con republican smear attack on Dr Jeffery, you should be warn that you are screwing with a highly train professional who would clean your clock in a Sara Palin heartbeat…As to who I am, that is for you to guess in your wildest political unreality dream who I am, but in order to save your twisting conservative retarded mind and time. I shall post a little info to leave you twisting in the wind like most political fools do on the net.

    • Gary Coats

      Commie, when u decide to contribute to the discussion instead of being a paid political hack that attacks your critics character, your conversations will be welcome here. Your history predates you as Facebook and your fellow blog spamming in NC all reveal this to be your natural tendencies.

      If you want to defend Christina, defend her with facts. Quit acting like most democrats who begin with personal character attacks or playing the poor victim when facts are produced that they can no longer argue with.

      As I said, comments that further drive the discussion are welcome.

      • Kelly


        The commie does have a point. I have mentioned it before that the majority of your articles are about Christina. You say you support Jim Lee but you haven’t told us much about him. Seems to me that you and Dark Horse have done a good job convincing everyone that Christina is a real threat to win. I don’t understand that. Polls show Inglis and Gowdy leading the way but I guess we are just going to let the Tea Party candidates kill each other off so that they (Inglis and Gowdy) don’t have to worry about either one. Why are we fighting with each other? And why is no raising hell about Roan Quintana taking over the Greenville Coalition. Golferdude said Jim Lee was not in attendance. Why are they leaving out candidates? Who is this guy and what is trying to do?
        For someone so good at digging up dirt as you are I am surprised you didn’t cover the police escorting Christina Jeffrey out yourself.

        • Gary Coats

          I actually have read about that and putting together a story. Unfortunately Roan nor Christina cared to comment on it, so I’m trying to get info from non biased sources.

          As I said before, I could care less who she voted for. It is a matter that she has lied repeatedly to the public. The last thing the Tea Party would want is someone who tells them what they want to hear and lie on the radio, which Jeffrey did.

          It seems the only people I have bothered with all of this is the Jeffrey camp, they are the only ones disturbed by what I’m finding.

          • Kelly

            Here is a good article for you about Roan the story you seek.

            Also Jeffrey camp is just upset about how you spin things. Playing with the facts and telling only half the truth. Like telling us she was fired being an anti-Semite but not mentioning she was later cleared of all defamation charges by the ADL. Or with the above topic that you claim not to care about, she admits she worked for Karen Floyd’s consulting firm. That firm endorsed Rudy so she did as well while working there. If she didn’t admit the Duncan Hines support then you would say that she lied about that too. And you would have probably leaked the fact that her daughter sang the national anthem to kick it off. I bet you could find a picture of that too.
            Marjorie might even send you one if you ask nicely.

          • antiROAN

            How’s that search coming?

