Bob Inglis Supporting Earmark Ban?

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Bob Inglis

Congressman Bob Inglis, circa 2008

Wow, Bob Inglis 3.0 continues to evolve into a fire breathing, “stop the debt”, fiscal conservative.

We cannot count the number of times we have heard Bob Inglis hesitate at eliminating earmarks at various Let’s Talk events across the Upstate.  Congressman Inglis consistently said that it was the job of the Congress to appropriate funds and earmarks were a method to accomplish such.

Now, we have chief-of-staff Wayne Roper and Congressman Bob Inglis’ bragging about standing up to ban earmarks and convincing the Republican Conference to support a 1 year earmark ban.

Inglis Claims Support For Earmark

For to long, you have said we messed up (I think your words in 2006 were “we need a slap on the wrist”) and now that you are in a tight election, you decide it is time to change your ways.

You voted for one of the largest spending bills in history and now you want to “Stop the Debt” as seen in the billboards?  I am talking about TARP.  You gave the Treasury unsupervised authority to expend funds as they see necessary without Congressional oversight!  How much is that costing the American people?  Inflation? Interest? Unaccounted Spending?

Bob, quit playing politics and speaking out of both sides of the mouth.  It is time that you be up front and honest about your positions to the people in your district.  We deserve a true representative and not someone who changes their ways to get re-elected.

By the way, we are looking to order a batch of our very own “Bob Inglis” flip flops.  We’ll let you know when they come in.

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  • Matt

    I can’t believe Wayne Roper is trying to tie Inglis with Jeff Flake out of Arizona. Flake like DeMint and others have actually been walking the walk on not requesting earmarks for a while now. Bob’s only doing it because that what his caucus decided to do.

    Notwithstanding this latest Republican caucus move, the only member of the SC delegation not to request earmarks as a matter of principle is DeMint. At a recent GOP debate for the 3rd District seat that Barrett is vacating, all the candidates said they would not accept earmarks. I found that interesting. I wonder if all the SC-4 candidates will follow DeMint’s lead on not requesting earmarks as opposed to following Graham/Brown/Wilson/Inglis/Barrett in taking earmarks.

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