John Moore to Announce Campaign for House District 38

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  23 February 2010

Contact: Donna Hicks
Phone: 864-804-2474

Businessman John Moore will officially begin his campaign this Thursday, February 25, 2010, at noon inside the manufacturing facility for Blue Ridge Log Cabins.  This will be open to the public and all are invited to attend.

With strong support from the Spartanburg business community, John Moore understands the need to recruit and retain quality jobs and has the experience and support to help make that happen.

In addition to economic development, Moore has pledged to listen to his constituents and take their concerns to the Statehouse.

“One of the most important things an elected official can do is to reach out into the communities they serve, and not just listen, but have a true understanding of situations which require attention,” Moore said. “It is our responsibility to put personal differences aside and work for what’s best for the people in our district.”

For more information on John Moore, please visit his campaign website;


To contact John Moore directly; phone: 864-597-9779; email:

Kelly Payne Relationship Revealed – What Does It Matter?

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Kelly Payne - Sup. Ed Candidate

Today, media outlets are reporting the sexually explicit emails of a relationship between Kelly Payne (candidate for Sup. Education) and Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom.

I for one am sick and tired of the media and public deeming the private lives of citizens, public or not, fair game.  Lets be real people, what the hell does it matter that Kelly Payne and Richard Eckstrom had a relationship!  Are we going to start announcing everyone’s affair to the mass public for us to oooh and ahhh over?

What is wrong with them expressing their sexual desires for each other?

How often do you share with your significant others your sexual desires via email or text message?

The person responsible for leaking these emails accomplished one thing and one thing only.  They have potentially ruined the careers of these individuals.  Payne’s teaching career will probably will come to a close because her private sexual messages were revealed to the public.  She could have returned to teaching had she lost her bid to be Superintendent of Education.  Now she will not be able to.

We don’t know what the repercussions for Eckstrom will be.  We have heard rumors of candidates jumping into this race and they will probably hurry to it now this so called “scandal” has been revealed.

Politics aside, the individual who hacked her emails is officially a criminal and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Our advice, don’t forget to change your passwords!

Congressman Wilson Endorses Livingston for Adjutant General

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CONTACT: Matt Nichols (803) 546-4177

Today, Republican Congressman Joe Wilson endorsed Major General Bob Livingston in his run to become the next Adjutant General of South Carolina.  The press conference took place at the South Carolina Republican Party Headquarters. Wilson’s endorsement follows the endorsement of current Adjutant General Stanhope Spears.

“General Livingston and I served in the Guard together; I visited him and the 218th every 3 months in Afghanistan. I have seen him demonstrate incredible leadership and judgment leading our troops. He is unquestionably uniquely qualified to be the next Adjutant General.”, said Wilson.

General Livingston went on to say, “This endorsement signifies that we are dedicated to taking care of our soldiers at home and abroad, as well as emphasizing quality family support at home.”

Today’s press conference is the most recent indication of Livingston’s broad base of support from National Guard members and the GOP establishment and grassroots communities. These factors, coupled with his substantial war chest makes him the clear front-runner for the GOP nomination.

Major General Bob Livingston is the President and CEO of Gregory Electric Co. In Afghanistan, he led South Carolina’s 218th Brigade and troops from 18 different coalition nations. Livingston currently serves on General Patraeus’ staff at Central Command.


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WEST COLUMBIA, SC – Adjutant General Stanhope Spears today announced his endorsement of Bill Connor for Lieutenant Governor.

“Having spent the better part of 16 years as South Carolina’s Adjutant General, I have learned not to give endorsements too easily to a candidate for public office. However, one of those exceptions is Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor – Bill Connor.

“He is an Army veteran and has been deployed with the South Carolina Army National Guard in the ‘Global War Against Terrorism.’  Highly decorated, he currently holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve.  He is a proven leader!

“Besides being a dedicated family man with three children, Bill Connor understands the business climate in our state and what needs to be done to promote job growth and economic stability.  He fully understands the concerns of our senior community in these difficult times but also realizes the tremendous potential and talent that resides in retirees.

“Bill Connor has all the traits – all the values – to make a great Lieutenant Governor.  I am pleased to support Bill Connor now, in the Primary and in the General Election.”

