Fake Audra Shay Twitter Account Pops Up

July 13, 2009 by  
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It appears that the attacks are on full string against Audra Shay.

Recently accused of making and supporting racial slurs, her online social media precense had disappeared as of July 9th.

We received a comment today saying a new twitter account has been created but after quickly looking over it, there appears to be a lot of inaccuracies.  Check out the screen shot.

So what is wrong with it.  Well first of all, the web address is completely wrong on her profile.  It points to www.youngrepublicans.com which is not the website of the organization she now leads.  It is www.yrnf.com.

Secondly, alot of the accounts look brand new that have linked to her account.  And every single post is laced to look as if she is still actively acting in the manner she is accused of.  It all seems to fishy.

We’ll keep you up to date on what we find out.

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  • http://uis.blogspot.com Aakash

    I am glad that, despite having come into the situation quite late, I was still able to participate in the #YRNF [ ;-) ] election debate and 2009 National Young Republicans Convention – and I’m especially glad that it was held right here, in the Midwest! (And not far from Springfield, IL!!)

    I’m also glad that I got to participate, in the Twitter ‘wars,’ re: the election. This is the first time that I’ve participated in a nationally-focused Twitter dialogue in real-time, over a major & heated issue (well, perhaps the second time ~ but the first in which my Tweets were of significant consequence).

    It is sad, and unfortunate, and somewhat-scary, how something like this (on Facebook!) was blown so out-of-proportion, for political purposes.

    I am glad that Audra has won this election, and am glad that I got a chance to meet her, and so many other fine leaders, in Indianapolis this past week!

    I have mainly been involved with the College Republicans, and many other conservative/GOP activities, at the national, regional, statewide, and local levels… while the Young Republicans (YRs), is an organization I have only tangentially been involved with. I am thinking I may be getting more involved with the YRs though, in the near future.

  • http://www.susansalisbury.squarespace.com Susan Salisbury

    The Dems have declared all out war against any woman or minority person who dares to affiliate with the Republican party– When racist comments pop up on a Repulican blog my bet is that its some phony dem trying to make us look like racists. By the way– on another story that was reference by some ignorant liberal about a man showing up at an L. A. City Council meeting dressed in a KKK outfit– the news story pointed out that the guy in the Klan out fit was black. The liberal didn’t bother to say that and implied that racists are popping up all over and Audra Shay was one of them. In some blogs the comments are attributed to her an not to some other blogger We have to fight back because this is what they do to sell their socialist programs. They know the American people don’t agree with them so they just accuse everyone who points out the truth of racism or sexism.