Common Sense Grandma Alienates Tea Party

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There has been much bru ha ha over the past few days concerning the attempted take over of the Tea Party by the SCGOP, the agreement that was reached, and Chairman Floyd’s TV News stops promoting the deal.

According to Americans Have Had Enough and the Upcountry Coalition of Conservative Organizations press release, the agreement reached with the SCGOP was different from what was communicated to the national media outlets.  The terms of the original agreement can be found here.  You’ll have to decipher that one.

In response to the Upcountry Coalition, the Common Sense Grandma1, Christina Jeffrey came out swinging at Russ Cassell, Roan Garcia-Quintana and others claiming they are republican haters to the same Tea Party leaders that support and rally around these individuals. Not a very smart move considering the voting base you are courting is that audience.

Guys, Roan Quintana, Kerry Wood, Russ Castle and Randy Simpson are GOP haters.

I think the guys above are agitating to beat the band and we should be careful. Not because I’m a candidate but because we will look bad as a movement if we beat people up unnecessarily. Listen to what she says – it’s just what Patrick said at the Greenville Exec Committee, not profound, not the way you or I would have said it, but not evil and not co-opting.

Even worse for Jeffrey, Cassell caught wind of this and aired her dirty laundry all over WORD (106.3) this morning.  We are still waiting for the highlights to be posted on, we’ll provide  a link when it becomes available.  NewsRadioWord Audio Link.

Sources indicate it was not a pretty morning for Jeffrey.  She was even referred to as “the nutty professor” a few times.  Ouch!

In my opinion, the entire premise and support base she built for this primary was completely obliterated this morning by trying to defend Karen Floyd’s statements.

Although it may have been the right thing to do, this may have killed any hope for a primary victory for Jeffrey in June.

Reporting in from Greenville, the abusive behavior of a particular candidate consistently running into people as an intimidation tactic as returned.  It wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t do it so often, repeatedly and inconsiderately.  We now have reports of this from the March for Life, Andre Bauer’s Christmas Party, Wade’s, and now Tommy’s Ham House.  You KNOW who you are!

Jeffrey managed to squeeze her way to the front at the Press Conference today to get beside GOP Chairman Karen Floyd and wanted to speak.  As soon as she tried to speak, the crowd shouted her down, told her they didn’t want to hear anything else from her.  Supposedly, she yelled back before Kibler said let her talk.  She issued an apology.  In fairness, Quintana stated that since Jim Lee was in attendance, it was only fair he had an opportunity to speak to.

Bob Inglis

The Inglis campaign came out with a full frontal assault on Trey Gowdy this morning.

The Inglis campaign has filed ethical violations to the FEC and SC Ethics questioning Gowdy’s potential use of state campaign monies in his congressional race.  This story was broke by Jason Spencer at the Herald Journal.

Also, Inglis has begun what has been termed a “blitzkrieg” in Union County over the last week. I’m not sure Union is used to having this much attention for the congressional race.

David Thomas

Thomas campaigns ads have begun to be aired during news broadcast in the upstate this week.

1 Common Sense Grandma was Jeffrey’s tag line for her 2008 election for SC House District 32

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  • WorkingTommyC

    Here’s the video of the press conference clarifying the agreement:

    I like the idea of an alliance. The grassroots reform groups and the SCGOP (if we can believe the party platform matches the intent of a goodly number of its members) have some goals in common. That’s the limit of it, however.

    Floyd has, in the past, indicated that she wished for the tea partiers to join the GOP and has welcomed us with open arms.

    I don’t mind joining and using the party for what WE, the people want. A LOT of us here in Lexington County have been doing just that.

    I draw the line at being used by the party for their neo-con corporate welfare agenda, however. We won’t participate in that and have already been pushing back against that part of the party.

    Floyd seems to understand that we’re not just another demographic to appeal to. WE are calling the shots and are in this for the long term. We have a large and rapidly growing pool of people with different areas of expertise. They are contributing and willing to fight. We have also been blessed with many among us who are willing to do the extra work needed to focus our efforts to the best effect.

    The hoary old corporate welfare guard might as well retire to their rocking chairs on the front porch. The days of their exclusive country club, non-confrontational politics are over in the SCGOP.

    Recent grassroots reformers joining the party are the ones responsible for the recent censures of Lindsey Graham. We are currently swamping the hoary old guard with our numbers and enthusiasm. It turns out that we agree with the party platform far more than they do.

    The SCGOP was dying on the vine with neo-con special interests working on behalf of elected officials and large corporations. You’ve seen the type. They’re the ones who smile smugly as they snuggle up to Lindsey Graham and arrogantly dismiss any challenges to their corporate welfare queen’s narcissistic reign.

    WE, the grassroots people, are the reinvigoration of the party. I, personally, have been meeting lots of folks previously not interested or “too busy” to become politically active who are now enthusiastically joining up and making a difference.

    We realize that this is a long process, requiring eternal vigilance by the citizenry, but we’re already making incredible progress and shocking the establishment to the core.

    We’re not worried about any substantial backlash. There’s nothing that can compete with patriotism and our desire to reinstate the Constitution and natural law as the foundation of our country’s government. All the money and paid political consultants in the world can’t compete with our energy, enthusiasm, and VOTES.

  • Brian Frank

    Harry Kibler of the SC Tea Party tells SC GOP NO!

    Karen Floyd of the SC GOp agrees with Harry Kibler of the SC Tea Party!

    SC GOP Chair, Karen Floyd has takes questions 12FEB10

  • Matt

    I’ve talked to several people involved in the tea parties and liberty groups who think this whole “Upcountry Coalition of Conservative Oganizations” is made-up. They think it’s just Kibler and a few people on some sort of vanity exercise where they can send out press releases and get picked up by Politico once the SCGOP got involved. So does this umbrella coalition of groups even exist, and if so where is the list of the groups in it?

  • Reaganite

    This tweet went out BEFORE the press conference:
    Christina Jeffrey to speak at press conference regarding TEA party an SCGOP shortly.

    Uhhh… whose press conference was it? Jeffrey planned to take over before the thing even got started.

  • Reaganite

    She intruded on this Press Conference – She was NOT invited. Look at this video:

    She started out working her way in, then eventually the woman was actually leaning on the podium getting as close as she could to her friend Floyd:

    Later she insisted on speaking the crowd was not the slightest bit receptive. She yelled back at them in a VERY condescending tone: “Don’t you shout me down!” Need to get video of that up on YouTube!

  • Carol

    I happened to be watching Fox News when Ms. Floyd was being interviewd by Eric Bolling; I was shocked. I live in the midlands of SC and try to keep up with what goes on within the tea parties and I had heard nothing of this, so I went to the meeting in Greenville on Friday to find out first hand what was going on. I became even more shocked as the meeting progressed, for not only should have Ms. Floyd been more emphatic about the fact that the SCGOP is not taking over the tea party coalition but it should have been noted emphatically that this agreement was between the GOP and the Upcountry Coalition of Conservative Organization and did not include all SC tea parties. In my opinion it didn’t take Ms. Floyd long to get on tv to brag of her “accomplishment”.