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Christina Jeffrey

Christina Jeffrey

Over the last few days, we have been checking in with the various organizations that have endorsed Jeffrey to see if they still stood by their women after calling South Carolinian’s “inbreds” and the revelations of her apparent support of Rudy Giuliani in the 2008 primaries.

We’ll start off with the Liberty Candidates endorsement.

We spoke with Liberty Candidate contact Gigi Bowman about Jeffrey’s profile that was removed this past weekend.  Bowman stated that they review their endorsements of candidates “when someone makes allegations or smears a candidates we review.”  After reviewing her profile and the Giuliani comments, she stated that she was “back in” as their Liberty Candidate.

We circled back around to the Boiling Springs Tea Party, the only Tea Party in SC that has endorsed Ms. Jeffrey in the race for SC 4th Congressional (maybe her new ads on the radio should read I am the Boiling Springs Tea Party candidate).  Here is the statement we received from the Boiling Springs Tea Party.

Yes we are (referring to keeping their endorsement).  She did not support Giuliani.  She was originally supporting Duncan Hunter.  Then she was pushing for Ron Paul, but at the last minute she voted for Huckabee because she didn’t want McCain to win.

By the way, Jeffrey is a key part of this Tea Party, see the about us page.

The Brady’s friend, Dr. Christina Jeffrey, also helps organize and recruit talent for the Tea Parties.

We sent a request to Jeffrey to respond to these new claims but at the time of publishing, approximately 24 hours later, she has yet to respond.

Folks, here in lies the problem(s).

The candidates were blatantly asked who they supported in the 2008 primary.  In my humble opinion, this directly correlates to who did you vote for.  If the statement above from the Boiling Springs Tea Party is in fact true, then her claim that it was Hunter she voted for in 2008 is a flat out lie to the people in this district.

If you are willing to lie about who you supported for President of the United States, what else are you going to be willing to lie about.

Secondly, some have argued that her quotes to Mike Littwin were taken out of context or that she had to do it because she was employed by Karen Floyd’s consulting firm at the time.  I’m sorry, you have the right to not go on the record.  She knows this.  She did so in November 2009 when she refused to say who she supported to Jason Spencer at the Herald Journal.  If she did not support the candidate but was helping set up for him, all she had to do was decline the interview.  If you don’t believe something, don’t say it…right?

I contacted Mike Littwin, in Denver Colorado, concerning this article and asked him to recall this particular event.  He said he had spent a lot of time here during the primary season and remembered specifically looking for Giuliani supporters at this particular event.   Littwin stated that he saw her doing campaign work for Giuliani and spoke with her about her support for some time.  In her defense, he stated the inbred comment was an apparent joke.

Folks, I’m looking for a candidate who will be up front and honest with me.

We have seen Congressman Inglis flip flop on a few issues and now we have a candidate, Jeffrey, who can’t tell you who she supported in 2008.

The people in this district deserve better.

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  • Brian Frank

    Doesnt Jim Lee still work for the NSA and Bob Inglis?

    • Gary Coats

      You have any facts to prove these claims Brian?

      • Pam

        Hmm… Jim Lee … Night he spoke at the Greenville Tea Party meeting.

      • Jimmy The Greek Communist

        Mr Coats! After careful review of your charges against Christian Jeffery for lying and other assorted Alien Lizard Conservative charges against her. Our amazing internet professional research team has decided the problem is not Jeffery, but you! There is no doubt you have a internet addiction of her campaign and a deeply held hidden personally obession of her. We have arranged for you to attended some Therapy sessions to cure this issue. You will not be charge for this service since our health-care corporate fascist policy covers your problem. However, we must warn you that the shock therapy treatments might have some side affects like you believing you are the greatest political expert in South Carolina Republican politics since Jesus left to be with the Lord..

        Good luck and remember that old saying ” It takes a liar to know another liar”

        • Gary Coats

          Jimmy, Thanks for clearing that up for me.

          I was beginning to wonder why Jeffrey kept making stupid mistakes, like agreeing with everything I have reported here. From the statements from Maria Brady to preacher Ray Moore’s statements. She’s admitted to supporting everyone but Rudy and claims that was because she was employed by Floyd. Don’t speak to a reporter and answer questions as to why you support a candidate if you don’t.

          Unfortunately for some individuals, they refuse to accept the writing on the wall. Kind of like kool-aid drinkers.

          • Jimmy The Greek Communist

            Mr Coats! No doubt you are the most confuse republican neo- conservative fool on the face of the planet in South Carolina!

