Gowdy Leads, Lee Close Behind in Fountain Inn Straw Poll

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Last night, the Fountain Inn Chamber of Commerce and Fountain Inn Rotary Club hosted a fourth congressional debate with Myra Ruiz from WYFF moderating.  The results of the straw poll held after the debate are as follows (sections is in order of percent vote).

Trey Gowdy

Trey gathered 31% of the vote after the debate.  This is not all surprising as he has been working hard and building a lot of name recognition.  Of all the candidates, he has not been shy when it comes to attacking Inglis.  Given his fund raising totals and the perceived street cred obtained by those numbers, he may be in the final two.

Jim Lee

As the title says, Lee came in second with 27%.  This looks good for Jim and shows that his ground game and solid performance last week in the WORD radio debate is cashing in.  If Jim can continue to build this momentum, watch out.

David Thomas

I have been hearing rumors that Thomas’ Senate seat may be on the line if he performs poorly in his own district.  Unfortunately, for Thomas, polling in 3rd with 20% in his backyard could be the beginning of the end for him in politics.

Christina Jeffrey

Jeffrey brought in 15% after the Boiling Springs Tea Party issued a “Red Alert” call to action yesterday.  She is polling a little better than I expected.  We are waiting to see if the other Tea Parties will get behind her, but our sources say that is not likely.

Bob Inglis

Bob, Bob, Bob.  What else can we say than he brought in 7% of the vote.  Oh yeah, did we mention the democrats are likely not to vote in this election since they have multiple candidates in the governors race they covet so dearly?

You can read more at the Greenville News.

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  • Reaganite

    I have a chicken and egg type question. This is just getting more difficult to figure out: Is Jeffrey hurting the Boiling Springs Tea Party or is the Boiling Springs Tea Party hurting Jeffrey? Both seem to be going down the tubes…

  • Fountain Inn Voter

    Trey Gowdey is leading the poll, not because of fund raising or name recognition. He is leading because he is a dedicated true conservative capable of answering questions directly with true feeling and commitment to his beliefs based on the US Constitution. Jim Lee is committed also, but does not have the same grit as Trey Gowdy. The others, sadly, are appealing to populist sentiment only thru piling on to the movements.

    Go meet Trey and watch the fire in the belly and shake his hand. He will be the candidate. I was converted at the Fountain Inn debate.

    • http://www.theconservativist.com Gary Coats

      Fountain Inn, I have met Trey and like him. I think he has been a great prosecutor and solicitor and I am working on scheduling an interview with him like I have done with the other candidates.

      I hope to find out during the interview why he supported McCain, as that is one of my biggest issues with him. I think he mentioned in the WORD debate why, but I missed that part, kids were yacking in the back seat.

      You can search “race for fightin’ fourth” to see the rest of the interviews in the top right side of our website.

      Thanks for your comments and candor and look forward to hearing more from you in the future!

  • Matt

    Speaking of who 4th CD candidates supported in the 2008 prez primary, I was hoping someone would pick-up on Christina Jeffries’ answer to that question in the WORD debate. When asked, she stated that she supported Duncan Hunter. Well this was surprising news to me. Anyone who has any familiarity with this knows that Christina openly supported Rudy Giuliani, including very early on when Duncan Hunter was still in the race.

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  • Pam

    I have nothing against any of the other candidates until they violate the Constitution and the freedoms we are given by our Creator. However, you have to remember these polls are taken by certain people and NOT people in the community. I think research needs to be conducted into who is SO trying to destroy Christina and why. Only they are not destroying Christina. They are destroying their candidate. I have it narrowed down to two. Two being who I WILL NOT SUPPORT!