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Looks like I missed a little bit of the action over the last month working on business projects.  It appears the next UFC fight will be held in Greenville and Inglis v Jeffrey will be the main event.

A little bit of history.

Back in August, about the time Congressman Inglis made the comments encouraging people to “turn off Glen Beck”, he called Christina Jeffrey out for inciting fear or fear baiting individuals in attendance at an Inglis campaign event.

At an October forum at BMW, Jeffrey wasted no time taking shots back at Inglis (reference to be provided soon, this is based off of memory).

Sometime in November, Congressman Inglis ran a piece on his blog and sent a mailer out to voters in the district talking up his conservative credentials and then describing his four opponents.  In this piece, he practically endorsed Jim Lee and sucker punched the Jeffrey campaign.

Christina Jeffries: Always an interesting take

Wofford Adjunct Professor Christina Jeffries always has an interesting and enthusiastic take on issues of the day. She served briefly as House Historian until Speaker Newt Gingrich relieved her of those duties following a controversy over some of her writings.

Of course, this is not news.  The Jeffrey campaign criticized me for allowing readers to even mention this incident in an earlier posting.

The Jim Lee team sent out a release last week commenting on Inglis’ quasi-endorsement.  The Jeffrey camp quickly reacted issuing a release of their own calling on Congressman Bob Inglis to withdraw from the 4th Congressional primary.

Then today at the grand opening of the new Spartanburg GOP headquarters, Congressman Inglis’ wife was addressing the crowd and recognizing a few individuals.  In lock step with the mailer, she recognized Jim Lee and shared that she was very glad to see him.  Immediately, she turned and stated:

“I’m not so glad to see Christina Jeffrey here.”

Immediately the jaws dropped on several of the GOP leaders in the room.

The only reason why I believe Inglis is expending this much energy on her is because of a recent Rasmussen poll showing that a Tea Party candidate is performing better than Republicans on a general ballot.  Jeffrey is doing everything possible to brand herself as the Tea Party candidate.

Needless to say, this battle is only beginning and it will be very interesting to see how this bout continues to develop.

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  • Reaganite

    Really good piece.

  • legend

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  • Rick

    Politics as usual. The statements by Mrs. Inglis further prove that the Inglis campaign feels threatened. Although Jim Lee may be the best option in the Republican race, that is not why they seem to “endorse” him. I can assure you that it is simply in an effort to shift votes away from the Jeffrey camp. Really all this does is show them for what they really are. Facts are, barring a major upset Inglis will win the primary unless a few people drop out. The incumbent vote is a powerful thing made even more powerful by the 4 primary opponents splitting the vote. My prediction… Inglis vs. Mahler in November.

    • Gary Coats

      No bias there is there?

      • Rick

        Bias?? I think that my view on the race is dead on. I have always been straight up with you and the constituents of the 4th. Had I been trying to play games I wouldn’t have let you know who I was. as I touched on in the previous comment I think that Jim Lee is the best Republican for the job. Somehow I don’t think that constitutes bias. Bias would be bashing all the candidates. That’s not me. As we have discussed the problem we have is our lack of representation. Inglis does what he wants. He forgot who he works for. I haven’t. I promised him that he will get fired. If a Republican can’t pull it off in the primary, I will do everything I can to make it happen in November. My prediction of Inglis vs. Mahler is not bias, it is sad. Sad that the Republican party is so willing to re-elect a RINO that it’s last hope is a Libertarian to keep conservatism alive in the 4th. Maybe one day the party will realize the middle of the road approach is not what The US wants or needs.

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  • Brian Frank

    Just like Rand Paul won the primary in kentucky in a Rand Slide, Christina will win the 4th in a landslide! She IS the Tea Party Candidate!