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January 29, 2010 by  
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Before the old poll system died, I was able to recover the voting data for the House District 38 race.

With that said, I would like to offer these disclaimers:

  1. Polling before and during January probably is not the best practice
  2. Web polling typically is not scientifically accurate.
  3. Our polls do there best to prevent users from voting multiple times

Things don’t look good for the incumbent, Joey Millwood.  Millwood, who is an outsider and doesn’t play by the standard rules of politics, appears to have upset the political establishment.  That doesn’t bother him though.  He’ll continue to do what he believes is right, stirring the pot when necessary.

With that said, here are the results of our first poll.  You can always vote in the new poll below if you don’t believe these results…

Candidate Votes Percentage
Doug Brannon 4 5.5%
Joey Millwood 15 20.8%
John Moore 46 63.8%
Bob Walker 4 5.5%
Other 3 4.4%

[polldaddy poll=2606264]

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  • Matt

    I hope Millwood is ready to wage an active campaign–Sullivan better have some sort of plan up his sleeve. And I hope the conservative groups popping up all over the county step up to the plate for Millwood. Electing one of the other two guys (who are both fine gentlemen) would be a step backwards for conservatives–notwithstanding who’s running the campaign of one of Millwood’s challengers. There was great progress we made in Spartanburg County just two years ago in choosing reform conservatives over typical status-quo politics–now’s not the time to go backwards.