Campbell Calls Brown Out on Town Halls

August 27, 2009 by  
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Carroll Campbell, presumed candidate for SC First Congressional District, has called Henry Brown out on his most recent “flip-flop” regarding Brown’s summer recess and town hall meetings.

On an edited screen shot, the Campbell campaign captured a Facebook posting from July 30th, 2009 where Brown told a constituent that he was to busy to hold a town hall meeting in August.

Campbell’s charges come a day after Congressman Henry Brown’s office announced a town hall meeting in Charleston on September 3rd.

Campbell said the following in his press release:

“Now weeks later – after newspaper stories and others joined in the concern over his failure to do his job – he has reversed course. This is a pattern for Mr. Brown and it proves that the people of the District can do better,”

“This is a pattern for Mr. Brown,” said Carroll Campbell, “I guess it is to be expected from old-style politicians, playing old-style politics. For too long the people of the district have just seen newsletters in their mailboxes claiming he was working while he has been largely silent. It should not take pressure from outside forces to get a Congressman to do his job. A flip-flop is not what we need from our Congressman.”

On the flip side of the story. Brown never said he was not going to hold a town hall meeting.  He just said he was not going to have one in August.

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  • Rick Rosado

    Henry Brown is an needs to go in the next election .

  • Kurt

    Umm… so he said he wasn’t going to have a town hall in August… and didn’t have one in August… and he’s flip flopping?

    That’s not the best argument I’ve heard. Sounds like he was pretty accurate in his statements.