SCGOP Denies Hearing on Cato Challenge

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Corbin’s questions concerning Cato’s residency status fell on deaf ears in the SCGOP this week.

Executive Director Joel Sawyer stated in his response that Corbin’s “complaint fails to state a claim upon which relief may be granted.”

Apparently, Corbin didn’t ask the right question in the eyes of Joel Sawyer and the question never reached the SCGOP Executive Committee.  Sawyer stated Corbin’s claim did not ask “the Party to make a determination on Rep. Cato’s qualifications for candidacy.”

Corbin’s request asked for a review of the information so it may be resolved in the interest of the voters in House District 17 (paraphrased).

Sawyer goes on to explain that the process to prove abandonment is different than that of establishing a new residence for candidacy and that the evidence provided proves that he lives in Greenville.

You can read Sawyer’s response below but I personally believe this provides more questions than it does answers.

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Original Story:
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  • Nathan Earle

    It sounds like the Party didn’t want to set a bad precedent (which is what would have happened if they had ruled in Harry Cato’s favor), but that they also wanted to circle the wagons around a powerful incumbent. How else can you explain the ridiculous assertion that Mr. Corbin’s letter “fails to state a claim.”

    The Party might not like the inconvenience of having to deal with concerns about Mr. Cato’s eligibility, but the bottom line is that those concerns are entirely legitimate and deserved at least a hearing.

    Perhaps more troubling is that the Democrat in this race could raise the issue again if Mr. Cato were to win in June, and if the Democrat’s challenge is successful, District 17 could be left without a Republican on the ballot in November.