Lt. Governors Race, what the ethics report tells us

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ken-ardThe ethics reports filings were posted online July 15, 2009, and it seems like the only Lt. Governor’s Candidate who really has a grasps on this election is Ken Ard from Pamplico, SC. He is leading the candidates in more ways than one, number one is the campaign fundraising. It seems that Ard has grasped the concept of running a statewide campaign due to the fact that during the last quarter he doubled what Connor’s Campaign gained. Ted Pitts’ campaign has a lot to be desired if he wishes to be in the race for much longer. When a campaign only has $13,000 in the bank and the primary is a year away that leaves a lot of unanswered questions, as to what type of effort is being put on the table (i.e. what kind of fundraising is happening) for this campaign.

From my point of view I see Ken Ard making more progress through the next quarter, possibly doubling this quarter’s contributions. Bill Connor needs to step it up somewhat due to the fact that Ken Ard even has more contributions on hand, while Connor has had the advantage from being in the race the longest.  I’m not endorsing any candidate for Lt. Governor, but I am saying that it is pretty obvious that the candidate working the hardest to become the next Lt. Governor for the state of South Carolina is Ken Ard.

The primary for 2010 will be a tight one, as the top two candidates are Ken Ard and Bill Connor. These candidates are the only ones putting forth the effort that has yet to be seen by Ted Pitts.

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  • Matt

    Saw this Tweet tonight from Rep. Alan Clemmons–

    RepAlanClemmons News flash: SC Rep Tim Scott, 1st black Republican member of SC General Assembly is running for SC Lt. Governor.

    I can’t find anything else on this. If this is true then that will definitely shake up the still developing race for SC2.

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  • Earl Capps

    Connor’s people will probably tell you (again) that somehow this proves I’m Ken Ard’s payroll.

    If Tim Scott is in the race, then maybe the Governor’s crowd ain’t behind Connor?

  • April

    I think that this proves what Ken Ard has said from the getgo, that if you’d give him 18 months he’d work his butt off to earn your vote…..seems to me he’s working quite hard.

  • jimmy

    Ken Ard is the man!!!!

    He is doing all the things necessary to win the race and he will continue to raise big money

    Ken is a successful businessman and a proven leader who will serve us well as Lt Gov

  • Phil Crocker

    This is just further confirmation of what I realized from a personal meeting I had with Ken in Florence. He is my candidate for Lt. Governor. I’m looking for continued reports like this one in advance of the 2010 primary.

  • Hector G.

    Interesting that the first thing Earl Capps posts is a stab at Connor (er, Connor’s “people”). The second variable is that he insists he holds no allegiance to Ken Ard, even though there has been no such suggestion in this thread. Th third variable – Capps exposes his excitement that “the Governor’s crow ain’t behind Connor.” While Capps wants us to think he’s not behind Ken Ard, his disdain of Connor is clear. Therein stands his obvious support for Ken Ard. Intriguing how freudian is the cover up in CApps’ post to let us know “up front” that he’s not behind Ard. Clearly, Capps’ reference point is a disdain for Connor – obviously a result of support for Ard. It would be nice to know that up front as we read Capps’ blog. Connor’s primary weakness thus far is that he hasn’t had a blog host trash the “other guys” for him like Capps is doing for Ken Ard.

    Hector Gonzales

  • Earl Capps

    Hector, how about I expose myself and you blow me?

    Geez, dude, get a life. Why do you think this race is so freakin’ important anyway? What did I do to you – sleep with your wife or steal your girlfriend?

  • AmandaMoore

    My money is on Lt. Col. Bill Connor.
    He is by far the most conservative. Not to mention… the best man for the job!!! I’ve been to all of the CFL meetings and the Campaign for Liberty folks are all behind Lt. Col. Bill Connor… His grassroots support is becoming a force that all of the other candidates wish they had.

  • KW

    Dirty dirty language is not flattering AT ALL Capps. Who can take you seriously when you do that?
    The article says Ard “is leading the other candidates in more ways than one” however it talks about only money. So what if he has the most money. So did Lindsey Graham. (Graham would have lost except for the knee jerk RHINOS and the democrats he courted.)Money doesnt mean he is the best person. Money gets behind those who will do something for the money.
    We went to Ard’s free food chat after the SC GOP convention. I found him nice enough but he was seriously clueless about most of the issues with crimes against the Constitution and strings attached to the Stimulus Bill that, at that time, Sanford was resisting.
    Connors is my man; a proven record of leadership with no political ties. That’s the kind of men/women we need to elect. Not the same old Good ole Boy career types who do what they are told from those who give them money. As to Tim Scott, he is also nice but can’t beat Connor.
    The grassroots Americans will be deciding the next elections whether you know it or like it. It will be good for the country to get to the truths they are ignoring. Check out to see how to support good candidates.

  • Larry

    Why wouldn’t Jamie Lee Rogers have a better view of Ard since they are in the same “backyard?”

    I’m looking to learn more from Roger’s new contributions. But I’m also looking at character rather than the money report when it comes to potential candidates. Money is certainly important, but we would do well to plumb the depths of character for all candidates including Lt. Gov.

    I am open to visiting with others when they get in the Upstate and had a near miss with Thomas. The man, Bill Connor, I find very compelling in my interactions with him. Others will have to exceed awesome. There have been some real surprises in the political arena! Let’s have crystal clear character in the forefront of our examinations. It would be what our Founders cheer. If we win and don’t have that then what do we win?

  • Harry Nelson

    Look at the very same ethics reports the author references. The author, Jamie Lee Rogers, contributed $2,100 to Ard’s campaign, and then also has been paid $2,100 to do work for Ken Ard’s campaign!! Is Ard really working hard for all that extra money (some of which isn’t even real?)

    Might that influence this story?

    Ard, I am sure, is a fine gentleman. But, politically, he is a paper tiger. His base is small. Few numbers of high dollar contributions (and some that aren’t even real). The very same ethics reports show fewer dollars, but many more contributors. (Who’s been working harder?) I’ll take that guy, politically, any day.

    I’ve known Bill Connor for over 20 years. Bona fide conservative. Already proving that he’ll work his butt off for the citizens of S.C.