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Christina Jeffrey, Candidate for US Congress, SC 4th Congressional District

Last week on Facebook, one of our Libertarian leaning friends posted an interesting comment.  It read…”just defriended a Congressional candidate.” -> view here

By the way, they live in the 4th Congressional District, which further fueled my interest.  So I had to inquire…who and why?

Come to find out, the candidate was none other than Christina Jeffrey.  The very candidate who claims to be a Tea Party candidate and invokes the friendship of Ron Paul frequently.

Needless to say, for you Ron Paul supporters out there, this does nothing to help your cause.

Apparently their camp was wanting to remove posts from Facebook that they felt were not on point.  According to our source, it was communicated with him (“paraphrased”) that they were deleting his posts because their ultimate goal was to win.

“Yesterday, I got an email from her daughter saying that she would be deleting posts that are not ‘on topic’. I started smelling a rat, and told her if she did that I would de-friend Christina both on facebook and in person. Within 10 minutes I got a call and a text from Christina saying that we ‘needed to talk’ …

This morning, I got an email from her daughter stating, in part, that ‘the ultimate goal is to win’.”

WOW!!!!  Ultimate goal is to win.  Not help better America, not change the ways of Washington.  It was all about winning.

And this is not the first time she has tried this.

Earlier in 2009, an anonymous poster on our blog made mention of her little served time as historian in Congress and how she was removed for controversial comments concerning history books that didn’t provide all the differing views of the Holocaust.  She was later found to be not in fault, but the particular commenter did not share that.

What happened though is she decided to come after me for allowing the comment to be posted and demanded that I take it down.  The point of the comment was true, it just did not share the entire truth.  You can view the comment here and the email here.

Have you had similar experiences with Jeffrey?  Share them below.

I will grant Paul posts a lot of things, sharing different views.  With that said though, she also made the request that he not mention anything about her history, in particular her stint as Historian under Newt Gingrich.  My apologies for leaving that out.

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  • Coriolanus

    The ultimate goal of any candidate is to win. They wouldn’t run otherwise. How can you serve your country and effect true change for the betterment of the people if you don’t win?

    Why would you defend someone for posting a comment that did not reveal the entire truth of a story about Dr. Jeffrey’s past?

    What does her friendship with Congressman Ron Paul have anything to do with this fellow getting offended about a normal administrative move, deleted posts that are not on topic?

    If you’re going to criticize a candidate, provide something substantive. There’s too much petty gossiping going around this race.

    • Paul T. Jansen

      If the ‘ultimate value is to win'; and you agree with it, you agree with cheating or misrepresentation to sell a product. Note that I am a ‘Consumer Reports’ kind of guy. I have a big problem with that kind of crap, and with those kind of politicians. Always have. Always will.

  • Matt

    All this leads me wondering what was the comment that was posted on Jeffries’ Facebook page that was removed? I mean, I’ve posted Feedback on the Facebook walls of candidates before, and all the Feedback I see is usually positive. Maybe they’re just too good to get any negative comments!

    I don’t know what it is that the guy posted on Jeffries page that was taken down. If it was some sort of insult to the candidate or some sort of kooky conspiracy manifesto…I would think it would be weirder if the candidate did not take it down. If some troll shows up on my Facebook page and posts junk then I’d take it down too. This just seems to be some guy getting all bent out of shape for no important reason…

    • Paul T. Jansen

      I think she (Christina’s daughter) was upset with a ‘Wag The Dog’ post, but I’ll have to ask her. If you haven’t yet seen the movie ‘Wag The Dog’, with Dustin Hoffman, you should see it. It gives you an insight into the executive branch and the spin process that is priceless.

