Did Inglis Read the Defense Bill?

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US Air Force C-37 | Gulfstream G550

US Air Force C-37 | Gulfstream G550

For those of you who made it to the Boiling Springs Town Hall meeting last Thursday night, you may have witnessed Congressman Bob Inglis flounder on a few questions.

One of those questions regarded the recent approval by the US Congress to purchase eight (8) brand new Gulfstream 550 (C-37) and Boeing 737 (C-40) aircraft.

Buried somewhere in the 170+ pages of H.R. 3326, a line item exists concerning these purchases and according to roll call vote 675, Congressman Inglis voted in favor of the bill (check out opencongress.org for an easy to use interface).

In the same meeting, Congressman Inglis vowed to “skim” through the bills and read some sections after admitting earlier this month that he had not read H.R. 3200.  Given the Congressman’s loss for words over the question raised Thursday night, one may question whether or not he actually read H.R. 3326.

So, I decided to see how hard it would have been for the Congressman to have read the bill and see if he knew about the provision.

Upon reading the bill at 2 am this morning (Congressman work late right?) for about an hour and a half, I was unable to find the provision.  Even given some of the facts found on news sites such as Politico and RollCall.com, not enough information was provided to clearly identify the provision.

There were several sections where I was able to find transfers of funds and allocations of funds in the amount of $550 million, there was still no clear cut evidence where the money was going.

With this said, I cannot legitimately call him out for not reading this bill.

So you tell us, can you find the previsions and if so, do you think the Congressman read the bill?

Full Text of Bill:  OpenCongress.orgLibrary of Congress
Charts and Data: Library of Congress (click on the house reports link to see this information)

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