  • Jimmy The Greek Communist

    Why is a communist supporting Jeffrey anyways?* A Confuse Fascist Gary

    Clemson great parking-ticket scandal By Gene Owens

    Connie Mack Berry Jr. rolled up some impressive statistics in football and basketball at Clemson University between 1957 and 1960, but the statistic that dwarfs them all is the one that denied him a degree from Clemson: a bill for $43,078.78 in campus parking tickets. Berry, now living in Carey, N. C., says the parking-ticket scandal is only one source of his notoriety on the Clemson campus. Another involves his exit from a classroom via a third-floor window. He did it to test his Yankee psychiatry professor theory that pain was all in the head, and you could jump out the window and land without experiencing pain if you just put it out of your mind. Berry went out the window, and moments later his classmates saw him lying on the ground. He slowly got up and hollered, “It worked!”? It worked because he had secretly tied a rope inside the window and rappelled to the ground. But he got A’s for the rest of the course. Connie Mack Berry Jr. assures me that all this is true, and I have to believe him. He bears a name that stands for all that’s good and wholesome about athletics a name borne by two hall-of-famers who never heard of steroids. One is Cornelius McGillicuddy, the original Connie Mack, owner and one-time playing manager for the Philadelphia Athletics. Mack met Connie’s grandfather, William Clinton Berry, during the 1920s, while the A’s were barnstorming through the South. Berry was a one-armed third baseman who also managed a semi-pro mill team in South Carolina. He had stuck one arm into a cotton gin and pulled out a stump. He fielded by catching the ball in his glove, tossing glove and ball into the air, then snatching the ball with his bare hand. His admired Connie Mack, and named his son after him. 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Connie said he asked whether the university would accept a personal check on a bank in Panama. He hasn’t heard back. Connie Mack Berry Jr. is married to Rachel Lee Hunter, who ran a strong race for associate justice on the North Carolina state Supreme Court. He says she’s contemplating a race for chief justice in 2006 so she can be the boss of the candidate who defeated her. Unfortunately, her jurisdiction won’t extend to Clemson University, which lies safely south of the North Carolina state line. But who wants a degree when it’s so much fun to owe $1.9 million? (Readers may write Gene Owens at 1004 Cobbs Glen Drive, Anderson, S. C.> or, E-mail him at

    Posted on October 18, 2007 12:19 AM

  • Jimmy The Greek Communist

    Gary! See! There you go again about lying! What proof do you have that I am a ” Paid Political Hack” And what makes you think I am a Democrat? You should be aware that both the Democrat and Republican Parties are simply the same Corporate Control parties by the same Beast…Rule one in generic Republican politics! Never attack a women by calling her a liar, You just make the women vote go more toward the abuse victim and makes you look like some male phallus worshiper lost at a Frat party on the short end…… And stop fibbing about me being a confirmed blogger in North Carolina on facebook, since I have no interest in short vents on facebook that go nowhere….Now shape up and stop pis###### in the wind and thinking it is Neo-con Republican rain in a South Carolina Republican Paradise………

    • Gary Coats

      My apologies commie, I should have said “acting like a paid political hack”.

      Secondly I never said you were a blogger. I said you were a blog spammer which has landed you on many NC black lists.

      Next, I said u were acting like a democrat.

      Lastly, if anyone needs to spend less time on the internet, I believe you do commie. It’s amazing what I find when I search your name.

      As I said, start adding to the discussion, it’s evident you don’t else where.


      There are plenty of others out there but you know what I mean.

  • Lisa

    I guess I would rather a dark horse who is ethical, honest, savvy & in it for the right reasons…than, well, someone who flip flops, lies and crashes events they’re not invited to.

    So now that we all agree that Christina lied (see picture), can we learn more about Jim Lee & talk about how he compares to the other viable candidates?

    • Gary Coats

      Tonight we’re covering the GOP Silver Elephant. We’ll highlight a few more Bob issues next week, more for reminders sake.

    • antiROAN


      Christina bought a ticket to the event that she supposedly crashed. So private event was it? Doubtful since the public was able to purchase tickets at the door. Rather strange that no one is upset about Christina being strong armed out of the event. Ridiculous in fact. I can’t even believe that anyone can say she crashed a private event with a straight face. It is amazing to me.
      Also I don’t think anyone knows that much about Jim Lee. Here are some questions I have. What was his rank in the air force? Who was his commanding officer? Has he always been national guard? Any active duty? Why doesn’t he own his home? What kind of business does he run? Do they receive government contracts? Will he financially benefit from a position in Congress?
      I would also like to know his relationship with Roan. I am not impressed with that guy pushing people out of his way, threatening them over the phone, threatening them in person, and acting like a thug who was raised by Colombian drug lords.

      • Brian Frank

        I couldnt say it better myself!

  • Psst

    That pic is very incriminating. I’ve heard from Christina that she had felt some pressure to act like others in Rome, since she was working with Karen. She needs to make sense of this for her supporters. I can’t vote for Jim Lee.

