Kelly Payne Relationship Revealed – What Does It Matter?

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Kelly Payne - Sup. Ed Candidate

Today, media outlets are reporting the sexually explicit emails of a relationship between Kelly Payne (candidate for Sup. Education) and Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom.

I for one am sick and tired of the media and public deeming the private lives of citizens, public or not, fair game.  Lets be real people, what the hell does it matter that Kelly Payne and Richard Eckstrom had a relationship!  Are we going to start announcing everyone’s affair to the mass public for us to oooh and ahhh over?

What is wrong with them expressing their sexual desires for each other?

How often do you share with your significant others your sexual desires via email or text message?

The person responsible for leaking these emails accomplished one thing and one thing only.  They have potentially ruined the careers of these individuals.  Payne’s teaching career will probably will come to a close because her private sexual messages were revealed to the public.  She could have returned to teaching had she lost her bid to be Superintendent of Education.  Now she will not be able to.

We don’t know what the repercussions for Eckstrom will be.  We have heard rumors of candidates jumping into this race and they will probably hurry to it now this so called “scandal” has been revealed.

Politics aside, the individual who hacked her emails is officially a criminal and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Our advice, don’t forget to change your passwords!

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  • Matt

    Politicians and candidates are entitled to their personal lives. However, voters are also entitled to take those personal lives into account when deciding who to vote for.

    Let’s be honest: most of the grassroots conservatives involved in tea parties, etc. are not just concerned with fiscal matters. A large chunk of those activists are social/moral/family/Christian conservatives.

    Here we have a still married man having an affair, and an unmarried woman (who happens to teach children) choosing to have an affair with a still married man.

    There there is just the whole “bizarre” factor of this whole thing. I mean, she’s having an affair with him? Um, kind of disgusting. If some people vote for politicians based on how nice their family looks then lots of people will certainly choose not to vote for someone based on their creepy weird sexual trysts.

    Oh, and maybe it’s just me…but I would guess that the vast majority of people in relationships (marriage, dating, etc.) do not share their sexual desires with each other via email or text message. I would assume most people do that sort of thing kind of like, oh I don’t know, in person. Especially people as old as Richard Eckstrom. Again…weird.

  • outsider looking in

    Eckstrom was separated from his wife for 2 years, and was going through the process of divorce, so he is allowed to have any relationships he wants. I really don’t see why everybody is making such a fuss about this.

    • Pam

      Hmmm…. teachers have certain standards they have to live up too. Teachers have to be role models for the students in which they teach.
      Having an affair with a MARRIED man even if he is getting a divorce is not good. They should have waited until both are divorced then pursued the relationship.

  • 12th Generation Carolina Boy

    The big questions to ask here are:

    1. Did state assets and expenses (Blackberry, etc.) get used for this monkey business? If so, is this a proper use of the people’s money? If not, I expect financial restitution of these costs and expenses from the candidates to the state.

    2. Will the revelation of this behavior in public affect adversely the effectiveness of her stance on social matters during the course of her work related to public education? Probably not for him, but in her case, it’s a major hit.

    3. Is the fact that there are adulterers (the fact is that he was married at the time) among SC Republicans going to produce an adverse political effect on the electorate? Only time will tell.

  • J

    “Politics aside, the individual who hacked her emails is officially a criminal and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

    Yeah, specially when you read the emails in a blackberry property of the state.

  • Lily

    Ok, So Kelly Payne has not lost her school job, forget that.
    She still has responsibilities to hold…and since we now know she is in depression due to these emails, we know that she may not be ready for this position that she is a candidate for. Now it is wrong of people to make this love “affair” a big deal, yeah people get over it!! who hasn’t had their little lust?? But since this has happened, we now know that maybe one or the other are not yet suitable…so maybe by the grace of God, we are shown whether Kelly Payne is ready to take on the responsibilities of education.

  • Paul T. Jansen

    I have read them. They are not that explicit. Kind of lame, in fact; sort of from the ‘Reader’s Digest’ school. My love letters (to my college g/fs and later, to my wife), were much more down and dirty. Reminds me of the Woody Allen quote: ‘Q – Is sex dirty? A – It is, if you do it right’. Rick is from the Midwest, so he has to dance around the bush quite a lot. Hmmm. ..was there a double entendre in that?

  • Alvin Steingold

    Kelly is a lovely, bright and exceptional person with some very good ideas for education reform in South Carolina. As a left wing, wild-eyed, ACLU card carrying Yellow Dog Democrat I think I can speak with some authority.

    Personally I don’t really understand the fuss. As far as I can see she has done nothing wrong. Unlike other hypercritical South Carolina politicians she is not running on a platform based on family values. I think the issue if education reform.

    Kelly’s private life in none of my business and I think it should be none of yours.

    In this case it really does hurt me to see the Republican Party devouring its own.

  • MBAcapitalist

    This story is oddly continuing in the news cycles, incidentaly at a time when the Haley story is staying on point. It seems that the race for superintendent obviously doesn’t have the stature of the gubernatorial race so there isn’t as much attention paid. However, family values folks might be turned off by this and there could be some run-off into the governors race b/c of this and the disgust from Sanford. Couple of pointers that voters might ponder:
    1) Payne is divorced and I’m assuming it was done when she started her affair with Eckstrom. She’s probably ok with him being married since he’s seperated and thats as good as divorced. Lots of people fool around when their married, just like they would when their seperated or divorced or single. Their both consenting adults but probably couldn’ve used better judgement in this case. My question is how seperated was Eckstrom from his wife? Did he maintain and sleep at a seperate residence? Was he basically playing the field, having two woman at once?
    2) I understand that most woman see affairs and flings as filling an emotional void. Thus, they do this with an older man. It disgusts me when I look at the side by side picture of these two and can easily see the 20 year age gap, pretty gross. I think she’s incredibly attractive and could do better. He seems like the type that would take whatever he could get. Let’s face it, she just got divorced and probably had a sexless emotionless relationship towards the end of her marriage. An older man whose established pays attention to her. I’m guessing thats something she missed and just went for it. I’m wondering if she’s still with him?

  • Med Ad

    It shouldn’t matter in this election, but I would like to say that it’s entirely wrong. He’s separating from his wife. He’s breaking a vow by getting divorced and even worse choosing another woman. That isn’t conservative value.

    I do agree it’s wrong to be hacking into e-mail and digging up personal stuff, but it would have come out one or another. My mom loves to quote “be sure your sins will find you out”.

  • JT

    Let’s just be honest here… This woman is Very attractive. So the only news that is being reported here is Who she is having relations with. And the only reason anyone even cares is because when an attractive woman is sucessful it is assumed she slept her way to the top. This as any form of so called news disgusts me. GET OUT OF THE BEDROOMS! Stop prying into the sex lives of others and go get a life yourself!

  • Alvin Steingold

    In my several years at Dutch Fork High School Kelly struck me as one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable teachers I have ever me. The kids loved her. She is bright, inquisitive and despite the fact that she and I are at totally opposite ends of the political spectrum it seems to me that she always presented a fair and balanced view in her classroom.

    There is a calculus involved. But it seems to me that if she wishes to return to the classroom, not letting her do so would be a tragedy of immense proportions. There are not that many truly great teachers.

  • Doug

    The person who leaked the email is a criminal.
    The people that show the leaked emails are criminals.
    Put their faces up here and expose them as criminals!!