            Have you consider changing to another political party to advance your career in fibbing? And stop using Orwellian Bill O’Reilly terms like kool aid. It makes you look like some stupid Republican fool who watchs Fox Network all day long believes it..

  • Matt

    You ought to contact some of the county party regulars and other politicos about this. Maybe some of the SCGOP regulars associated with Gowdy and Thomas too. I guarentee everyone of them familiar with this situation from 2007/08 will tell you that Christina was squarely behind Rudy Giuliani in the primary. Now I can buy that she may have voted on Election Day for Huckabee since Rudy gave up contesting South Carolina later on. But Rudy was her candidate.

    If I had brought a tape recorder to the Rudy Giuliani event I attended in Columbia in 2007 that Christina Jeffrey was also at, I could prove it–given that I was in a group conversation that included her talking about how great Rudy was and the reasons why we needed to support him.

  • Paul T. Jansen

    This just keeps getting funnier and funnier. Matt, if you are on facebook ‘friend me’ and lets link up sometime and exchange stories. I would love to chat with you about CJ’s hearting of Rudi (before he sunk like a stone).

  • Doug

    Brian, you might be on to something there. He is a shadow, we dont know very much about him. Isn’t he a government contractor so in a sense he works for Inglis and the rest of the Congress. There are so many things in his past that we do not know, like Obama.

    • matthew

      Are you confusing his work, for his service to his country? He is in the Air Force Reserves, and has served his counrty in that regard for over 20 years. In fact he is the only veteran who is running in the race for the 4th.

      The fact that Mr lee has some detractors out there is a good sign, means that he has been effective in getting his message out, and is seen as a threat.

      • Kelly

        “The fact that Mr lee has some detractors out there is a good sign, means that he has been effective in getting his message out, and is seen as a threat.”

        That must mean you guys view Christina Jeffrey as quite a threat and I should include that picture above as a good sign as well.

        If Mr Lee has been in the reserves for 20 years then I am sure he had plenty of time to do other things. The reserves meet 1 weekend a month? What has he been doing at work? Who does he work for? And if he has been a staunch conservative all this time where are the tea parties that he started? Where is his past of supporting conservative candidates? Who is this guy?

        • matthew

          Well he has been active in the Greenville County GOP for years. If my memory servers me well, I think he helped with the Tea party events in Greenville especially the first one. That is where he first announced that he was exploring a run for Congress.

          Not much of a hater regarding Jeffrey just like Jim that is all.

          BTW some of our reservists serve for more than one weekend a month, ya know. Some even get called up for active duty, They are still reserves.

          If you want a Bio on him you’ll have to go to his website, sorry I don’t know that stuff, and since I don’t care what he does for a living currently, I don’t have that info handy. I just don’t trust info that Mr Franks spouts, I have found too much of it to be unfounded.

  • Dean

    You mention the Boiling Springs Tea Party is the only Tea Party to endorse Christina Jeffrey. She is not running state wide, only in the 4th Congressional District. There is only one other Tea Party in the 4th CD and that is the Greenville Tea Party. The Greenville Tea Party does not make endorsements. They have had Christina Jeffrey and Bob Inglis speak at their meetings and have invited the rest of the GOP candidates as well. I think Dave Thomas is speaking at their next meeting.

    Most of the Tea Party groups in the state do not want to endorse candidates, for what ever reason, that certainly does not imply they would have any problem with Christina if they were making endorsements. She has been a strong and consistent supporter of the Tea Party movement when other conservatives have been more critical of the Tea Party movement.

    Your articles look like hit pieces for Jim Lee and not objective journalism.

    Finally, I really don’t care who the candidates for Congress supported for President in the 2008 primary. Congressman Bob Ingles told the Greenville Tea Party he thought gasoline should go to $4 or even $6 per gallon so the “alternative” (read imaginary) technologies would become competitive. The issue you need to ask the other four candidates in this race is not who did you support for President? It should be, “Do you agree with Congressman Bob Ingles that gasoline should be $6 per gallon so alternative sources, with a lot of government subsidies, can become competitive?”

    I am voting for a Congressman, not selecting the 2008 Presidential nominee. I am voting for the most conservative and the most qualified candidate in the race. Unless something changes, I already know who SHE is.

    • Kelly

      Dean – you are an idiot and completely unqualified for Adjutant General! You were PAID to go around and slander Barrett and everyone knows who it was that paid you. The Jeffrey campaign is now paying unemployed Brian Franks to go around and slander Jim. You being the great friend to Christina – wonder where she got that idea. Birds of a feather my friend – birds of a feather.

