The Fightin’ Fourth Year End Update

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In South Carolina’s most conservative district, the filing deadline has come and gone.

This cycle has seen the incumbent come out with the gloves off, taking on his challengers and pledging to debate as often as possible.  He even sent out one piece that seemingly endorsed another candidate in the race causing one campaign to call for Inglis to withdraw.  It has even become personal with some spouses getting in on the fun, taking jabs at other candidates or the candidate bullying the spouse.  You know who we are talking about candidates!

For transparency sake, I am volunteering on Jim Lee’s campaign.  As some of you may know, I have been one of Inglis’ biggest critics since I started The Conservativist.  Just ask Inglis, I am his biggest fan, all sarcasm is intended.

Lets take a look at the financial reports for the Fightin’ Fourth’s candidates (last reporting cycle only) and don’t forget to vote in our poll below.

Bob Inglis

Donors:  142
Contributions:  $122,599.13
Expenses:  $61,973.48
Cash on Hand:  $308,291.74

Of Inglis 142 donors, 18 of them are PAC contributions.  They include the NRA, GE (Inglis loves their wind turbines), Fraternity & Sorority PAC (is this where Bob learns how to sing and dance?), Duke Energy, Northrop Grumman, Microsoft, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Exxon.

Trey Gowdy

Donors:  143
Contributions:  $88,340
Expenses:  $64,011.95
Cash on Hand:  $204,649.74

It appears the Advance America and Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough PAC donated to his campaign.  Surprisingly not on his donor list is Barry Wynn, who appeared on Inglis’ donor list.  Trey is expected to have several cases coming up in the next months, so expect to see his ads more frequently over the airwaves as his campaign time will be limited.

Christina Jeffrey

Donors:  13
Contributions:  $10,391.00
Expenses:  $17,907.33
Cash on Hand:  $16,261.28

Of Jeffrey’s 13 donors, only four (4) of them are from within the district!?  She’s obtained money from Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Michigan and more.  It comes as no surprise that Jeffrey Sewell is now consulting her campaign (look at the plugs she gets from SCHotline)  See FEC Data or with a timestamp for those who want to challenge my research.  What I do find interesting is that she is on her 4th or 5th consultant now.  She has paid Sewell and Cassidy from this cycle, Dark Horse Strategy, Saber Communications and Michael Thompson in previous cycles.

Jeffrey has paid Upstate Printing and Publishing ~$1,400.00 which is located at the same address as the Boiling Springs Tea Party, located at 278 Giles Dr. in Boiling Springs, SC.

Jim Lee

Donors: 11
Contributions:  $4,795.15
Expenses:  $2,787.88
Cash on Hand:  $4,146.73

Jim Lee’s funding is surprisingly down this quarter.  Lee’s candidacy is based on “We the People” meaning that he hasn’t been visiting with all of the big money donors in the area.  While working out of state on technology consulting projects, Lee has been knocking on doors and making phone calls to the electorate, building grassroots support.  The question remains whether or not this will result in votes come June.

We hear the campaign has a big announcement coming, but we don’t know any details at this time.

David Thomas

Donors:  36
Contributions:  $30,739.00
Expenses:  $27,789.32
Cash on Hand:  $91,173.66

Of all the candidates, Thomas is the only one with pending debt, $4,243.83.  We have learned in the last few weeks, validated with FEC data, that Richard Quinn & Associates is advising on his campaign.  FEC data shows it as polling data, but it will be interesting if the Quinn machine will come barreling through with large sums of money in the next few weeks.  At least we know we will see pro-Thomas materials on The Palmetto Scoop.

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  • Paul M.

    Mr. Inglis isn’t right very often but he nailed it on the head when he said that Jim Lee is the only candidate running for all the right reasons. I might add that Jim Lee is also the only veteran in the race, having served in the USAF and USAF Reserves for over 25 years, he’s held the nation’s highest security clearances, and has also spent a career working in the private sector where he understands business and the economic engine of the US. More importantly, he is NOT a career politician and IS a proud member of the TEA Party movement. Can any other candidates claim any of these credentials?

