Spartanburg Charter School Open Enrollment

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The Spartanburg Charter School (SCS) has begun its open enrollment period to allow new students the opportunity to attend Spartanburg’s only alternative public school option.  The open enrollment period is primarily open for new kindergarten students, but a few seats remain in other grade levels.  Due to the limited amount of space at the school, enrollment will be based on a lottery pick in February.

What makes the Spartanburg Charter School special.  This is a quick overview of SCS’s program.

Spartanburg Charter School offers an educational program inspired by the Reggio Emilia method. The name is a reference to a village in Italy where, post-World War II, an educational philosophy emerged.  It emphasizes respect, responsibility, and community, encourages student exploration in an enriching environment, and has proven to be among the most successful educational strategies in the world.

The vision of SCS is the creation of a community of students with exceptional critical-thinking, creative, and problem-solving skills.  With these skills, students will achieve their personal and career goals and become engaged members of the communities in which they live.

In order to achieve this vision, SCS focuses on the “whole child” – addressing children’s cognitive, physical, and social-emotional needs as a means of maximizing their personal achievement.  SCS addresses these three aspects of development with research-proven methods:

  1. for cognitive development- an inquiry-based curriculum, single-gender multi-grade classes, and a core class size of 11 in grades K-3;
  2. for physical development- PE/yoga and recess every day;
  3. social-emotional development – the 2nd-Step Violence Prevention Program, school uniforms, and a school culture infused with the principles of respect, responsiblity, and community.

Furthermore, based on their MAP scores, kids are grouped, for part of EACH day, into Intervention or Advancement Teams in order to address specific skill deficits or advancement needs daily.

Check out to learn more and register your kids to participate in this one of a kind alternative public school option.

If you find the mission and education plan encouraging and would like to help financially, you can make contributions to the Spartanburg Charter School online by selecting the Spartanburg Charter School Founders Fund.

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