      • Brian Frank

        Kelly, your assumptions are based on NO fact, you dont know me. I am not getting paid from any candidate at all. Why is everyone so sensitive by me asking a few questions, not statements? Have I touched a nerve? My conversation with Jim Lee on Friday, he stated that he was for the UN and worked for the NSA through the Reserves. Where do you get your information from? Kelly, if anyone needs to come clean, who are you getting paid by? Dont use my name unless you call me and verify first, 864-425-1161.

        • matthew

          interesting that you posted that he was for the UN and worked for the NSA on Thursday, if you only spoke to him on Friday. I really need to have that ability, it would make what is left of my 401K do much better in the future.

          • Brian Frank

            I knew that and he called me and verified that on Friday, wow!

      • Dean


        As the lawyers say “asked and answered.” I have told you a bunch of times over the last year, we spent less than $500 on the campaign to expose Gresham Barrett’s RINO record of supporting bank bailouts while he was taking about $700,000 from lobbyists for that industry.

        As for where most of the money came from? The majority came out of Dean Allen’s pocket! I have received donations and membership dues for R.O.A.R. (Restore Our American Republic, Inc.) Again, the full disclosure was at the bottom of every piece of literature we put out. We went far beyond what the law requires and voluntarily included my full name, my e-mail, my phone number and our ROAR website & physical mailing address.

        Interestingly, I had the handbills printed on blue paper. At the April 17, 2009 Tea Party the Young Republicans sponsored at the Bi-Lo, there was a lady putting out MY handbills; except on yellow paper! I found her and asked her what she was doing? She replied that she got one handbill on her car in another county. She was in a hurry to get to the Bi-Lo rally and could not get me on the phone. She just ran off 500 copies, on yellow paper, on her office copier at her own expense! I had never met her before.

        The point is, I merely pointed out all the RINO stuff and corruption in the public record. The people turned on Barrett once they knew he was a phoney conservative. I did not have to PAY thousands of people to boo Gresham Barrett when he took to the stage at the Bi-Lo, it was spontaneous!

        The fact is, the campaign to get out the truth took very little money, and except for Dean Allen, it came in in $5, $10, and $25 contributions from ROAR members. How hard is that to understand?

      • Pam


        Thanks for proving that you work for Jim Lee. If you didn’t, you would not be calling people names. He said when he was talking he travels a lot for his business. I don’t care if he travels but when you resort to calling people names. You turned me off and your candidate.

      • Pam

        Christina isn’t paying me. Intentional or not, this does look like a hit page for Jim Lee against Christina. I have yet to see any FACTS about Jim Lee. If anybody attended the GREENVILLE TEA PARY when Jim Lee SPOKE. He said ALOT that Brian is stating because it came from his mouth when he was telling us why and who he is.

    • Gary Coats

      Dean, I could care less who she voted for either. It is of interest to note though. My problem is that she LIED to everyone in the district about who she voted for.

    • Pam


      You are 100 percent correct. Greenvile County Tea Party has not endorsed any candidate. I was at these meetings. It is funny how some are speaking and have NOT attended a single meeting. If they had, they would know what they are spreading are untrues.


  • Travis McCauley

    hmmmm, interesting stuff here. I feel like a certain candidate might be a plant to split the vote. Good work Brian, you hit a nerve. The questions on the UN is all i need to know anyway.

  • Maria

    I am outraged that most of you continue to bash and lay claims on Jeffrey that are incorrect. And Gary, I request that you cease calling Jeffrey a liar. You are wrong! I am pasting the facts below as given by Ray Moore to Talbert Black of Campaign for Liberty
    Thanks for your willingness to give me a chance to clarify and state what I know. See my statement below on Christina. All the things I wrote about I had direct involvement in with her except her years in College years and her Ph.D. work (E. Ray Moore at 803-691-9007(H)


    False claims are being made concerning Dr. Christina Jeffrey and her alleged support for Guiliani in 2008 Presidential campaign. These rumors, I suspect, are being spread by a “master behind the scenes political slasher” working for 1 of the other campaigns. In late 2007 Christina and I both started out in support of Cong Duncan Hunter in SC’s GOP Presidential primary but switched to Cong Ron Paul when Hunter’s campaign collapsed about the same time Cong Ron Paul entered the race. She later told me that she and her husband, Dr. Robert Jeffrey, had at last minute shifted and voted for Gov. Mike Huckabee as the leading conservative in the SC Presidential primary in an effort to deny Sen. John McCain SC’s GOP delegates.