“It was my great honor and pleasure to serve in the South Carolina National Guard under General Spears both in peace and in war.  I am even prouder to have his support,” Bill Connor responded. “General Spears distinguished himself as a leader during the entirety his 38 years of service to the Guard, especially during his 16 year tenure as Adjutant General. I look forward to working with him as a voice for military retirees and veterans in our state.”

General Spears is the first current statewide office holder to endorse in the race for Lt. Governor.  He joins hundreds of veterans from around South Carolina as members of “Bill’s Brigade,” the Connor Veterans Coalition.  Other notable members of that group include Medal of Honor recipients Major General James Livingston and Colonel Chuck Murray.

Bill Connor is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserves who received the Bronze Star for his service in combat as the senior American advisor in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.  Bill is the first post-9/11 combat veteran to announce for South Carolina statewide office.   In addition to his Reserve duties, Bill serves as the Chairman of the Board of Orangeburg Christian Academy.  Bill is a graduate of the Citadel and USC Law School.

Common Sense Grandma Alienates Tea Party

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There has been much bru ha ha over the past few days concerning the attempted take over of the Tea Party by the SCGOP, the agreement that was reached, and Chairman Floyd’s TV News stops promoting the deal.

According to Americans Have Had Enough and the Upcountry Coalition of Conservative Organizations press release, the agreement reached with the SCGOP was different from what was communicated to the national media outlets.  The terms of the original agreement can be found here.  You’ll have to decipher that one.

In response to the Upcountry Coalition, the Common Sense Grandma1, Christina Jeffrey came out swinging at Russ Cassell, Roan Garcia-Quintana and others claiming they are republican haters to the same Tea Party leaders that support and rally around these individuals. Not a very smart move considering the voting base you are courting is that audience.

Guys, Roan Quintana, Kerry Wood, Russ Castle and Randy Simpson are GOP haters.

I think the guys above are agitating to beat the band and we should be careful. Not because I’m a candidate but because we will look bad as a movement if we beat people up unnecessarily. Listen to what she says – it’s just what Patrick said at the Greenville Exec Committee, not profound, not the way you or I would have said it, but not evil and not co-opting.

Even worse for Jeffrey, Cassell caught wind of this and aired her dirty laundry all over WORD (106.3) this morning.  We are still waiting for the highlights to be posted on, we’ll provide  a link when it becomes available.  NewsRadioWord Audio Link.

Sources indicate it was not a pretty morning for Jeffrey.  She was even referred to as “the nutty professor” a few times.  Ouch!

In my opinion, the entire premise and support base she built for this primary was completely obliterated this morning by trying to defend Karen Floyd’s statements.

Although it may have been the right thing to do, this may have killed any hope for a primary victory for Jeffrey in June.

Reporting in from Greenville, the abusive behavior of a particular candidate consistently running into people as an intimidation tactic as returned.  It wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t do it so often, repeatedly and inconsiderately.  We now have reports of this from the March for Life, Andre Bauer’s Christmas Party, Wade’s, and now Tommy’s Ham House.  You KNOW who you are!

Jeffrey managed to squeeze her way to the front at the Press Conference today to get beside GOP Chairman Karen Floyd and wanted to speak.  As soon as she tried to speak, the crowd shouted her down, told her they didn’t want to hear anything else from her.  Supposedly, she yelled back before Kibler said let her talk.  She issued an apology.  In fairness, Quintana stated that since Jim Lee was in attendance, it was only fair he had an opportunity to speak to.

Bob Inglis

The Inglis campaign came out with a full frontal assault on Trey Gowdy this morning.

The Inglis campaign has filed ethical violations to the FEC and SC Ethics questioning Gowdy’s potential use of state campaign monies in his congressional race.  This story was broke by Jason Spencer at the Herald Journal.

Also, Inglis has begun what has been termed a “blitzkrieg” in Union County over the last week. I’m not sure Union is used to having this much attention for the congressional race.

David Thomas

Thomas campaigns ads have begun to be aired during news broadcast in the upstate this week.

1 Common Sense Grandma was Jeffrey’s tag line for her 2008 election for SC House District 32

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