Andre Bauer – New Years Eve Party

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Andre Bauer New Year's Eve Party

Andre Bauer New Year's Eve Party

Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer will be hosting a New Years Eve party at the South Carolina State Museum on Dec. 31, 2009 starting at 8pm.  Admission is a requested donation.

We The People

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My father-in-law shared this with me yesterday and I thought it was pretty ingenious.  Needless to say, the father of The Mississippi Squirrel Revival has it the nail on the head with this one.  Enjoy.

The Gloves are Off in the Fightin Fourth

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Looks like I missed a little bit of the action over the last month working on business projects.  It appears the next UFC fight will be held in Greenville and Inglis v Jeffrey will be the main event.

A little bit of history.

Back in August, about the time Congressman Inglis made the comments encouraging people to “turn off Glen Beck”, he called Christina Jeffrey out for inciting fear or fear baiting individuals in attendance at an Inglis campaign event.

At an October forum at BMW, Jeffrey wasted no time taking shots back at Inglis (reference to be provided soon, this is based off of memory).

Sometime in November, Congressman Inglis ran a piece on his blog and sent a mailer out to voters in the district talking up his conservative credentials and then describing his four opponents.  In this piece, he practically endorsed Jim Lee and sucker punched the Jeffrey campaign.

Christina Jeffries: Always an interesting take

Wofford Adjunct Professor Christina Jeffries always has an interesting and enthusiastic take on issues of the day. She served briefly as House Historian until Speaker Newt Gingrich relieved her of those duties following a controversy over some of her writings.

Of course, this is not news.  The Jeffrey campaign criticized me for allowing readers to even mention this incident in an earlier posting.

The Jim Lee team sent out a release last week commenting on Inglis’ quasi-endorsement.  The Jeffrey camp quickly reacted issuing a release of their own calling on Congressman Bob Inglis to withdraw from the 4th Congressional primary.

Then today at the grand opening of the new Spartanburg GOP headquarters, Congressman Inglis’ wife was addressing the crowd and recognizing a few individuals.  In lock step with the mailer, she recognized Jim Lee and shared that she was very glad to see him.  Immediately, she turned and stated:

“I’m not so glad to see Christina Jeffrey here.”

Immediately the jaws dropped on several of the GOP leaders in the room.

The only reason why I believe Inglis is expending this much energy on her is because of a recent Rasmussen poll showing that a Tea Party candidate is performing better than Republicans on a general ballot.  Jeffrey is doing everything possible to brand herself as the Tea Party candidate.

Needless to say, this battle is only beginning and it will be very interesting to see how this bout continues to develop.

Jim Lee Thanks Incumbent for Endorsement

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Jim Lee, Candidate for SC 4th Congressional District

Jim Lee, Candidate for SC 4th Congressional District

Inglis: “…I’d want to lose to Mauldin businessman Jim Lee.”

Incumbent offers a solid endorsement of Conservative candidate Jim Lee

Mauldin businessman and Conservative Republican candidate for Congress in South Carolina’s Fourth U.S. House district, Jim Lee, thanked incumbent Representative Bob Inglis for recognizing the authenticity of his candidacy and seemingly endorsing his campaign.

In both an email and a mailer to supporters, U.S. Representative Bob Inglis offered an assessment of his opponents. On the Congressman’s website he states, “If I had to lose this race, I’d want to lose to Mauldin businessman Jim Lee. I’m impressed by the spirit he brings to the race and by the soundness of his positions. He is a committed Believer who’s in this race for all the right reasons.”

“I must admit I was somewhat surprised yet quite happy to hear about Congressman Inglis’ kind words about my candidacy,” Jim Lee said. “We’ve been receiving an overwhelming, positive response to our grassroots campaign about the need not just for a different Representative but for different representation. I’m excited to see that our message is resonating to the point the incumbent acknowledges it! I am hopeful this will inspire others to consider supporting my candidacy.”

Jim continued, “Recent polling and numerous political analysts all point to the fact that people are fed up and frustrated with the political status quo. People are tired of the ineffectual, self-serving, arrogant, and condescending political climate in Washington. They long for a candidate whose motivation for seeking elected office is to represent ‘We the People,’ someone who will be a statesman and stand and fight for the conservative constitutional principles and values on which America was founded.”

“Not only am I a Believer in the spiritual sense but I’m also a believer in the principles and foundations that make America exceptional: the Constitution, smaller limited government, fiscal responsibility, liberty, personal responsibility, self-reliance, and state’s rights. I am in this race for the right reasons and I’m gratified so many people, including our incumbent Congressman, appreciate the soundness of the positions I hold on the many crucial issues facing our country.”

Jim Lee is an active member and volunteer for many charities and civic interest groups as well as an Air Force veteran and current Air Force Reservist for over 29 years. For more information on Jim Lee, please visit:

Budget Cuts and Stimulus Monies

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In March 2009, 108 of our State Representatives voted to accept the $787 million dollar stimulus package and incorporated these monies into our operating budget for fiscal year 2010.

To this date, the SC Budget Control Board has had to cut a total of 9% (4% in Sept. 09 and 5% in Dec. 09) off of the budget which is approximately $440 million dollars.  My simple math shows me that 55% of the federal monies added to our operating budget has been cut out of the budget.

If we repeat last year with an overall cut of 15%, almost 90% of the federal stimulus monies added into the budget would be cut.

You can argue that this was not the federal monies all you want, but had the state honored Gov. Sanford’s wishes in excluding that money from the budget, for a more conservative budget, one could argue we would not be having the headlines we are seeing today.

According to WSPA, the first 4% reduction actually cut $85 Million from our education programs in the state.  Many of you may remember that our elected officials lobbying for this money said that teachers would lose jobs and schools would close had they not accepted the money.

My only question to our leaders is that if they could not survive without the monies then, how are they going to survive now?

I for one find myself in an ever delicate situation as the Spartanburg Charter School begins revising their budgets for the latest cuts. We are looking to cut an additional $36K or 5% out of our already tight budget.

The Public Charter School District (emphasis on public), which consists of a few brick and mortar schools (including SCS) and several virtual schools receives approximately $3000 per the state budget allocations. The Public Charter School District only receives funding from state sources whereas the traditional public school receives funding from federal and local sources as well.

For comparison sake, the average school district in SC receives approximately $11,000 per pupil before budget cuts and about $10,000 per pupil after the cuts.  Understand that these figures do not include transportation and other services, this is for primary education purposes.

Our leaders are claiming that they wish to reform education and provide public options, I want to ask them these questions:

  • Why are we not providing these kids with the same opportunities as their brethren across town?
  • Why can we not say as a state that every child gets $8,000 and it follows them to any public school they choose to attend?
  • What makes the students in the Fairfield School District ($15,240/pupil) more special than those in the Dillon 3 School District ($7,865/pupil) or the Charter School District for that matter($3000/pupil)?

If we are going to reform education, we must ensure that our students are equally funded.  It will also require our leadership to make hard decisions, including targeted spending reductions to non-essential services instead of broad brush strokes that drains the entire state.

SC State Budget Education Provisions