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4th Congressional Poll Results 2/2010

Close Race for 2nd in Conservativist 4th Congressional Poll

At midnight on February 5th, 2010, polling closed for our SC 4th Congressional District Poll.  It was open for a week and we had a variety of responses and general comments on the race.

We did our best to market the poll via Twitter and Facebook and other means to help promote each of the candidates fairly.  You can see screen shots below.

I would love to say that internet polling was accurate.  If that were the case Ron Paul would have been President.  Given the amount of traffic we received compared to the number of votes, I would hope this was a fair indication of the people in the 4th Congressional District.

Without further delay, here are the results…

36% – Jim Lee
18% – Trey Gowdy
18% – Bob Inglis
18% – Christina Jeffrey
07% – David Thomas

My biggest surprise is the indecisiveness for the potential runoff candidate.  With Gowdy, Inglis, and Jeffrey all tied for 2nd, this may be the largest battle.  Between these three candidates, you see the outside Ron Paul supporters backing Jeffrey who has been threatening to censor individuals recently on Facebook and a potential split between the establishment candidates of Inglis and Gowdy.

This is a race I have been looking forward to seeing play out and it will only get more interesting the closer we get to June.  What do you think about these results?

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