    • Kelly

      Gary Coats says that Christina Jeffrey is endorsed by the Boiling Springs Tea Party. I know that Christina is from a military family, her father served as did both her sons. She is a professor of government and political science so I think she probably has a very clear understanding of how things are supposed to be done. We definitely don’t want them done they way they have been!!!

      • Logan-Seth Webb

        Since when does having knowledge of political science and government make one know how things are “supposed to be done”?! Just look at the majority of congress, and the legislative and executive branches of government!! Look at all the corruption! If you don’t want things to be done the way they have been, vote for someone who has no political experience, and who is a true conservative. The only candidate in this race who follows that description is Jim Lee.

        • Logan-Seth Webb

          The only candidate, as far as I know, who follows that description is Jim Lee.

          ** **

        • Kelly

          What does the majority of congress know about anything? I’m sorry but I would rather see someone who knows what they are doing. I would hate for history to repeat itself and having a representative who knows nothing about the constitution makes it more likely to happen. I appreciate Jim Lee’s service to our country and prowess as a business leader, but if you want a true conservative who knows what they are doing then Christina is the only way to go. And I’m sorry but an endorsement from Bob Ingles doesn’t get my vote.

  • Donna C.

    I would like to ask everyone who is with Jim and wants him to win the primary race to back that plea with a donation. If everyone would visit his website and give $5.00 and ask 5 friends to give $5.00 the money would build up fast. So many patriots who believe in Jimm Lee could participate for less than the price of a Combo meal.

    Please contribute $5.00 and help put Jim Lee in office. Jim is the right man to represent “We the People” in Washington. Help get him there by donating $5.00 today. Go to and give him Five then call five friends to do the same. Thanks for your contribution!

  • Matt

    So far I’ve been a little disappointed at the lack of major campaigning from all of the candidates, at least I’m not seeing a whole lot. Especially out of David Thomas, who I was inclined to support. This primary *should* be getting some national attention (to the extent that House primaries do) because you have a moderate Republican in a very red district who is being targeted from within.

    I know David Thomas was on Glenn Beck once which was cool. But Inglis gave these guys many openings that they failed to take advantage of. I’m still waiting on to make an endorsement, but no one looks credible enough yet as a challenger from the right of Inglis.

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  • Kelly

    I am so happy to hear that Christina Jeffrey is associated with the Tea Party! She gets my endorsement right now! No wonder many of her donors are from outside the district. I hope they come through for her like they did for Scott Brown.

    • Gary Coats


      I believe the Boiling Springs Tea Party is the only group that has endorsed her. It is my understanding that the other Tea Parties in the upstate have not endorsed.

      • Kelly

        You say that like its a bad thing. Is there something wrong with the Boiling Spring Tea Party? What am I missing?

        • Gary Coats

          All I am saying is they are the only one to endorse her.

        • Rick Mahler

          Kelly, There is nothing wrong with the Boiling Springs Tea party. At the risk of angering the very people that I agree with the most, I suspect that if asked the bulk of the groupwould not have chosen to endorse her. What we are needing is a true representative. we will not find that in her. How many times has she campaigned for office? Why was she dismissed as the House Historian? If there is one Republican candidate that truly represents the tea party movement, that would be Jim Lee. He(unlike some other candidates) is not running for any open seat that comes around in the hopes of becoming a politician. Before you jump to conclusions about my motives I can tell you this. A Jim Lee win in the Republican primary would not be good for me personally as I am running against the primary winner in the general election for the same seat. With that said I will also say it is not about me personally. This is about our district, our state, and our country. That is what moves me and I truly believe that is what moves Jim.

          • Kelly


            I don’t suspect your motives at all. Libertarian candidates never get elected no matter who they meet in the primaries.

            I can answer most of your questions via the internet. I’ve noticed that Gary Coats doesn’t seem to be to good at fact checking. For instance Jeffrey Sewell is not a paid consultant. But let me give this a try.