  • Upstate Student

    I do always enjoy your obsessive posts on Christina Jeffrey, Gary. Can’t wait to find out the next big scandal rocking her facebook page. Maybe she’s secretly a blonde!
    Don’t worry, we’ll protect you the next time the big scary lady asks you not to defame her character. What were those awful things she said when she “demanded” that the infamous comment be taken down? I’ll just retype that private correspondence that you posted online and post it again, just to reiterate the awful threats she made…


    I meant to send this to my son, but I accidentally sent it to you–just as well–you should know how I feel about this, to wit, that it is wrong to print or say lies about someone.

    By the way, I like that you want to be involved (being a player and making money are good things, imo–my son is trying to do the same things where he lives) and I like the good work you did cleaning up the party, but I really want you to be more responsible with your blog–

    From a pragmatic standpoint, if you publish things that are blatantly and provably wrong about me, then you lose credibility and the good guys lose a tool that might do much good and in fact has already done good. Just because someone else’s name appears on the letter does not wipe out your responsibility for publishing it.

    All the best,


    How DARE she give you motherly advice? How DARE she call you one of the good guys?! And to think, the evil woman wants to WIN!

    • Paul T. Jansen

      Defamation? All you have to do is read her policy proposals. Start with her weird twist on the ‘fair tax’ in which she adds (by my math, check it out) a Euro style VAT to the EXISTING tax burden. Chump Change, IMHO.

      As far as character, that is one thing I like about Christina. She is a character. A definite unforgettable figure.

  • BruceLittlejohnBoulevard

    Um, Christina deleted a post off her facebook page? That is not “censorship”, it is her right, to keep her page up as she sees fit. Jim DeMint’s staff regularly “censors” facebook comments and questions…do you have a problem with that also?

    • Paul T. Jansen


      You are correct, it is her right, as it is Jim’s (DeMint). However, I think that if a person wants to go into public life, to be a ‘public servant’ as we used to call them back in the day, it would be in their interest to listen to what their bosses have to say. Do you agree?

  • Kelly

    What was deleted? I just clicked your link. It leads to Paul T Jansen. So I checked her page and it looks like nothing of his was deleted. His posts that I can see our Rodney Dangerfield first economic class, Japenese automakers, wag the dog, fear the boom, and a black hole called the federal reserve. Perhaps Jeffrey had a problem with his SPAM? Sounds to me like Paul had his feelings hurt. I wonder how many of his facebook friends have hidden him from view on their own facebook pages. ROTFLMAO

    • Paul T. Jansen

      No feelings of mine were hurt. Christina had called me a few months earlier and asked me, as a favor, to avoid posting certain topics on her page. which, as a favor, I did. (strike one); then she did a anti-deist (my particular religion, shared by many of our countries much loved founders) anti-first amendment spiel (I wouldn’t call it a speech) at the westside library (strike two); finally when her daughter sent me the email saying she was going to do selective editing, it was (strike three – and out) for Christina. On the SPAM topic, one person’s SPAM is another persons relevant point or clip. Unless folks do (excessive) Anglo-Saxon oaths, or post something that would cause the facebook AI engine/censors to sweat, I don’t censor posts on my wall. I expect the same courtesy.

  • Scott

    This article was forwarded to me due to the hilarity of the content.
    Gary, is this a blog of yours? Or do you consider yourself an investigative journalist? I ask because doing just a few minutes of investigation myself I discovered 20 posts by Paul T. Jansan to Christina Jeffrey in the month of January alone. 20?! That doesn’t even count how many times I saw his picture on her page. Not only did he post 20 times but he also commented on every single post he could. If his job is to be on Facebook, than he is doing a damn good job. I think he did Christina a favor by censoring himself and leaving her the hell alone.
    By the way, I am a FB friend to neither Paul or Christina but anyone can look at their pages. Which Gary, I think you should have taken the 5 minutes to see if this guy Paul was even telling the truth about being censored. The fact that he was even asked to stay on topic and not out right deleted is amazing to me.
    Oh and also let’s beat up on her daughter more for wanting her mother to win. That’s nice.

    • Paul T. Jansen


      I don’t leave any politician or political wanna-be ‘the hell alone’. Nor should you.

