Lee Responds to Inglis’ Vote to Reprimand Wilson

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Jim Lee, Candidate for SC 4th Congressional District

Jim Lee, Candidate, SC 4th Congressional

Jim Lee, candidate for the Fourth Congressional District, issued the following statement regarding the House of Representatives’ resolution expressing the disapproval of Congressman Joe Wilson’s behavior during the joint session of Congress on September 9, 2009. Congressman Inglis joined with the Democrats and voted in favor of this resolution.

“It is frustrating that Congress has no time to read legislation it proposes, spends money it doesn’t have, fails to provide proper oversight over the Executive branch, and continues to treat with contempt the people of this country.” Lee stated. “It is infuriating that the House, in a disingenuous display of hypocritical, self-righteous indignation, was more worried about the supposed honor and decorum of the House that they swiftly passed a resolution expressing disapproval of Congressman Wilson’s behavior. Perhaps if there were more candor and truth within the House like that expressed by Congressman Wilson I might consider seriously the possibility that any member of Congress were truly offended.”

“Like Congressman Wilson, I regret his brief moment of incivility. I am proud that he immediately and without equivocation apologized to the President. However, all that does not diminish the truth in what Congressman Wilson said.  Congressman Inglis apparently felt it was more important to go along to get along and side with the Democrats and voted in favor of the resolution. It is clear that the Congressman, like the other out-of-touch representatives in Washington, is more concerned with being a part of the club than standing for principle.”

“I saw first-hand the overwhelmingly supportive response by over 1.7 million patriots to Congressman Wilson during the March on Washington this past weekend. All of this is just further proof that we need not just a new Representative in Washington; we need new representation for ‘We the People’.”

Jim Lee is running for South Carolina’s Fourth Congressional District which encompasses precincts in the counties of Greenville, Spartanburg, Union and Laurens. Jim is an Air Force veteran and a current Air Force Reservist for over 29 years, and working in the technology industry for 25 years. For more information, please visit www.JimLeeForCongress.com.

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  • F. E. Olsen

    I think that Inglis has been “unrepresenting” South Carolina for too long. I told him several years ago that I would never vote for him again after one of his liberal decisions. It pained me not to vote for him because I felt like I was voting for the Democrat indirectly. But I did not vote for him and absolutely will continue to oppose him in any political position that he may decide to run for.

    I do not think that Joe Wilson should have shouted out in the House, but the Democrats said a lot worse about President Bush and I did not hear any complaints about Bush being called a liar.

    Thank you for letting me vent.

  • Sean

    Jim Lee should grow up and admit that there were 60-70,000 people protesting in DC, nowhere near a million, much less ‘1.7 million.’ Also, they were not there to support the petulant, bed-wetting liar from South Carolina. It was an anti-healthcare reform and anti-Obama rally. Get the facts straight, or you will always be exposed for your true self: a dishonest panderer who will repeat lies, and like Wilson’s statements yours will be proven false. Are you people still pretending to be Christians? If so, you really ought to cut out bearing false witness and lying, don’t you think?

    • Patriot

      Sean, were you there? If you were then you would realize the amount of people that showed up. 60-70000? 1.7 is definitely more like it. It was an outstanding showing of Americans outraged at ridiculous government spending for things that gov’t has no business being a part of. The focus of the rally was the government as a whole, and who is at the center of it right pushing for government run health care? Obama.

      The Republicans in office for the 8 years prior did an awful job as well, they increased spending by a stupid amount, and now we are at the breaking point to where we are operating off of funny money. It is time to replace them all and put people back in who will do their job to serve the people.

      Your response to this post is also ridiculous in the fact that you haven’t posted a single fact. It is typical rhetoric that liberal athiests spew.

      Do you know Jim Lee? Do you have any information or experience with him to judge his faith? Do you have anything that he has lied about or shown a false witness? If so then please share it? I guess if you did, you would have posted it the first time. Go read the Huffington Post if you want more liberal propaganda.

      • Kurt

        Nobody is saying 1.7 million anymore. It was always a bogus number.

        Even the conservative news sites are saying 600,000.

        The more moderate ones are saying 100-200,000.

        The police and fire department in Washington are saying 60-75,000.

        I do tend to go with the officials in washington. People always get pissed off by their estimates (both liberal and conservative) because they’re ALWAYS lower then what the people promoting the event want to say.

        But most of the time they’re viewed as the most accurate.

  • Paul

    Sean exhibits the favorite tactic used by the liberal left and media. Rather than address the issue being discussed they pick out some superfluous detail that has nothing to do with the discussion, ala Jimmy Carter declaring that Joe Wilson’s outburst was race-based. You’ll note that little time is being spent on the actual issue Mr. Wilson pointed out and congress immediately set about correcting in there various bills to ensure some form of accountability or verification of eligibility for benefits. So, right or wrong in his outburst, Joe Wilson actually managed to further the discussion and cause at least 1 issue of concern to be fixed. In the end, that is what our elected officials are supposed to be doing…protecting America, in this case protecting our health care system from being fraudulently used by people who are not eligible (they can still get care in emergency rooms and free clinics, just not participate in the health program being considered in congress).
    You will note that I am not taking Sean’s bate to discuss the number of Patriots at the TEA Party (I was there), Jim Lee’s religious values (I know Jim personally unlike Sean), and the REAL reason for the TEA Party (everyone in attendance had their own personal reason for coming and many displayed their position with their signs, many of which were inspiring and imaginative…I loved the one with Obama dressed as Erkle (sp?) saying “Did I do that?” standing next to an economic chart showing declining trend). Don’t take this guys bate folks. He, like his mentor, Mr. Obama, just want to derail the focus of the discussion. Stay on point and be dismissive of these fools just as they are trying hard to dismiss all of the Patriots turning out to be heard. Never argue with a fool, as the on-lookers may have a hard time deciding who is whom.

    A Proud Conservative.

  • Kurt

    I really can’t see why anyone is defending Wilson. Getting a slap on the wrist from the house for acting like a moron during a presidential speech seems reasonable.

    I wouldn’t interrupt a complete stranger talking at a podium at a PTA meeting… and this guy interupted the president of the united states giving a public address. A slap with a newspaper and a “Bad Dog!” does not seem unreasonable to me.

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    I really can’t see why anyone is defending Wilson. It pained me not to vote for him because I felt like I was voting for the Democrat indirectly.