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WOW!  I leave for a week to spend time with my family and this place is on fire!  I love the discussion and encourage you to keep it up.

Here are a few comment claims I would like to address and check out the coming stories over the next few days.

Pam says I am transparent.  That is so.  I have stated on this blog that I’m volunteering in my spare time (which isn’t much, just ask Lee) to work with Lee’s campaign.  As for splitting the Tea Party vote, my intent is for the electorate to know what they are getting and expose the untruths when they are said.  As I uncover untruths, I share them.  All I’m doing is calling Christina out on this just like I have called out Inglis multiple times before.

Maria Brady (Boiling Springs Tea Party) – I have read Ray Moore’s statement concerning Jeffrey.  Everything he has stated I have stated.  The fact of the matter is, she told the 4th district in the WORD Radio debate that she was for Duncan Hunter.  She voted for Huckabee and worked for Giuliani and changed her mind in between.  She refused to tell Jason Spencer at the Herald Journal and she told Mike Littwin she was supporting Giuliani and gave the multiple reasons why.  As I have stated before, don’t go on the record if you don’t mean it.

Brian Frank – Glad you got in touch with Liberty Organization and got a reason out of them.  They didn’t provide a reason to me.  Just said they voted and she was no longer on board.

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  • Brian Frank

    No problem, tough questions need answered!
    Why did Roan Garcia Quintana throw Patriots out of the Upstate Coalition? Roan is all about control, maybe because he might be getting paid to be Controlled Oppisition? Is Roan Garcia Quintana getting paid by Dark Horse Stratigies? Is Roan Garcia Quintana getting paid be Jim Lee, the UN, and the NSA? Who is paying Roan Garcia Quintana to break up the Patriot Movement in South Carolina?Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Matt

    Wow, I didn’t realize this discussion was still going on. It looks like Friends of Christina are still digging the hole deeper and deeper.

    Look, remember the first GOP prez primary debate in South Carolina back in 2007? It was at the Koger Center in Columbia and sponsored by FOX News. It was the debate where Rudy Giuliani laid the smack-down on Ron Paul for suggesting that the USA had something to do with 9/11. Anyway, Christina Jeffrey was at the Rudy Giuliani post-debate party at the Columbia Convention Center following the debate, wearing a Rudy sticker and all. I know this because I was there too. In fact, so were several of my College Republican/Young Republican buddies from down around the Columbia area who were either volunteering for Rudy or just interested in his candidacy like I was. And not only was Christina there sporting her Rudy sticker, but she even “held court” which a bunch of us Young Republicans, telling us how we needed to “do everything to make sure Rudy Giuliani was elected” and explaining how “terrorism and taxes are the two main issues…and not to worry because on abortion Rudy would appoint strict constructionist judges and the courts are the one’s who will decide abortion policy.” Yes, I am cursed with a very long memory, so I can recount the story as it happened. Plus a lady friend of mine who was involved in Young Republicans here in Spartanburg basically go to know Christina through their mutual involvement in the Giuliani campaign…and then this friend of mine went on volunteer with Christina Jeffries’ primary campaign for State House later in 2008. Trust me…during that campaign Christina had no problem being open about her having wanted Rudy Giuliani to be elected.

    So, who to believe?

  • Paul T. Jansen

    Gee Brian, sometime we need to get together over lunch so we can flowchart this thing. There might be a book or a mini-series in it – we could sell it as a soap opera. As far as splitting the tea party, the tea party IMHO shot itself in both feet when it let the neocons in. Neocons = No Change / Dishonest Banking (think TARP) / State Capitalism (Think M-I-C) / Endless Expensive War Without Victory / Chump Change. The American people (as well as SC-4) deserve better. And hey, they NSA used to be good guys. Nothing wrong with spying on foreigners conversations. But for US Citizens, Fourth Amendment protections apply.

    • Brian Frank

      On that we can agree Paul, call me anytime 864-425-1161