John Moore to Announce Campaign for House District 38

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  23 February 2010

Contact: Donna Hicks
Phone: 864-804-2474

Businessman John Moore will officially begin his campaign this Thursday, February 25, 2010, at noon inside the manufacturing facility for Blue Ridge Log Cabins.  This will be open to the public and all are invited to attend.

With strong support from the Spartanburg business community, John Moore understands the need to recruit and retain quality jobs and has the experience and support to help make that happen.

In addition to economic development, Moore has pledged to listen to his constituents and take their concerns to the Statehouse.

“One of the most important things an elected official can do is to reach out into the communities they serve, and not just listen, but have a true understanding of situations which require attention,” Moore said. “It is our responsibility to put personal differences aside and work for what’s best for the people in our district.”

For more information on John Moore, please visit his campaign website;


To contact John Moore directly; phone: 864-597-9779; email:

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  • Matt

    It would be interesting to find out the political back story as to why the firm that touts on its website the Millwood win over Bob Walker as one of its great achievements is now running the campaign of Millwood’s opponent. Or maybe it’s not that interesting if it simply the fact that as political consultants, they go where the money is and who is willing to pay them.

    It’s just a little disingenuous to go around local political circles wearing that “RINO-hunter” badge like it’s some great moral mission you’re on and then turn around and try to defeat the least RINO-esque member of our county delegation.

  • Rick Mahler

    I am known to be critical of politicians. With that said I will now say this…Joey Millwood is one of a small group of people in Columbia that I can call a representative, not a politician. He has personally contacted me on several occasions regarding legislation I asked about. He has also been willing to discuss my position regardless of whether we agree or not. Many will read this and think “well he doesn’t call me”. To those I ask, Did you call him? He will call you back.

    I do not know John Moore. He may be a great person and a good conservative. The only thing I can do (right or wrong) is question his motives for running. When a representative fails to represent they should be fired and I will help lead the charge. That is not the case in House District 38. Once again I do not know John Moore. I am certain that I will be meeting him in the near future. When that happens, I will ask what his ambitions are and we’ll see what kind of answer we as a district receive.