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Yesterday, I was able to witness some of America’s greatest individuals in action.

Around 7:45 yesterday morning, I began having an allergic reaction to some medicine I had taken for sinus troubles.

Within 20 minutes my face had swollen so much I could no longer breathe out my nose, swallowing was extremely difficult and my eyes were almost completely swollen shut.

Thankfully, we live close to our local fire department and my father was able to get me there fairly quickly (He drove across town to help me out, I’ve got a great dad and am ever so thankful for everything he has taught me).

The team over at the North Spartanburg Fire Department are top notch and I owe my life to them today.

Without hesitation, the staff took control of the situation and did what was necessary to get the swelling under control.

The EMS staff and medical staff over at Mary Black were awesome too. They quickly assesed the situation and took care of me and my family, ensuring my health and their well being.

Later yesterday afternoon, I realized that I was one lucky dog.  I was literally 10-15 minutes from dying today and our healthcare system performed flawlessly.

The training these guys go through to ensure our medical well being is top notch and they deserve the money they make.

They spend 10+ years in school ammounting some $150K in debt to ensure our health.

Occassionally they make mistakes, they are human. We must remember that and put a hold on so many frivoulous law suits.

I’ve had many people say I could have a lawsuit over this but I disagree.

The medication prescribed had never caused an issue before and today, my body decided to reject it.

With all of this said, our healthcare system needs reform, but a government take over is not the right thing to do.

Some government dergulation of the industry would help lower costs. Staffs have had to be expanded for each requirement put in place by the government. There is an immediate cost savings.

I believe Congressman Inglis shared that Medicare / Medicaid only pays 83% of the costs, therefore increasing the costs on others.

Why don’t the government pay equal costs, they are no better than you and me.

Maybe doctors should advertise prices and let consumers make decisions.

In the end, I don’t have the answer, but to implement more beaucracy and red tape would only be detrimental to one of the best systems in the world.

Again, I want to thank the crew at the North Spartanburg Fire Department for saving my life yesterday.

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