  • GOP Gypsy

    Seems Christina Jeffrey has turned her dogs loose on this blog. This is what she does; if she doesn’t like you, she goes straight into character assassination, then she just plays dumb and innocent.

    This is a dangerous woman – she craves power and she runs for everything that ever comes up. She has run for Congress before, and lost. She ran for some county position, and lost. She ran for a county party seat, and lost. She ran for a statehouse seat, and lost. She will lose this race as well because she is not in this for the right reasons and all of Spartanburg has figured it out. Makes one wonder why she left Georgia. Maybe she burned too many bridges? Just asking a question CJ – isn’t that the game you like to play?

    It is one thing to remove comments from facebook which are derogatory, inflammatory, just plane rude, or simply untrue. It is something else entirely to actively work to HIDE your past by not only deleting factual statements, but also making idle threats to people to keep them from speaking the truth. Could that be what has really happened here? Just asking…

    • Kelly

      Who knows what really happened? It is hard for me to trust Gary Coats word on the matter. He doesn’t appear to do any fact checking.

      • Paul T. Jansen


        Gary called me, and I verified my version of what went down. He asked for the emails that were exchanged, but I was unsure of the ethical issues involved, if Christina and Christina’s daughters agree, I will release them.

        From my experience with Gary over the last few years, I have found him to be extensive in his fact checking, he has called me to task, for example, in my bashing of Bob (Inglis) for voting for the patriot act. Technically speaking, I understand, Gary was right: He didn’t vote on the first passage, but voted for the extension. In my mind, voting for the extension of the falsely labeled “Patriot” Act was as bad as voting for the original. Or worse.

    • Marjorie Jeffrey

      GOP Gypsy,

      My mother IS a dangerous woman…otherwise she wouldn’t have been attacked by the Democrats in 1995 so vigorously. That’s the kind of dangerous woman I want representing South Carolina.

      As to your other remarks, Mom has run for Congress once before, in Georgia, coming in second in a field of 6 (or seven? I can’t remember). She ran for state house two years ago and lost by 120 votes. I’m not sure where you got your other facts, whoever you are. She was elected as a South Carolina delegate to the 2004 Republican National Convention and she served two terms as secretary of the Spartanburg County GOP.

      My mother’s past is all over the net – I invite anyone to look it up. So does she. Just get the facts right. Don’t publish libelous comments, don’t state things that are patently untrue! Isn’t that just common decency? Or have we lost all of that in this state?

      We moved to South Carolina in 1999 because my father was offered a tenure-track position at Wofford College – my mom left a tenured profesorship in Georgia. Don’t make wild accusations. If anyone’s making threats, it’s you people. The people are watching. You won’t success in blackening my mother’s name. She is a good woman. You’re certainly not a good person, whoever you are.

      Gary, we haven’t met, but my mom’s never done anything to you. She’s never been anything but kind. You’re being used by some pretty awful people, and I’m sure you’ll recognize that eventually.

      Oh, and with regard to the Paul Jansen thing, I don’t think anything of his was ever deleted…all my sister said was that we might have to delete posts.

      Look to the truth, and it will set you free. Veritas!

      • Paul T. Jansen

        Marj, you are not telling the full truth on this, or at least, getting the story straight. Veritas indeed.

    • Scott

      Dear Paul err I mean GOP Gypsy,
      I looked up your page, and Jeffrey’s and you were a plague. You complain that she only wants to win and now you mock her for losing. Which is it? Quit crying because your feelings were hurt. You are not as interesting as you think you are.

      • Paul T. Jansen

        Dear Scott,

        I am not crying. You should be if you get Christina as your next congessperson. I know her personally, she is nice and engaging personally, but her policy proposals are Chump Change.

        BTW: Look for a five-mile “free speech” exclusion zone around her if she gets elected. I am just saying. ..

