Bob Inglis May Be Raising Money But….

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Congressman Bob Inglis

Bob Inglis has raised a ton of money this election cycle, but in my humble opinion, Congressman Bob Inglis is pulling out all of the stops to ensure his re-election.  Folks, he is scared.

So much so that he is implementing a door-to-door campaign typically reserved for candidates with lesser name recognition or candidates that are challenging an incumbent.

The candidate who once believed in term limits is clinging for dear life to maintain his power hold on the 4th Congressional seat that sends him to Australia and the Galapagos Islands.

What’s even more hilarious is the campaign says you should do this “Because our country needs principled leadership, and we can’t elect a principled leader without your help.”

So come “Bobbing” with us on Saturday (compliments Wayne Roper, Chief of Staff).

Inglis Cheif of Staff Wayne Roper

Principled leader?  What leadership has Congressman Inglis provided?

For four (4) years Congressman Inglis has talked about his beliefs and plans for immigration reform.  Where’s the bill Bob?

In September 2009, Bob claimed he was going to draft an alternative bill to the health care bill.  He was asking for your donations so he could focus on this.  Where’s the bill Bob?

The point is, Inglis is in trouble.  And Gowdy’s campaign wasted no time jumping on his door-to-door campaign either.  Here’s what they said.

Should the congressman show up on your doorstep we thought the following might serve as a helpful list of questions to ask the Congressman about his changing record:

  • Bob once said that he wouldn’t take PAC money and that PAC money was “ruining Washington”.  To date he’s raised over $125,000 this election cycle from PACs, what changed?
  • Bob once was for free market solutions now he thinks healthcare should be individually mandated, what changed?
  • Bob once railed on the perks of Congress including franked mail and taxpayer funded trips to exotic locations.  He now sends out franked mail and made national news for taking trips snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef and studying “Global Warming” in the Galapagos Islands with his family, all at taxpayer expense, what changed?
  • Bob once said “it would be the height of arrogance for me to believe I am the only person capable of representing this congressional district”.  He is now running for his 7th term, what changed?
  • Bob in the past always supported the troops and voted for the Iraq war but when President Bush needed support for the Troop Surge Resolution, he voted against it, what changed?
  • Bob originally went to DC to fight against special interest and out of control spending, then he voted for the bailout costing taxpayers billions, what changed?

We’ve had just about as much “change” as we can handle. It’s time for a principled conservative like Trey Gowdy that means what he says and has the courage and conviction to fight for it.

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  • Matt

    As you know I’m no fan of Bob Inglis and he needs to go. In his defense though–he’s been doing these door-to-door “Let’s talk” gimmicks and the Chick-fil-a meetings for a while now. He did them all through the 2008 campaign with only nominal opposition and in years past. But you are absolutely right–the Inglis campaign is scared that he is in real trouble this cycle.

    The four challengers need to do a better job of getting Inglis’ record out there. Gowdy is starting to do that. I’m always amazed how many Republican voters in our area don’t know about Bob’s many instances of straying from the reservation. For instance, lots of folks don’t know that Inglis was one of only 16 Republicans to vote against the successful surge in Iraq in 2007. Gowdy is starting to highlight that which is good. Since Jim Lee is a former military man, I’d love to see him take Inglis on this issue. You’d be amazed how far a press release and a call to a Herald-Journal or Greenville News reporter goes when you don’t have money for other things.

    Go back and read the Inglis floor speech opposing the surge in 2007. Then compare it to the floor speech of Democrat congressmen. Very similar.

    • Gary Coats

      Matt, Inglis will typically do a one hour session of “walk and talk” through a neighborhood before he does a town hall. Most of the time, it is a single street in that community.

      This is different. They are meeting at Chick-Fil-A with any one and everyone who supports them and are going to knock door to door. Skeptics won’t be accepted at this Chick-Fil-A gathering location.

  • Jimmy The Greek Communist

    It’s time for a principled conservative like Trey Gowdy that means what he says and has the courage and conviction to fight for it.* Story

    Good Grief! Gowdy is just another legal establishment kid with a silver spoon in his mouth bought, lock and stock and special interests barrel by the local lawyers…….The only different is that Gowdy is a little puppy dog following behind Iglis looking for a bone from Goldman Sachs as a handout……

  • Brandon Hegler

    There’s no debate…EVERY conservative should vote for Gowdy. If you want to see a nice snapshot of the last three or four years of Inglis’ career, go to the following:

    • Gary Coats

      Brandon, what makes Gowdy stand out from the rest of the crowd in your opinion?

    • Jim Passmore

      I also would like to know what makes Gowdy stand out. In my opinion, Jim Lee is the most likely to be a different kind of representative (after eliminating the loose cannon).

  • American First

    By law, Wayne Ropert should not be campaigning for his boss. It’s against federal law! Congressional staffers who campaign for their boss remove themselves from the government payroll and the incumbent pays them from his campaign fund. Not only is it against the law, but it is a clear conflict of interest.

    • Gary Coats

      American. Those are mighty strong accusations. Can your provide a reference to the said law?