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Congressman Bob Inglis, South Carolina Fourth Congressional District

Congressman Bob Inglis, Republican SC-4

Congressman Bob Inglis has been touting his conservative votes and most of those were made since Obama was elected.  We have been doing a little fact checking of our own and thought we would share/remind you about the not so conservative Bob Inglis.  Once you finish, make sure you vote in our poll below.

National Debt & Spending

Since Inglis was sent back to Congress in 2004, the national debt has increased by 62% and spending increased by 42% in the same period.  Facts from the Congressional Budget Office.

Inglis on Czars

In a mailer to Union County ahead of a Union GOP meeting, Inglis claimed he learned about the issues with czars from his citizens.  I was at this meeting and Inglis was raked over the coals because he was justifying the use of czars because George H.W. Bush had czars in the early 90’s.  It was when a bunch of liberty minded citizens that took him to task over their (czars) accountability, he changed his mind.  I’m glad he did, but this is good for you to know.

Inglis on Health Care

Inglis claims he voted “no” to the Democrats health care bill.  Have you heard his vision for health care?  He wants the government to cover the first $2000 of your medical expenses every year.  Then you will will pick up the next $2000 and the government will pick up the rest.  So, lets say there are 275 million people in America, the minimum annual cost of his proposal is $550,000,000,000.  $550 BILLION a year, minimum.

When asked how he proposes to pay for this, he says you will.  How?  Since there will be no more employer based health insurance, you will have an additional $1000 per month in your paycheck, approximately, that can be sent to Uncle Sam.  That is if employers decide to give that money back to you in terms of salary.  So, if we have 150 million people working and paying for health insurance now (this number is pure speculation), then $1.8 trillion ($1,800,000,000,000) would be going to the government in tax revenues, assuming you receive the additional $1000/month from your employer and turn it over to Uncle Sam.

We know our estimated minimum cost of $550 billion a year will be exceeded, but the question is by how much?

Many questions linger around this idea that Inglis has proposed and I am still waiting to see the bill he is preparing.  It has been presented as a medicare replacement and a national health care plan, so only time will tell for us to see what will become of his proposal.

Inglis and the Real ID

Do you know how The Real ID Act came to be?

Originally H.R. 418, the Real ID, was approved by the House (and Inglis) in February 2005.

The original bill died, but one brave individual decided to attach it to another piece of legislation.  Of all things to be attached to, it was attached to the Tsunami Aid bill in 2005 officially known as H.R. 1268 (Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief, 2005) just 3 hours after the House voted in favor of H.R. 1268; 388-43.  The provision went to the Senate without debate.

Inglis later voted in favor of the final version of the bill (H.R. 1268), including the Real ID Act of 2005.

It is argued that the Real ID is a massive intrusion into states rights and personal liberties.  On top of that, the mandate appears to be unfunded and Inglis rejected his constituents and the people of South Carolina who have vehemently fought this bill and its repercussions.  The SC State House signed a bill that barred SC from abiding by the provisions set forth by the Real ID Act of 2005 and Governor Sanford applied for exemption to the standards successfully.

This is another prime example of Inglis being disconnected from his constituents (TARP and Iraq Troop Surge are a few others).

Inglis and Hydrogen

One thing missing from the campaign trail recently…Hydrogen.  Why?  We can only assume it is because he is trying to cover his tracks and show this conservative side.  Hell, for the last 4 years we have listened to Inglis speak, he has pimped Hydrogen like it was Maria Balen Chapur.

We have criticized him greatly for some of his stances and we respect the development of alternative fuels, but Inglis was unrelenting on climate change, global warming, and hydrogen.  You can see some history of that in “The Greener Side of Inglis“.

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  • Matt

    You forgot Inglis on the Pledge of Allegiance–one of only six Republicans to vote against codifying “under God” into the Pledge.

    Also Inglis on the successful Surge in Iraq–ome of only eight Republicans to vote against it, giving a floor speech that sounded eerily like the words of a John Kerry or Barack Obama.

    Also Inglis on responsible Congressional travel on the taxpayer dime–he’s the guy who liked to take “fsct-finding” missions that have nothing to do with national security or foreign trade. Trips like a taxpayer-funded junket to the Galapagos Islands to study the effects of zooplankton on the Indian Ocean floor.

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  • Paul T. Jansen

    On Hydrogen, he doesn’t really heart Hydrogen as fuel for regular engines (it works fine, I have driven both the BMW Hydrogen 7 and the Mazda Hydrogen RX-8, along with Hydrogen powered Jeeps), but he hearts the search for the perfect Hydrogen fuel cell. This is a VERY BIG difference. IMHIO The search for the perfect fuel cell gives those endowed chairs (and their empires) at USC Columbia and CU -ICAR a source of endless funding. Don’t look for any real (production) cars to be made, or any large numbers of jobs to be generated from that crowd. But look for a lot of academic car payments to be made using Bob’s H funding. ..The Protera bus is a little different, it is kind of a $2,000 toilet seat to justify the pork barrel spending. Bob says we will get 1,000+ jobs out of Protera, but I doubt it. I look for it to be another Grumman Flixible kind of M-I-C scam.