March Madness in SC4

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Apparently we have hit a nerve here at The Conservativist concerning the fourth congressional campaigns. Glad to see the comments and hope we can further drive debate in SC’s Fourth Congressional.

Here is a quick run down on the latest in the fourth, in alphabetical order.

Trey Gowdy

Multiple sources in Union say Trey was one of the top performers Saturday night.  We don’t have much more info on Gowdy’s campaign right now but  Trey did respond via email to a comment posted on The Conservativist concerning his support for John McCain.

I met Senator McCain in the 1990s and he asked me to support him in 2008. I believed national security and the war on terror would be the two dominant issues in the 2008 cycle. On a personal note, Senator McCain visited an injured Spartanburg Marine in DC and did so without media or fanfare, just soldier to soldier and I appreciated that he did that and the quiet manner in which he did it.

Bob Inglis

We know Bob missed the debate Saturday due to the looming health care vote on Sunday.  Bob has been on a tear pushing his newly found conservative agenda recently, but we are not buying it.  No earmarks, no government health care, no cap and trade (he claims he never supported it) and hydrogen missing from his campaign platform, I almost don’t recognize the man.

With Obama targeting immigration next, we are bound to hear Bob’s 5 talking points for the next 3 months.  As I said, talking points.  We have heard those talking points for four years, but Bob has not lead in addressing the issue.  Given the new found conservative agenda, we expect Inglis will distance himself from Lindsey Graham on this one.

We found a website called a few months ago.  It is rather interesting and the anonymous authors have a no holds bar attitude when calling Bob out.  I only wish I thought of it before they did.  That would have been a fun website to market, sorry Bob.

Christina Jeffrey

We received a statement on March 19th from the Liberty Candidates organization that they have dropped their endorsement of Christina Jeffrey.  The statement did not provide specific reasons, but we can only assume it is the revelations of her support of Rudy Giuliani, lying about who she supported for President, or her rather degrading joke about South Carolinian’s being a bunch of inbreds.

Sources also say when questioned by individuals Saturday night concerning who she supported for president in 2008, her husband would answer the question and not Christina.

Jim Lee

Sources say that Jim was the other top performer from Saturday nights Union County debate.  We have also learned that the iCaucus has endorsed Lee’s campaign for Congress as well.  This is great news for his campaign as he works to build momentum over the next three months.

It is rumored that Col. David Hunt, a 29 year military veteran and analyst for Fox News will be coming to the Upstate to endorse Lee’s candidacy.  Will provide details as they come out.

David Thomas

We have unconfirmed reports that Thomas will be dropping out of the race for Congress.  Sources indicate that there is a serious medical illness in the family and he will be ceasing campaign operations.  Although we have seen a decline in the number of signs around the district over the past week, Thomas did attend the debate this past weekend in Union and was seen campaigning for a few hours on Hwy. 176.  I will be curious to see if he files in the next week.

Just heard from the Thomas campaign that they were not dropping out and will be filing soon.

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  • Kelly

    Perhaps you can update the blurb on Christina that after investigation’s into her slandering she has been reinstated as a Liberty candidate.

    • Gary Coats

      Kelly, as of March 19th, Gigi Bowman sent me a statement from the organization that they have removed her. Still to this day, she is no longer listed as a Liberty Candidate.

    • Brian Frank

      I talked with gigi Bowman of the Liberty Candidates organization, Gigi told me the reason Christina was taken off was because Christina backed “Team Palin’

      I dont think that is so bad, Christina Jeffrey IS The Liberty Candidate in SC4!

  • Brian Frank

    Im glad only 9 people read this blog, this is as bad as MSM!

    • Pam


      I found this blog as of today. Reason for lots of my posts. I know what and why Gary is doing and I kniow how his candidate is. He is transparent. I don’t think he will get any more subscribers.

  • Go Home Brian

    Brian, you live in Cherokee County, you should make sure your backyard is in order before worrying about someone elses.

  • Kelly

    Frankly, Brian is a destructive idiot – In Union last week at the debate, Christina stated almost exactly word for word what Brian has been writing here. SO, either:

    A) She really is paying Brian to do this like everyone says.

    B) If only 9 people read this blog, then Jeffrey is one of the 9 participating here.

    C) Jeffrey is actually writing the material you are posting Brian.

    AND, if the blog is so bad, why do you hang out here Brian. The rest of us really wish you’d go away, so why don’t you do us a favor and depart!!

    • Brian Frank

      If I was getting paid I would be like the guy in the woods on the movie Happy Gilmore. Whoever I was getting paid to get, I would, and I would be relentless! To answer your biased slander, I am not getting paid by anyone to slander! BTW, give me a call Roan.

      • Pam

        Please don’t be the Roan that I look up too. That I am not kidding.

    • Pam

      Name calling again. Strike again against your JL candidate.

  • Kelly


    Left off;

    D) All of the above!!