    • Thomas

      Supporters?? She has almost none. Recent polling shows her name id is in the dirt. Projections are she will not even break 5% of the vote. Why is anyone wasting time talking about this lying, has-been of a politician?

      • Kelly

        Good thing Dan Cassiday and Gary Coats are spending so much time exposing this non threat of a person. Are they blowing smoke so no one asks any questions about Jim Lee and his hit man Roan Garcia? Odd that this article came out the day after Roan threw her from his private party, that sold tickets to everyone including her, function.

        Maybe most people don’t notice Gary but a lot do. You are ruining your credibility.

        • Gary Coats

          Kelly, I have posted very little since this article, most content was copy paste content that didn’t need research. Like you and everyone else, I have a real job that takes some priority over my political habits. You will also find that I typically don’t cover stories someone else has already written.

          • Kelly

            I understand your real job takes precedent. It should. I’m just surprised that you haven’t covered it. You write every story you can about Christina, from facebook to House historian but you don’t bring up the most interesting thing that has happened in the campaign? Thrown out of a dinner and then almost run off the road?

            I thought you would write about it also because you said you would.

            Gary Coats says:
            April 23, 2010 at 4:12 pm

            I actually have read about that and putting together a story. Unfortunately Roan nor Christina cared to comment on it, so I’m trying to get info from non biased sources.

            I was interested in your biased opinion. I’ll check later to see if you do write about it.

  • Kelly

    Just clicked the video, sounds like he explains it really well.

    • Gary Coats

      He says they wouldn’t let her get near his camp. Picture proves otherwise.

      • antiROAN

        What did she say? I thought she worked for Karen Floyd’s consulting firm.

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  • Mom to 1

    And i bet all you Jim lee supporters didnt know that he had his hit man come up to a christina jeffery supporter*who was elderly. and threaten to hurt her if she didnt change her vote.So what kind of person did you all choose? cause the reason that Jim got those votes is cause he harrassed those christina jeffery supporters with his hit man.

    • Jim Lee

      To Whom It May Concern:

      Our campaign received nearly 11,900 votes because individual voters investigated our candidacy and determined for themselves to cast their vote for Jim Lee for Congress.

      For the past two days I have received numerous phone calls and hundreds of e-mails from media, other campaigns and candidates, and voters offering congratulations to our team for running such a positive, disciplined, and inspiring campaign as well as expressing gratitude for conducting ourselves so honorably and with integrity.

      I have endeavored throughout the entire campaign to raise the bar of adult political discourse focused on the issues. Not all the SC-4 candidates can credibly make that claim.

      No one associated with the Jim Lee for Congress campaign intimidated, threatened, harrassed, cajoled or did anything untoward to try to influence anyone in any way. Throughout the duration of the 2010 GOP SC-4 Primary race, the Jim Lee for Congress campaign never released any campaign advertising materials, in either paper or electronic format, that were negative, deceptive, distortive, or dishonest. No one associated with the Jim Lee for Congress campaign stole or destroyed any other candidate’s signs.

      If you have genuine, factual evidence to the contrary, please contact me directly at

      Lastly, to ensure there is no confusion:

      – I do not know anyone who is a “hit man”
      – I have never “had [my] hit man come up to a christina jeffrey supporter*who was elderly.and threaten her if she didnt change her vote.”
      – I do not love the UN
      – I am a business and technology consultant

      If you chose to support another candidate in the 2010 GOP SC-4 Primary because you did not agree with my position on the issues or perceived some lack of qualifications, that is your right and I respect your choice. With all due respect, however, I do not respect anyone’s choice to blatantly lie, distort, or attempt to sully my reputation or the reputation of the hundreds of incredible and honorable Jim Lee for Congress supporters and volunteers.

      Jim Lee
      2010 GOP Candidate for the SC Fourth Congressional District

      The views expressed herein are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Conservativist, Gary Coats, or any supporter, volunteer, or any other individual associated with Jim Lee for Congress.