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April 13, 2010 (Mauldin, SC) –  The Jim Lee for Congress campaign has announced a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person(s) stealing campaign signs in the Upstate.

“Unfortunately, this sort of behavior is almost expected during a campaign, but this level of sign removal goes beyond usual tactics. It is escalating each week as we put out more signs,” stated Jim Lee. “It has become obvious to supporters that our campaign is being specifically targeted as we receive calls and emails nearly every day of signs being stolen out of their own front yards.”

Signs in Jim Lee’s front yard were stolen twice Easter week.

Other reports of missing signs are coming in from across the district from volunteers who put out signs and are noticing that all other candidate’s signs are still there. “Only Jim Lee’s were missing,” has been stated by several volunteers.

One volunteer hearing of the reward this morning stated, “$2500!! I’ve got coffee and a camera and I’m good to go!!”

The Lee Campaign will also offer a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons(s) responsible for hacking into the campaign website over Easter weekend causing the website to be down for several days. The campaign has not yet determined an amount or offered further details as they are still investigating the incident.

“Timing would indicate it is likely the same individuals involved in stealing the signs and hacking the website,” stated campaign consultant Kerry Wood, “We would also like to encourage any would-be sleuths to avoid confrontation with those responsible. Get your evidence; physical description of individuals responsible, vehicle description and license plate, and take video or photographs if possible. Then contact local law enforcement and our campaign at 688-2500.”

For more information on Jim Lee for Congress, please visit

Kerry Wood
Phone:  864.921.6205
Email:  Kerry@DHSG.us

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  • http://www.dailypaul.com Brian Frank

    Free Press is the only issue, see you are writing about it! Kindergarden Campaigning form Kerry Wood and Roan Garcia Quintana! I totally understand the signs missing. When I put up over 100 signs for Ron Paul, the city mowed them over or picked them up and put them behind City Hall. I wish everyone running in the 4th district for Congress all the best.
    May the best man or Woman win for the people.

  • Mike

    Brian, did someone actually type that for you? Certainly you couldn’t have done it yourself. After all, you must be illiterate. After reading this twice, I don’t see Roan listed anywhere. The city mowed over them? Which cities in the area are mowing people’s front yards? Could be Mauldin, after all if they are willing to force that garbage bag deal on their citizens, they would probably charge them for mowing service if they could get away with it. Oh no! Hope we have given any municipalities any ideas! You missed your calling buddy, you should obviously have been a rocket scientist.

    • Kelly

      Mike, take a Midol.

  • http://www.rachelforjustice.com Jimmy The Greek Communist

    Mike! Is it possible that Congressional Candiate Lee just might be fibbing since his campaign report shows no purchase of signs? Or is it possible this is known as the old false flag report of something that didn’t happen except in his mind and his campaign manager…..Oh never mind! They don’t have a mind anyway?

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  • Kelly

    Check Roan’s garage. Also I called that number for Kerry Woods. It doesn’t work. Not even an answering machine. Are they really trying to catch people?