Thomas Will Officially File for Congress on Monday

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March 26, 2010

Contact: James Hicks, (864) 304-0682

FOUNTAIN INN, SC – State Senator and Fourth Congressional District candidate David Thomas will officially file for Congress with the Republican party on Monday. First Vice Chairman of the SCGOP and Greenville County GOP Chairman Patrick Haddon will be present for the filing. David Thomas announced his intention to run for Congress on June 6, 2009 at his home in Fountain Inn.

WHO: State Senator David Thomas

WHAT: David Thomas to officially file for Congress

WHERE: Greenville GOP Headquarters, 850 Wade Hampton Blvd., Greenville, SC 29609

WHEN: Monday, March 29, 2010 at 8:30 a.m.


Nikki Haley: Meet and Greet Simpsonville, March 26

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Nikki Haley, Candidate for Governor, will be hosting a meet and greet at the Olympian Grill in Simpsonville (7 Five Forks Court, Simpsonville) from 6 to 7 pm today, Friday, March 26th.

Davis Hosts Mulvaney Oyster Roast

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SC State Senator Tom Davis is hosting an Oyster Roast on March 27, 2010, 6:30pm, in honor of SC State Senator Mick Mulvaney who is running to replace Congressman John Spratt in South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District.

206 Marsh Point Road, Seabrook, SC

No minimum, contribute what you are able.

Oysters, chicken, red rice, coleslaw and various beverages.Sponsorship:


March Madness in SC4

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Apparently we have hit a nerve here at The Conservativist concerning the fourth congressional campaigns. Glad to see the comments and hope we can further drive debate in SC’s Fourth Congressional.

Here is a quick run down on the latest in the fourth, in alphabetical order.

Trey Gowdy

Multiple sources in Union say Trey was one of the top performers Saturday night.  We don’t have much more info on Gowdy’s campaign right now but  Trey did respond via email to a comment posted on The Conservativist concerning his support for John McCain.

I met Senator McCain in the 1990s and he asked me to support him in 2008. I believed national security and the war on terror would be the two dominant issues in the 2008 cycle. On a personal note, Senator McCain visited an injured Spartanburg Marine in DC and did so without media or fanfare, just soldier to soldier and I appreciated that he did that and the quiet manner in which he did it.

Bob Inglis

We know Bob missed the debate Saturday due to the looming health care vote on Sunday.  Bob has been on a tear pushing his newly found conservative agenda recently, but we are not buying it.  No earmarks, no government health care, no cap and trade (he claims he never supported it) and hydrogen missing from his campaign platform, I almost don’t recognize the man.

With Obama targeting immigration next, we are bound to hear Bob’s 5 talking points for the next 3 months.  As I said, talking points.  We have heard those talking points for four years, but Bob has not lead in addressing the issue.  Given the new found conservative agenda, we expect Inglis will distance himself from Lindsey Graham on this one.

We found a website called a few months ago.  It is rather interesting and the anonymous authors have a no holds bar attitude when calling Bob out.  I only wish I thought of it before they did.  That would have been a fun website to market, sorry Bob.

Christina Jeffrey

We received a statement on March 19th from the Liberty Candidates organization that they have dropped their endorsement of Christina Jeffrey.  The statement did not provide specific reasons, but we can only assume it is the revelations of her support of Rudy Giuliani, lying about who she supported for President, or her rather degrading joke about South Carolinian’s being a bunch of inbreds.

Sources also say when questioned by individuals Saturday night concerning who she supported for president in 2008, her husband would answer the question and not Christina.

Jim Lee

Sources say that Jim was the other top performer from Saturday nights Union County debate.  We have also learned that the iCaucus has endorsed Lee’s campaign for Congress as well.  This is great news for his campaign as he works to build momentum over the next three months.

It is rumored that Col. David Hunt, a 29 year military veteran and analyst for Fox News will be coming to the Upstate to endorse Lee’s candidacy.  Will provide details as they come out.

David Thomas

We have unconfirmed reports that Thomas will be dropping out of the race for Congress.  Sources indicate that there is a serious medical illness in the family and he will be ceasing campaign operations.  Although we have seen a decline in the number of signs around the district over the past week, Thomas did attend the debate this past weekend in Union and was seen campaigning for a few hours on Hwy. 176.  I will be curious to see if he files in the next week.

Just heard from the Thomas campaign that they were not dropping out and will be filing soon.

Jeffrey Now Supports Huckabee

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Christina Jeffrey

Christina Jeffrey

Over the last few days, we have been checking in with the various organizations that have endorsed Jeffrey to see if they still stood by their women after calling South Carolinian’s “inbreds” and the revelations of her apparent support of Rudy Giuliani in the 2008 primaries.

We’ll start off with the Liberty Candidates endorsement.

We spoke with Liberty Candidate contact Gigi Bowman about Jeffrey’s profile that was removed this past weekend.  Bowman stated that they review their endorsements of candidates “when someone makes allegations or smears a candidates we review.”  After reviewing her profile and the Giuliani comments, she stated that she was “back in” as their Liberty Candidate.

We circled back around to the Boiling Springs Tea Party, the only Tea Party in SC that has endorsed Ms. Jeffrey in the race for SC 4th Congressional (maybe her new ads on the radio should read I am the Boiling Springs Tea Party candidate).  Here is the statement we received from the Boiling Springs Tea Party.

Yes we are (referring to keeping their endorsement).  She did not support Giuliani.  She was originally supporting Duncan Hunter.  Then she was pushing for Ron Paul, but at the last minute she voted for Huckabee because she didn’t want McCain to win.

By the way, Jeffrey is a key part of this Tea Party, see the about us page.

The Brady’s friend, Dr. Christina Jeffrey, also helps organize and recruit talent for the Tea Parties.

We sent a request to Jeffrey to respond to these new claims but at the time of publishing, approximately 24 hours later, she has yet to respond.

Folks, here in lies the problem(s).

The candidates were blatantly asked who they supported in the 2008 primary.  In my humble opinion, this directly correlates to who did you vote for.  If the statement above from the Boiling Springs Tea Party is in fact true, then her claim that it was Hunter she voted for in 2008 is a flat out lie to the people in this district.

If you are willing to lie about who you supported for President of the United States, what else are you going to be willing to lie about.

Secondly, some have argued that her quotes to Mike Littwin were taken out of context or that she had to do it because she was employed by Karen Floyd’s consulting firm at the time.  I’m sorry, you have the right to not go on the record.  She knows this.  She did so in November 2009 when she refused to say who she supported to Jason Spencer at the Herald Journal.  If she did not support the candidate but was helping set up for him, all she had to do was decline the interview.  If you don’t believe something, don’t say it…right?

I contacted Mike Littwin, in Denver Colorado, concerning this article and asked him to recall this particular event.  He said he had spent a lot of time here during the primary season and remembered specifically looking for Giuliani supporters at this particular event.   Littwin stated that he saw her doing campaign work for Giuliani and spoke with her about her support for some time.  In her defense, he stated the inbred comment was an apparent joke.

Folks, I’m looking for a candidate who will be up front and honest with me.

We have seen Congressman Inglis flip flop on a few issues and now we have a candidate, Jeffrey, who can’t tell you who she supported in 2008.

The people in this district deserve better.

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