Why Did DHSG Drop Jeffrey’s Campaign?

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Christina Jeffrey, Candidate for US Congress, SC 4th Congressional District

Christina Jeffrey, Candidate for US Congress, SC 4th Congressional District

We learned July 1st that DHSG dropped Christina Jeffrey’s campaign for Congress.  A month later we are still searching for the true reason and we will put it to you to figure out.

We spoke with Kerry Wood at Dark Horse Strategy Group and he stated that a lack of confidentiality and a refusal to sign a contract were the leading causes for their separation.  Kerry refused to go into details in respect of his relationship with Jeffrey.

In an email we received from Jeffrey, she confirms that DHSG did drop her campaign but they were never her consultants.

According to our email records from Dark Horse Strategy and Christina in the months prior to the separation, several indicated that they were organizing and working on projects in regards to her campaign.  The press releases concerning the Keyes events and the press release announcing her candidacy indicates that DHSG was consulting her campaign.

But if you don’t trust my reporting, then let us go to the Herald Journal’s Craig Peters:

Jeffrey has hired Kerry Wood as campaign manager and consultant. Wood most recently managed Shane Martin’s successful run for the S.C. Senate 13 seat.

Spartanburg Herald Journal – 1/24/2009 – Jeffrey says she’ll challenge Inglis in 2010 GOP primary

We decided we would go visit the all telling FEC Data.  If she is following the rules, we should find something in her reporting.

According to Wood, he claims he was working with Jeffrey on her campaign starting in the last quarter of 2008. FEC records reveals that Dark Horse Strategy received $1870 from the campaign in the 7 months he was working with her.  She also paid 2 other organizations $2500 for consulting services.

In other notes:
Andrew Smart dropped out of the race and endorsed Trey Gowdy for the seat.  We learned about this rumor late in June but we were never able to confirm it.  We wish Andrew and Julie the best as they continue on with their lives.  I don’t expect Andrew to be missing long.

Inglis has yet to publically call on Sen. David Thomas to take a leave of absense or take part time pay while serving as a State Senator.  On June 1st, Inglis called on Gowdy to take a leave of absense or part time pay while campaigning.

Sen. David Thomas is further looking into Gov. Mark Sanford “trysts”.  It was reported that only 1 Senator attended his hearing on July 24th, himself.

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  • http://www.wolfereports.com Wes Wolfe

    In Thomas’ defense, legislators are part-time, so he’s already taking part-time pay. Or, that’s how it’s commonly understood, anyway. I’m sure there’s some regulation out there that says different.

    • http://www.theconservativist.com Gary Coats

      The point was that Inglis is not consistent. Thomas will be campaigning in the middle of his legislative session for a higher office, so you would think Inglis’ logic would still apply.

  • Ron J

    Great article but the best/funniest thing is that only one Senator showed up at David Thomas hearing, himself. Lol that is funny. I think he needs to let that go, it is done, and no one cares.

  • http://fortliberty.wordpress.com/ Fort Liberty

    Jeffrey gives me a headache every time she speaks. She answers all questions like a hybrid of a politician and a college professor (of which she is both)….talks too long, never gets to the point, and you learn nothing while wishing you had the last hour and a half back to do something better with your time.

    Thomas is chasing after a head horse. Enough said.

    Gowdy has been eerily silent.

    Inglis keeps trying to improve his “Conservative” image and I think that the people of the SC4 will actually fall for this guy again. (At least in the primary)

    • History of Patriots

      There is one other candidate in the race…Jim Lee. I would have to agree with you, and particularly about Jeffrey.

      Jim Lee definitely has the potential to stir up the pot of overcooked politicians, similar to Demint.

      • http://fortliberty.wordpress.com/ Fort Liberty

        Although I do not see Jim going too far or changing the dynamics of the race, he has the potential to stir up some issues and keep the people listening rather than tuning out.