Harry Cato to Face Eligibility Dispute

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Sources have shared with us documents put together to challenge the eligibility of Speaker Pro Tempore Harry Cato for this June’s primary election.

After seeing the successful methods used to have Jim McMillan removed from the ballot in SC House District 36, the Tom Corbin campaign is looking to review Cato’s status so it would be resolved in the minds of the voters.

Cato’s removal could have further reaching consequences.  We are told he could potentially be removed from office if he is found to be living outside his district.  We don’t know how true this is, but that could cause a large shakeup in the State House between now and the end of this session.

State law states that a candidate must be living in the district he resides when he files for office.  The Corbin camp looks to use Cato’s tax records against him.

The argument is based on the residence of his wife, Kristine L. Thompson, who lives in Lexington, SC whose tax records show this as their legal residence paying 4% taxes.  Concerning the residence in Greenville, the owners are listed as Cato and his son, whereas the son is the signer of the tax documents and is claimed as their legal residence.

I didn’t think an individual could have two legal residences, did you?

What could be more interesting is that if Cato wins the challenge, many will begin to question why he gets to own two homes at the lower 4% tax rate (for being your primary residence) and not split between the 4% and 6% rates.

Sources state that the question is before the SCGOP and they are awaiting a hearing date.  The SCGOP must certify its candidates by April, 9th.

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  • Matt

    Well I guess unlike the McMillan situation, we know Rick Beltram is not behind the effort to oust Cato given Cato’s status as a “RINO”, and Beltram’s apparent self-fancied niche as the Upstate’s chief “RINO defender”.

  • rick beltram

    There appears to be many differences.

    1) Is the Cato residence in Greenville vacant?

    2) The McMillan residence on Groce rd. has a 6% rate (non-owner occupied) and was vacant until more than two weeks after he filed.

    3) There is no rule that does not allow spouses to live apart and each have there own residence. It may not have the correct “smell” test but it is not against the law. We never questioned the fact that Mcmillan was attempting to tell us that he and his wife would have different primary residences.

    4) McMillan did admit under oath that he had lied about when he moved to Groce Rd.

    5) We had a great portfolio of pictures and eye witness accounts that clearly showed that the Groce Rd. house was vacant until 03/31/10…….he filed his “intent of candidacy” on 03/16/10.

    NOTE: the final vote was 24-3 to remove Mcmillan from the ballot. Even with overwhelming evidence and admission, the Spartanburg vote was one of the three to leave him on the ballot. Unbelievable! This shows no principles!

    Note: This is nothing about RINO status…….it is about right and wrong.


  • Ann

    Perhaps if Mr. Corbin wants to be taken seriously he should have someone check his documents for accuracy before submitting. I believe we are living in 2010 not 2020 and there were other grammar errors as well. Even a conversation with Mr. Cato would have cleared up these concerns but I don’t believe he ever attempted to have his concerns addressed by Mr. Cato.