Spartanburg Tea Party

February 3, 2010 by  
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A new Tea Party organization has popped up in Spartanburg over the last several weeks.

Their first order of business, letting the conservatives know they are not in the endorsement business.  This could be considered a direct jab at the Boiling Springs Tea Party organization who has been fearlessly pimping Christina Jeffrey.  As we noted in our Fourth Congressional update, Jeffrey has been paying Upstate Printing & Publishing for services which happens to be the same address that the Boiling Springs Tea Party works out of.

Make sure you check out the Spartanburg Tea Party site and vote in their STP Survey.

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  • Kelly

    What do you mean they are not in the endorsing business? What business are they in?

  • Maria

    Not in the endorsement business? Hmmm….. Seems like I remember Spartanburg Tea Party endorsing Bill Connor. Seems strange anyway, when they have never had a tea party, and I might add it takes more than Karen to do vetting of candidate. Vetting takes a lot of time and effort.

    Gary Coates, God don’t like ugly. I am ashamed of you.

    • Gary Coats

      Glad you think I”m ugly Maria. Don’t know why your ashamed of me, not sure that I really care.

      As for STP endorsing, I wasn’t real pleased when that happened. You’ll also have to note the date of this article and the timing of the endorsement. Apparently something changed in their mind set.