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Congressman Bob Inglis

Unfortunately, Adam Fogle over at the Palmetto Scoop beat me on the scoop in the 4th Congressional District.  I guess that is one of the disadvantages of being a parent and raising the family in the world of news stories.

Today, the US House voted on H. Res. 744, The Joe Wilson Resolution.

Resolved, That the House of Representatives disapproves of the behavior of the Representative from South Carolina, Mr. Wilson, during the joint session of Congress held on September 9, 2009.

The idea was to publicly reprimand the Congressman Joe Wilson because of his “You Lie” outburst during Obama’s speech to the nation.  Joe Wilson had issued apologies to the President after the incident and Obama had accepted those apologies.  Wilson felt that was good enough.

With that said, you figured most of the Congress would be logical and vote against this resolution.  They didn’t and our very own Congressman Bob Inglis decided his public apology was not enough.  Here is the screenshot of his twitter feed.

Part 1: Joe Wilson apologized to President. Part 2: He should apologize to House for rule violation. That would end the matter.

Joe Wilson analogy: I speed, lose control of my car and hit your car. Part 1: I fix your car. Part 2: I pay my speeding ticket. Case closed.

In our next articles, we will speculate on the logic and reason behind this vote.

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  • Eneils Bailey

    Bob’s not too bright, is he?

  • Martin Jones

    Joe had to do something to get him out of the dog house for voting for TARP. Now what’s Inglis going to do to get out of the dog house? Suppose he doesn’t want folks like me to vote for him anymore. But then again it does seem to be a good distraction from getting Obama care passed. Although they shouldn’t be discussing if Wilson should have said what he said, when he said it, but if it was true.

  • Chris Moore

    Between his appearance at the town hall a few weeks ago and this today he’s earned my vote next fall. If anything, he’s shown just how much more intelligence and decency he has as compared to his peers.

  • Larsar

    It takes a lot of courage to be different and to stand one’s ground. In fact I wouldn’t be at all surprised if many of the chameleons on capitol hill get fired….’cause that is what should happen.

    It was not that many years ago that CONGRESS reprimanded another colleague of theirs by the name of James Traficant…. even though they could not prove, nor did they prove any WRONG doing on his part. Once a coward always a coward, and cowards take the easy way out of everything….cowards will do what ever is needed to save their own necks. lying, cheating, stealing, and even MURDER…

    Since Bob Inglis shows no sign of MOXEY, no METAL, in the make-up of his character, and has built his house up the sand…. Then he should sink into oblivion. With some help from others it can be made a reality. I for one will work to get Bob Inglis voted out of office.

    Who is this Obama/Soetoro impostor that all these criminals think so much of… He calls his grand mother a liar…. hmmmmm does cause one to take a much closer look..

    By the way James Traficant does and will have my support… So will Joe as long as he remains truthful…


  • Andrew Greer

    Good for Bob. It was a no brainer based on House rules.

  • Paul

    Mr. Greer,
    Normally, Sir, I would agree with you that if a rule is broken in any forum, then the offender should be punished. However, if I were to finish that thought I would add that the offender should be punished in the same and equal manner as every offender before him. Therein lies the problem. The House, which during most of the last century was controlled by Democrats, selectively chooses which rules to enforce, when to enforce them, and to what degree. Numerous Democrats accused the previous President and Vice President of lying and much worse. Yet, no public stoning was saught or granted in any of those cases. Perhaps they’d consider addressing far more serious offenses, like fraud and tax evasion among their membership. The lack of consistent enforcement and punishment lends credence to the notion that Joe Wilson’s outburst (and punishment) are being used for political gain. So, with that in mind Mr. Greer, Sir, I must respectfully disagree with you and wish Mr. Inglis could have seen this charade for what it is, campaign fodder in 2010. Mr. Inglis has once again gone the exact opposite direction than the majority of his constituents and nearly all of his base. He’s consistent if nothing else.