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Things are bad enough and it seems we get a daily dose of change we’d prefer not to believe in.  So how are we supposed to fight back? At the ballot box? Is that enough? Not any more, which is why Tea Party groups have been popping up all over the nation.

Many now rely on these groups to provide us with information and to help organize us.  Unfortunately, many of these groups have become self-serving, looking to make a profit on those who follow, or to push a hidden agenda or candidate on us.

This is why those who are in leadership positions must work to maintain credibility.  They must step up and represent us at a time when many of us feel we have completely lost our representation in government.  When our Tea Party leaders lose credibility, then where are we left to turn?

Unfortunately, I find myself in that position as our local Tea Party group lost credibility some time ago.  They continue to push a “friend” as a candidate even though the candidate is a career politician who has run for nearly every electable position imaginable and cannot win at any level.

As if pushing a bad candidate is not enough, now they are pushing bad information on people.  It’s like this; people are frightened, and for good reason.  There is nothing good about the Health Care Bill, but if we have any hope of fighting back on this stuff, we need to be well-informed, not misinformed.

To take frightened people and push bad information on them, frightening them even more is just completely irresponsible.  This is not how a proper leader behaves and one must wonder if these scare tactics are not just designed to help push their “friend” the candidate.  Engineered to make those following feel so helpless, they can do nothing, so they must vote for who they are being told to vote for.

Even though this Tea Party has largely lead people to believe everyone must be micro-chipped in the next three years, this language does not exist in the Bill.  The language they point to is this:

“The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of postmarket safety and outcomes data on each device that … is or has been used in or on a patient…”

Guess what? There are already medical registries.  Bunches of them.  Cardiac devices are one example of medical devices which are tracked in a registry by groups like the American College of Cardiology.  There are many states that also have registries.  This is how they know how effective a regular cardiac stent is compared to a medicated stent for example.

Maybe the government is planning to micro-chip us all in three years, but if they are, it is not in this Health Care Bill.  Time for new Tea Party leadership as we desperately need credible folks willing to arm us with the facts, not serve their own interests or that of their “friends.”

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  • Matt

    Any hope that the Spartanburg Tea Party might fill the void you are referring to? They have a great website with solid info and posting, but it seems they are just getting going when it comes to meetings and membership.

    They have a meeting at the downtown library sometimes next week, I may try to go.

    • http://www.theconservativist.com Gary Coats

      I haven’t been to their meeting yet, but I think Karen is doing an awesome job keeping their website up to date and getting relevant information out.