Jim Lee – Trunk or Treat!

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Jim Lee's Trunk or Treat

Jim Lee's Trunk or Treat

Jim Lee will be hosting a creative event this Saturday, October 31st to promote his campaign for US Congress.

This Saturday, Jim Lee will be giving away hotdogs and candy at what was formerly known as Dave Edward’s Used Cars on Highway 9 in Boiling Springs.

Scheduled to run from 2 to 4 pm Saturday, you can drop in and get your hot dog, let your kids do some early trick or treating and talk to the candidate for “We the People”, Jim Lee.

The event will go on Rain or Shine!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/turbopauljansen Paul Jansen

    We need to get Jim Lee in a Stearman towing a banner. And have him go up and down Highway 9 at rush hour, waving. He’s competing against Spartanburg’s home grown version of Roland Freisler. And Roland, er, Trey has US $200K to spend on adverts saying what a pro-constitution pro-liberty guy he is. (Not).



    IMHO, Trey is same ole, same ole. Chump Change. Jim would be different.

  • Matt

    This looks like fun. I think Jim Lee has been getting out there more to be visible with things like this than Thomas or Gowdy have. I guess they are spending all their time raising money which many candidates use as an excuse for putting off the grassroots stuff. I just hope Jim Lee is tapping into all the like-minded networks of activists in the Upstate for money, even though it will likely be small contributions.

    What I’d like to see from an insurgent candidate like Jim Lee is to really take the fight to Inglis–lay out everything in Inglis’ record since 2004 that parallels with the Democrats, go after him for talking down to all of us FOX News watching constituents, etc. Maybe be a little more honest and direct with your rhetoric than Gowdy or Thomas might be (are they really going to hit Inglis hard??)

    Some candidates recoil at the idea of running a negative campaign, but they really shouldn’t. Negative campaigns often work. This election needs to be a referendum on Bob Inglis and Republican primary voters need to know exactly why they should view the June primary as a vote against Inglis.

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