Let’s Talk with Bob Inglis

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Bob Inglis - SC 4th Representative

Bob Inglis - SC 4th Representative

Congressman Inglis will be hosting his monthly Let’s Talk events on Monday, August 17th in Greenville and Spartanburg.

A staple of Inglis’ campaign, the Let’s Talk events allow skeptics and supporters alike an intimate forum to address their concerns and look for solutions to the nations problems.

This months event concerns “Health Care” which should lead to more interesting discussions.

Details on the events are below:

Greenville Let’s Talk
Tommy’s Ham House
7:30 am

Spartanburg Let’s Talk
Wade’s Restaurant

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  • John

    Is Bob wearing his pajamas in this picture? What kind of apparel is that to wear at a meeting?

    This photo captures his arrogant attitude.

  • mark

    Pajamas would be fitting attire for Bob, because he is definately living in
    LA LA land !!

  • Rick Rosado

    I am a disabled veteran who fought on foreign soil to protect our country and our constitution so we may have the freedom we have today . But yet this goverment would like to take our freedom away and destory our way of life and our constitution . I pray the day dont come that I have to fight in my own back yard . Please belive me I WILL ! Bob , you can take that back to Washington .

  • http://www.scfairtax.org John Steinberger

    Ask Rep. Inglis why he doesn’t support HR-25, the FairTax Act. Our income tax code is sending millions of jobs overseas and crippling consumer confidence. We need to empower small businesses to keep all of their revenue so they can hire people.

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  • http://SCpatriot.com Larry

    Bob is in an “inside the beltway” mindset – answering questions no one is seriously asking. He’s correct that there is some fear out there in the grassroots, but it is not the disabling fear that he mistakenly perceives.

    The folks are energized. He completely misread the Boiling Springs Town Hall and The Clock meeting afterwards and i told him so. The prevailing emotion is not fear although the founders feared Federal government.

    The prevailing emotion is ANGER! The people are fed up with re-writing history, ruling by fiat instead of the US Constitution, and the aggressive attempts of the president and administration to make the USA poorer and into something she was never intended to become. It may fit the demented dreams of someone’s son to spread the misery, but it departs from the dream of “we the people” for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    Bob “excused” President Obama, Bob’s votes, his “conservative views” and, well, yes – he “excused” the people in his district. You’re “excused” from “class” y’all because “teacher” Bob isn’t listening – he knows better since ’92 what’s best for you. No wonder there is such a field of candidates running against him. Lee and Gowdy have already been our honored guests and we look forward to Jeffery September 17. SCpatriot.com

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