    Chris tina has had a long prior history of involvement in the “conservative movement” going back to her college years. She had run for US Congress in GA for Newt Gingrich’s old seat in the 1999 special election, when he retired from the US Congress. In a multi-candidate field she got about 25% of the vote in 2nd place behind Johnny Isakson who had backing of the establishment wing to the GA GOP. She ran on bread and butter conservative issues in much the same fashion she is running in SC’s 4th Congressional District. I was indirectly involved with the 1999 campaign, as I lived in SC, but I can verify her good limited government and conservative stands. I know her political and family history too and how she always supports a conservative candidate and issues over the moderate or liberal GOP candidates.

    But prior to the 2008 Presidential campaign Christina had been employed by her friend and current state GOP Chairman, Karen Floyd’s PR and Advertising Spartanburg firm. Karen was hired by Guiliani Campaign for fund raising work but Christina never worked on that account and her non-support of Guiliani was clear to all. She and I talked about this situation at the time Karen Floyd took the Guiliani account and Christina felt she could continue her employment with Karen’s firm and not be involved in the Guiliani campaign. This type thing happens in many campaigns where your employer supports or contributes to another candidate than you may not support. It is a false issue and claim that she supported Guiliani.

    Christina is the trustworthy and longtime movement and pro-family conservative in this race for 4th Congressional District, in my opinion. I have known her well for 15 years. She has been involved in the conservative movement since her PH.D. work at University of Alabama. As a tenured professor of political science and public administration at Kennesaw State University in GA, she reflected conservative and Constitutional issues as appropriate in the classroom and also in her outside class public life. She has done the same thing in several SC colleges or universities where she has served as an adjunct professor these last 10 years.

    Additionally Christina is a bona fide conservative intellectual who understands public policy well from a strict conservative and Constitutional point of view. She has lectured on these issue in and outside the classroom and written numerous academic and political journal articles and essays for several decades. She is a quick study and will be able to provide good leadership from the start should she be elected to Congress to represent the 4th Congressional District. Be careful not to fall for rumors by one of the other campaign’s consultants. Christina is a bona fide conservative with a proven record. She is doer and not a mere talker in the battle for limited government and conservative values.

    Call me if you want more on her record. (E. Ray Moore, Chaplain (Lt.Colonel) USAR Ret, Blythewood, SC at 803-691-9007(H

    • Pam



      I got the same email from Talbert.

      GARY is spreading untrues.

      • MariaToo

        Jeffrey is a liar – NO WAY anyone can dispute that!!

        Have seen enough BS Tea Party emails forwarding Christina’s support of Ron Paul.

        Then she said she supported Duncan Hunter.

        She did work for Guiliani and all you have to do is start asking members of the Spartanburg GOP to find out just how true that is. There are PLENTY of people who can confirm this. Where the hell does Ray Moore live? Uhhh… not in the Upstate. Christina is such a liar, that she has to get someone from out of town to swear she is telling the truth.

        In reality, who can blame Christina for supporting Guiliani? She is Catholic and so is Guiliani – very typical for Catholics to support Catholics. Who cares? NO ONE!!

        Now Christina says she was for Huckabee and that is ONLY a problem because it makes her a liar, not because she supported Huckabee or Guiliani or anyone else. The problem is this woman cannot tell the truth if her life depends on it. She is a has-been, washed-up, life-long, politician living out a fantasy.

        Can you look yourself in the mirror and say you honestly believe she has a good reason for lying? Gary has just stated facts that he can back up and you attack him. What sort of person can you be to attack someone who presents the facts then defend someone who obviously lies? This is exactly how liberal democrats behave.

  • Pam

    I have known Christina for about a year now. I read a statement about Boiling Springs Tea Party being the ONLY Tea Party that supports her. I am not so sure that is a true statement. Greenville Tea Party has not endorsed anybody yet. I attend most of their meetings.

    What I do know is that Christina spoke up against Duke Power wanting to raise our power bill and when Greenville City Council was and still is wanting to take property rights away from citizens. AKA Comprehensive Agenda 21.

    I will be the first to tell when someone is going against PEOPLE’S FREEDOM and our LIFE, LIBERTY, and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS GIVEN TO US BY OUR CREATOR – GOD.

  • Bishop

    Look into Ray Moore. You won’t believe some of the stuff he is involved in. The fact that he is campaigning for Jeffrey is enough for him to lose his ministry. He is not allowed to be doing this by law – so right off the bat you know he is a law breaker. His credibility will decline further as you investigate him.

