Jim Lee for Congress Hacked

April 6, 2010 by  
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Jim Lee, Candidate for Congress

For the second time in a week, the Jim Lee for Congress site has been hacked and taken off line.

We have talked to the campaign, who is working to restore the site now and find who is responsible.

Unfortunately for them, Google has listed their site as malicious content and this will inevitably hurt their online efforts.

This is not the first time a campaign site was hacked this season.  Bill Connor’s (candidate for Lt. Governor) site was hacked back in December of 2009, you can read about it at the Palmetto Scoop.

Being a Apple fan, our first thought is both of these sites were running on Windows Servers and we tech people know how reliable and secure a Windows Server is!

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  • Matt

    or maybe it’s dirty politics tricks from an opponent?

  • http://www.dailypaul.com Brian Frank

    WOW! It says “Warning – visiting this web site may harm your computer!”

    maybe it should say “Warning – voting for Jim Lee may harm your sovereignty!”

  • Paul McNulty

    Mr. Frank has shown himself to be a complete moron. Malicious Cyber activity such as hacking websites is a crime. Yet Mr. Frank chooses to treat this as a joke, just as hackers often think the fruits of their labors are somehow funny. If I were investigating this incident I would consider Mr. Frank’s response as plausible justification to make him a person of interest in the investigation. Furthermore, it becomes painfully clear by Mr. Frank’s comment that he has spent no time getting to know what Jim Lee is all about. Jim Lee has spent nearly 3 decades in the Air Force and Reserves defending our sovereignty “against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.” Clearly Mr. Frank is supporting one of the others in the race. Even more clear is the limited intellectual firepower the others have drawn toward themselves, if Mr. Frank can be considered a standard bearer for them. Mr. Frank has disgraced himself and the candidate he supports with his posting. As Mark Levin might say, “Get off the phone you dope!”

  • Matt

    Is Jim Lee going to attend the Boiling Springs tea party next week?

    I get the sense that there is some sort of tension between the Boiling Springs group and some of the other conservative groups in the Upstate.

    I’m not a member of any tea party, I was just planning on attending the one in Boiling Springs because it seems to be the only one in Spartanburg County. I’m out of the loop on all the intra-party squabbaling between all these groups, which is probably petty ayway.

    • http://www.theconservativist.com Gary Coats

      Matt – learned today that Lee would not be attending the BS Tea Party. He will have an event that night at Cleveland Park with Col. David Hunt, analyst from FOX News.

  • http://none Duane Wilson

    Jim, your opponent, Dr. Christina Jeffrey has also experienced stolen domains and email hacking. She made a clerical attachment click mistake recently, but apologized publicly. She has too much integrity to ever condone a directed axe into an opponent’s domain. She has had her share too, of traitor moles who stabbed her campaign in the back. She had to switch her first domain name this year, because of that.

    • http://schotline.wordpress.com Kelly

      Duane, I noticed that when I went to her old site http://www.christinajeffreyforcongress.com There is a nice snotty comment from Marjorie Jeffrey posted by Dan Cassidy or Kerry Wodds or someone equally ethical.