            In my own words Newt Gingrich fired Christina Jeffrey because he is a wimp who would not stick up for anyone even if it was his own wife lying in a hospital. Christina was asked to review curriculum and when the context of it was leaked she was branded as anti-Semite. She was later cleared by Abraham Foxman of the Anti defamation league and she received an apology from Newt Gingrich.

            But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can look it up on the internet yourself. My suggestion would be the National Review article by Tracy Lee Simmons

            or you can search Wikipedia,

            That is Rick if your question was a serious one.

            Also I have noticed that here at the Jim Lee Fan Club that many of you insist that he is not a career politician. Obviously. He is a business man. Good for him. I get that he wants to be a representative but with what creditably? An endorsement from Bob Inglis? That in itself is pretty scary. Look he sounds like a really nice guy. And on the issues he sounds a lot like Christina who as far as I know also considers herself a Tea Party Republican. I would just rather elect the one who is going to know what they are doing once they get there. Her years as a teacher of the Constitution, her extensive knowledge of the workings of the U.S. government, and her service on many government commissions, make her qualified to serve and represent us.

            Political Experience for Christina Jeffrey

            Governor’s Commission on the Year of the Child, 1978-80
            Alabama Women’s Commission, 1987-91
            Precinct Officer, Trinity Methodist Church, 2003-2009
            Secretary of the Spartanburg County Republican Party, 2003-2009
            Elected State-wide as a delegate to the GOP National Convention, 2004

          • Gary Coats

            Kelly, I beg to differ on Sewell connection. Look at the FEC reports. If the link does not work a screen shot will be attached to the article.


            Just like someone else we called out, politics as usual, you begin attacking my credibility…

          • Kelly


            I took a few minutes this morning to research your questions. Turns out if you google Christina Jeffrey pages and pages come up about her. Let’s try this one from the very first page “Trial by firestorm” by Tracy Lee Simmons and published in the National Review It really is a fantastic article but I will summarize. Jeffrey was fired from her post because of an evaluation she gave of a holocaust curriculum. Her statements were taken out of context and heralded as Anti-Semitic. She was later cleared by the Anti-Defamation League.

            How many times has she run for public office? That is also discovered via the inter web. 1st time was in 1998 in the 6th district of Georgia. She came in 2nd in a field of 6. She lost to Johnny Isakson the millionaire who was also backed financially through both parties. I am sure you remember the second time. It was a couple of years ago against Derham Cole. Derham has the same name as the last representative of that same seat but he did not run as an incumbent. Also it was questionable if he was even registered to vote. She lost by 104 votes. Are you aware that there is a strong desire today to elect people who have never held public office? Your trump card, and by the way, it is Inglis’ as well, is that Jeffrey has run before and lost. Well that has kept her out of public office ans people seem to like that. People on here seem to like that about Jim even though he has held office. According to his own Bio on his campaign page he was School Board official. Where? Why did he quit? How good are the schools where he served? He also says on his site that “As an information technology and business consultant, Jim has broad knowledge of private sector business as well as government – and the politics involved in each!” How? Does he receive Government contracts? How much taxpayer money does he get. Did he do a good job?

            By the way I don’t question your motives, libertarian candidates never win and for another reason – You, like Inglis are looking to run against a candidate who has very little understanding of the Constitution or public policy issues. This is not to say he isn’t a good man, but he isn’t what people are looking for now. That is probably why he is having so much trouble raising money.

            You are fascinated with Dr. Jeffrey and suspicious of her motives, but we know much about her and very little about Mr. Lee. Just Google her and you will get a dozen or so pages of information. And about Lee? Not even one.

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  • Lisa Gicking

    I’m with the ‘We the People’ candidate – and in the 4th District that is without a doubt Jim Lee.

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  • Lisa

    Who’s stealing all the Jim Lee signs in the Woodruff Rd, Roper Mtn Rd and Anderson Ridge Rd area?

    This is an embarrassment for our District.