Machine Gun Social Campaign Fails

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Dean Allen, former candidate for SC Adjutant General, made headlines in 2009 after taking a consultants advice to hold a fundraiser at a local indoor shooting range.

Unfortunately for Dean, he was not able to capitalize on this golden fund raising opportunity.  No campaign manager, an additional “machine gun social”, six months and $362 later, Allen failed to file for Adjutant General.

The race for Adjutant General had four potential candidates in the race: Dean Allen, Brian Frank, Bob Livingston and Stan Spears.

Dean Allen’s unsuccessful bid and management of his campaign has earned him a new job though.

Fourth congressional candidate Christina Jeffrey announced on Facebook that Dean Allen is her new campaign manager.  We don’t have to remind you how many different managers/consultants she’s had.  But the Sunlit Uplands has composed a compelling story discussing her campaign manager “orgy” (my emphasis).

Jeffrey herself has been catching heat after likening South Carolinian’s to “inbreds” and was caught lying to constituents concerning who she voted for in the 2008 presidential primaries.

In a recent poll, readers believed she voted for Giuliani by 67%.

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  • Matt

    I’m not surprised that 67% think she supported Rudy. If you are a Spartanburg GOP activist and/or can remember having a conversation with Christina in 2007 during the presidential primary campaign (as I did), then you know she was a Rudy supporter. The whole thing is just silly for her to say otherwise.

  • Brian Frank

    I was at many Ron Paul rallys and she was there. Karen Floyd was a Rudy supporter, not Jeffrey!

  • FYI

    MANY witnesses to Christina working for Rudy. So what? So what that she was at many Ron Paul rallies? So what that she supported Duncan Hunter? So what that she supported Huckabee? The problem isn’t who she supported. Who cares? The problem is, this woman is a liar. She will say whatever she has to, to whoever she has to, to get what she wants.

    Now she is twisting the ear of Dean Allen. Will be interesting to see who screws who over first in this relationship.

    But here’s the FYI:
    Dean Allen doesn’t even vote. Dean Allen is not even registered to vote in South Carolina. SO, Christina Jeffrey’s latest campaign manager will not even be voting for her because he cannot vote for her.

    Now here’s the million dollar question:
    WHY can’t Dean Allen register to vote in SC?

    Dean takes money to trash people, so let’s shine a little light on this cockroach!

  • Jimmy The Greek Communist

    Dean Allen doesn’t even vote. Dean Allen is not even registered to vote in South Carolina. *FYI lying out of his republican neo-con rear end

    Maybe you got the wrong Dean or maybe you are a addicted liar in need of intense threapy or maybe you are just the local republican thug with lots of free time on your blown out brains……..

    • Gary Coats

      Hi Jimmy,

      The link provided provides totals (precincts/counties/demographics) and not individual information. Was the link to prove he is a registered voter?

      • Jimmy The Greek Communist

        Hi Gary! It appears that your own waterboy FYI just confirmed your own lie! Are you really that stupid to think that you can sell that Republican Tea Party BS to a Sara Palin supporter?

        • Gary Coats

          Jimmy, please share with me what lie I told on this post?

          What Republican Tea Party BS am I trying to sell to you?

          • Jimmy The Greek Communist

            Jimmy, please share with me what lie I told on this post?

            What Republican Tea Party BS am I trying to sell to you?* Gary

            First of all! You need a lawyer at your side and than remember that you are under oath!

            1 st question!

            Have you ever been a member of the Republican Party or any other group ie [ Group means a citizen of South Carolina] that commits treason against the United States Of America in the past?

            Hold up your right hand and swear on this new version of the Bob Jones Bible!

            2nd question!

            What is your IQ level at it’s lowest point after a test on the Consitution of The United States?

            3 rd question!

            Has a member of your past family ever marry a Cousin, Brother or Sister as a South Carolina citizen?

            4 th question!

            What is your highest level of education? You cannot claim that one has attended Clemson University as your highest level of education in this question!

            5 th question!

            Would you submit to a government control truth drug session in order to find the truth about your ability to lie to Communists or submit to a waterboard session conducted by the Blackwater group?

            If you agreed to these terms, simply check X in the box to the right [ ] and sign your full name and address below.

            A review of your app will be process and a member of our Truth Board will be in touch with you either way.. Good luck and remember some folks who lie grow long noses or sometimes their balls fall off for no reason at all…….

            Yours repectly,

            Jimmy the Red

            Director of Truth

          • Jimmy The Greek Communist

            Gary! Oops! Forgot the most important 6 question! If you agree to the below statement, please check yes on the form that was submited to us as your App….Thanks Jimmy Stalin Lenin Trostey..

            ” The degree of civilzation can be judged by observing it’s prisoners” * Dostoyevsky after doing a little time in a Russian Imperial Prison

            What I most savor about John McCain’s recent statement, “I never considered myself a maverick,” is that it one of those passing utterances that show a pure and unspoiled contempt for the listener. There are big lies in this world and small ones; there are half-truths, shades of gray, minor factual fender-benders and spectacular wrecks of truthiness, and then there are those statements that exist only to demonstrate the absolute mastery of the speaker over his own version of reality, one that you, as a listener, are most emphatically not privy to. There is no point to the statement, and no profound advantage in saying it or not saying it. It is not something to be fact checked or tittered at. It is merely there, a dangling, glistening drop of verbal drool from a smiling, unimpeachably honest mouth. It is a blown kiss directed at you, the listener, whether you want it or not. It is a tiny act of intellectual assault; a minor act of thuggery sandwiched between one magazine page and the next; a noble monument erected by the speaker to himself so that the rest of you pissant little tyrants, you dime-store dictators of the lower classes, can look upon his greatest works and know your own place. The most precise translation is something like screw you, listener

  • FYI

    OK – Certainly didn’t mean to lie. We do want to be factual when it comes to Dean. Turns out he is registered as William Allen. You can understand how it is difficult to find “Dean” among hundreds of people with the last name “Allen” registered to vote in SC. Now that we have it, he doesn’t vote in the Primary elections very often. We will not intentionally lie about Dean, we have no reason to, but we are doing some rather serious research. You wouldn’t believe what we’ve found so far in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

  • Jimmy The Greek Communist

    FYI! Serious research is not your strong point! Have you consider joining “Liars Club International” for a updated semiar on ” Owellian Doublespeak For Neo-con Republican Retards”?