    Also take note, there is no statement anywhere from Jeffrey herself that she really supported Huckabee. She has others making excuses for her. Sort of like when you are an attorney and you have a guilty client, you bring forward witnesses who will testify in your favor, but you don’t let the guilty client actually take the stand.

    • Pam


      Since when did a minister loose his Constitutional Rights which was based on Christian values when our CHRISTIAN FOUNDING FATHERS used the BIBLE to write LIFE, LIBERTY, and PURSUIT of HAPPINESS found in Corinthians.

      Bishop, don’t quote scriptures when you so wrong.

      • Bishop

        Quote what scripture? You should really sober up before you post.

        Ray Moore’s ministry is a 501c3. It is Ray Moore’s choice to be such a non-profit. In doing so, one must abide by the laws which govern such a non-profit classification.

        Now, Ray Moore could reclassify himself as a 501c4, then he could run Jeffrey’s campaign all he wants, until then, having used his ministry to back up a political candidate, as a 501c3 he is breaking the law and if someone reports him, he could lose his non-profit status.

        You posted at 3:09PM Pam – for God’s sake, get some help, don’t drink so much in the afternoon.

        Or maybe you are just not that well educated.

        • Pam


          Never did I insult you… However since you say sober up? What you posted is demation of character. Since you enjoy talking about following the law. Appears you need to.

          I will read what you post so that I know not to vote for your candidate.

          • Pam

            Before Bishop shows his poor skills of insults…

            Demation aka is spelled defamation.

  • Lisa

    Prefer to stick to the facts.
    What Presidential candidate was supported is important, but more important is honesty. Although I think we all need to lighten up and learn to laugh at obvious jokes; I found Mrs Jeffries’ “inbreds” joke to be in very poor taste. Knowing these things have been circling, Mrs Jeffries should have had the courage to address both issues. I don’t know if Mrs Jeffries is a liar, there aren’t enough facts to support that claim. However, based on her response (or lack thereof) I do believe she lacks courage.
    As for Mr Lee – he is an Airforce Veteran and Reservist. He is a businessman. Those are the facts as we currently have them.
    Time shall continue to show us more.

    • Pam

      Sadly, you can’t always go by a person’s time in service. Look at John Spratt and his stand that goes against the Oath he took when he was in the military. AKA: Health Care Bill…

  • Earl Capps

    Y’all know what’s funny? Spending this much time over two candidates who won’t likely break the single-digit range on election day in June.

    • Pam

      What is sad that the other two are disappointing.

      No need to discuss Inglis… He is UGH!
      Gowdy – Can’t get over him supporting John McCain.(Ever heard McCain’s progressive daughter speak and state that she is PROUD that she is progressive.) Lindsey Graham’s friend who is a known progressive in Republican clothing.
      Don’t get me wrong, Gowdy is a tough lawyer from what I understand.

  • Dean

    I would disagree with the assertion Christina will not break single digits. The two candidates who are unlikely to break single digits are Jim Lee and Senator Dave Thomas. Look at the numbers in the WORD Straw Poll. Jim Lee and Dave Thomas are fighting for last place. Right now Christina Jeffrey and Trey Gowdy are the viable alternatives to Bob Inglis. The unfortunate thing about Jim Lee is that every vote he gets will otherwise go to Christina Jeffrey. If Jim was not in the race; it would be Christina and Inglis in a runoff. With Lee siphoning a few votes from Christina, she may drop into 3rd place leaving Gowdy and Inglis in the runoff.

    Trey is an excellent solicitor and he is not bought and paid for by big energy companies wanting to get the price of gasoline up to $6 so “alternative” energy sources become competitive. I still say, the very best qualified person in this race is Christina.

    On a purely personal level, I know and like all five of them. Even Bob Inglis is a decent human being and a very intelligent man. He is fasicnating to debate. I just want him to come home and practice real estate law again here in Greenville. He will make a lot more money than he gets serving in Congress and our new Congresswoman will actually listen to, and represent, the people of this district instead of the money interests. That’s the proverbial win-win situation for everyone.

  • Brian Frank

    You all never liked two candidates at the same time?
    This is my guess and I bet that I am right!
    Jeffery worked for a company that worked for Giuliani, run by Karen Floyd,
    Jeffery supported Duncun Hunter until he dropped out early and then supported Ron Paul but finally decided to vote for Huckabee because she didnt want McSame to take SC? So to me, Jeffery takes a lot of thought in who she votes for in a Presidential Primary.
    I wish more people were like Christina Jeffery!

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