  • Matt

    Well I can only speak for myself, but I didn’t comment as a supporter of anyone. Frankly I’ve been disappointed with how this entire campaign against Bob Inglis is turning out. From what I hear through the grapevine, Gowdy is having a hard time balancing the needs of a credible congressional campaign with the pile of stuff in the solicitor’s office; Thomas has resigned himself to being a CINO (Candidate-In-Name-Only) plus he knows he’s got the Sta

    • Paul T. Jansen

      Many people have told me around town ‘anyone but Bob (Inglis)’. But I don’t see a lot of real difference if you strip away the rhetoric and the pandering. Jim (Lee) I think is in this for the right reasons, but the scary thing is that even Bob thinks this of him. Note to Jim: Call Bob and have him say some nasty stuff about you. It’ll help you. A lot.

  • Matt

    Well I can only speak for myself, but I didn’t comment as a supporter of anyone. Frankly I’ve been disappointed with how this entire campaign against Bob Inglis is turning out. From what I hear through the grapevine, Gowdy is having a hard time balancing the needs of a credible congressional campaign with the pile of stuff in the solicitor’s office; Thomas has resigned himself to being a CINO (Candidate-In-Name-Only) plus he knows he’s got the State Senate seat to fall back on; and neither Jeffrey nor Lee are really marquee candidates who has a serious shot at this nomination.

    With all the Republican talent we have in the Upstate, it’s a shame someone with a real shot of winning didn’t step up to challenge Inglis with an agreesive campaign. Anyone who has worked in politics will tell you that the only way to beat Inglis is to run negative against him starting early on–telling people why to vote AGAINST Inglis is the key to winning. So far no one is doing that.

    If Gowdy can get his act together then he may have the money needed to make it a real race against Inglis. Yeah he’s basically got that establishment scent about him, but he’d be 100 times better than Inglis.

  • Morons.

    Sounds like a classic facebook rash situation. Get a life, people.

    • Paul T. Jansen

      Not a facebook rash situation, but a ‘third strike’ kind of thing. See my reply to Kelly above. . .

  • Morons.

    Are you censoring my website!!! why did it not come up on my originl posting? CENSORSHIP, CENSORSHIP!! I’M TELLING EVERYONE!!!

    • Paul T. Jansen

      Thanks for the link. I note, however, that I considered this a personal thing between me and CJ’s ‘editor’, but being disgusted after a series of emails, I posted a ‘status’ that I just ‘unfriended’ a congressional candidate (I did not name the candidate) and to my great pleasure and / or amusement I received several thumbs up on the status post and a question from Gary as to ‘whom’ I just unfriended. It kind of went on from there, and perhaps it should have. . .

      It would seem that a lot of folks consider a lot of the candidates to be every bit as vile, or even viler than the incumbents. And probably rightly so. In my view anyone that seeks power (or panders to get power) is not fit to wield it.

  • Paul T. Jansen

    I enjoyed the comments on this one and I am sorry I took so long to respond, this thread is probably long dead by now. Gary’s facts -are- correct, and though I would have written the post a little differently, it still was very good in his essential points, and in his telling of what went down.

    Privately, and in person, I have found Christina to be both nice and intelligent, but publicly, she (IMHO) panders quite a bit because she wants to win, and, as her daughter put it, ‘The ultimate goal is to win’. The usage of that -particular- phrase by her daughter is why I de-friended her, as much the (threatened) selective deletion of my posts. The threatened deletion / censorship of my posts was just the build up. Facebook rash? No, it was the end of a series of troublesome policy issues I have with CJ. BTW: Her daughter didn’t take the time (or had the skills) to think it through, she could have just deleted my posts, and blamed it on facebook. As flaky as facebook has been recently, I never would have known, and she wouldn’t have toggled my annoyance.

    It’s unfortunate: any politico (Christina) that climbs into a sports car (mine) with a crazy man driving (me) in hot pursuit of a incumbent deserves some respect. And Christina is with us on free markets, not with us on honest money and peace. But I don’t play with selective censorship or with folks who will do or say anything to win. We have been down that road before.